Tuesday, February 28, 2017

English -- Blossom Goodchild -- February 28th, 2017

Blossom Goodchild


February 28th, 2017

Hi chaps! Life is very busy at the moment, so let’s sneak a chat in while I have this hour free. If that suits you of course?
Indeed. These conversations are not compulsory Blossom, let that be known.
I do know that. Yet, at the same time … I like to keep them up as often as I can. Without ego … I know many look forward to them.
Would it be so for you to consider trying to discard that which is taking place around the whirlwind in your head and rest and chat a while with us?
Sure. That’s why I am here!
Then let us proceed. You have had many ask questions regarding our latest topic of ‘visitations’ Some responses have been contradictory to that which we have spoken … in that there are those who consider there to be a darker side, that take liberties against one’s will, regarding what you term ‘abductions’.
Yes. My view being that you mentioned those of lesser Light being involved and that this is nothing to do with you and I know it is not ‘your bag’ to discuss things of this nature.
This is correct. For as you stated in one reply … we are here to shed Light on many topics … not to extract fear. We consider our subject matter to be of necessary intentional Brightness and to uplift and therefore, deploy any matter that is not of service to the soul.
Yet, some folk like to look into these things, just to find out what is going on … elsewhere.
And we would say it does them no harm, yet, we doubt it does them much good either.
You see Blossom, as you know … it is your Vibrational pull that takes you one way or another down a particular pathway. Depending of course, on that which you choose to focus on. Totally depending on that! Therefore, although there are many souls that have the inquisitive mindset to indulge and delve into the darker side of things … we would say … is it not curiosity that killed the cat? In a Light-Hearted fashion you understand?
Our ONLY intent is to assist you in raising your Vibration and to help you understand and remember who you are. We do not have ANY desire to delve into that which pulls one’s Vibration into a hole of fear and then leave you dangling there!
This I know. This I am happy with. Yet, with all respect … that doesn’t mean to say that there are not some very nasty indulgences going on upon this Planet and many feel they cannot just ignore that.
They would do well to do so. For by ignoring … you are not giving Energy to. If one feels that they must look into certain un-pleasantries … then we suggest that A) You protect your Beings in whichever way you choose to and B) Make it your soul/sole purpose to ‘enter in’ to such participations with the intention of filling it with Love … the deeper you dig.
There are those that have followed our conversations Blossom, since we began … and there are those that have recently been welcomed aboard. Therefore, it is necessary sometimes to reiterate that which may seem ‘old hat’ or obvious to many.
Besides, timely reminders never harm.
You know the more I discover … mainly through emails and stories of other’s experiences … of one sort or another … the more I realise that this is indeed a very odd world in which we reside at this time … and there is layer, upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, ad infinitum … of which we can never fully understand or know in total. It blows your head off sometimes. So, I remain in simplicity and return to ‘LOVE, ONLY LOVE!’ Will we ever know ‘IT ALL?
Oh yes. In a flash!
When you are of self … without guises or vessels to reside within …
Therefore, EVERYTHING that ever is, was and shall be … is KNOWN by you … for you ARE EVERYTHING.
Yet, in this little Earth body of ours, we feel so limited.
Because that is what you believe. Yet, we have been down this road before.
Many many times, my friends.
 What is it then you would like to ask that is new?
Well, someone wrote in asking about the subject of transitioning into the New World. You had said that some will stay around and adapt along with their physicality into a Higher Vibration and our bodies would change along with us … and that some folk would choose to leave the physicality and not see the next part through in ‘human flesh’. They were wondering what would make a soul choose to do that? I mean wouldn’t they be missing out on all the fun? They have got so far … why ‘give up’ just before the finishing line?
It certainly is not a matter of giving up or giving in. As you say … as we say … it is a matter of choice.
Some maybe tired in physicality and have no desire to continue on.
Yet, why? When it promises to be so amazing?
Everything Blossom, is AMAZING!
Maybe, they have even better things to move on to. Maybe, they do not desire to be in a vehicle/vessel any longer and wish to be a free spirit. Maybe, they have a soul friend who is no longer of/in the flesh … and desire to be with them and watch the Earth’s transformation from afar.
Maybe, there are only so many that CAN go through with it /follow it through … and they therefore, sacrifice that pleasure, for the betterment of all.
For in the long term, Dearest Souls … it matters not. When you fully understand that you are ALL ONE … you accept that what ONE does … is shared by you … thoroughly.
We have just popped a thought into your head.
Yes. Regarding, when one may feel a little off balance some days for no reason at all. We could put it down to any things these days. Yet, you just offered another option … please share!
In that … BEING ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … perhaps sometimes, you are ‘in tune’ with another’s Vibration … that is of a lower frequency than yours.
I didn’t think we would do that … for if we were of a Higher frequency … why would we choose to tune into a lower one?
You don’t. YET … you may CHOOSE to allow a lower Vibration to  ‘seep’ into yours … for the purpose of dissipating that lower Energy Vibration … be it of a thought, a word, or an action. You willingly take on the task of absorbing negativity, in order to release it out and away.
Why … for the Highest good of all?
Seems a little odd though, because at the time … we may just feel ‘off’ and don’t know why.
It isn’t because you have suddenly agreed to ‘absorb’ and dissipate a particular thought, word or action. It is because you agreed to do this … in general/as generally … as you can. As long as it does not affect you on a permanent basis … that would not serve at all. Yet, how would we say? Now and then … to be of service … this would be an act in which … in fact … you give Gratitude for the opportunity.
MMM! Nice way to look at it … from now on. Do we know ‘OF THE SOUL” in which we are ridding their negativity?
There is no need. And it does not necessarily mean you are ridding them of it.
Then with all respect what’s the point?
The point, Blossom … is that you are dissolving SOME of the negativity and relieving their burden to a certain degree … as an act of WHOLENESS. To assist … to aid … to Lighten another’s burden. For indeed dear friends, another’s burden can be of such heaviness … depending on their given choices.
So, is it our right to interfere with their choices?
You are not interfering … you are simply Lightening their load. Some folk find they are in so deep that only a helping hand can pull them out.
Yet, on the topic we have been speaking … it is not necessary to KNOW the soul that you are assisting. You just ‘do it’.
 I have heard of souls who agreed to come and ‘cry’ for the world … seems odd too!
Well, if we have choices of service that perhaps are agreed before ‘landing’  … Who would want to come down and cry out everybody else’s sorrows?
Many Enlightened a soul … for it is only those who have the strength to do so.
And dearest Blossom , it is not particularly crying for everybody else … it is more releasing trapped Energy within Mother EARTH ,  for all the atrocities that have been played out upon her.
Yet, even so … what a job! Certainly wouldn’t be my chosen career! I jest of course and give Gratitude for those who volunteered to do so .
You would be surprised what any Enlightened souls agreed to undertake.
I was surprised at what I agreed to undertake in Oct 2008. For I KNOW that was an agreement. And in that KNOWING I have no regrets. In the same way I KNOW I agreed to have these chats with you … and I shall continue to do so. It’s an inner KNOWING .I didn’t always have it.
Yet, you do now. And we are content. What do you FEEL these inner KNOWINGS to be?
 Eh … Inner knowings??!!!!!
How do you KNOW them as opposed to hope/question/doubt/half believe/waver/contradict them?
AND THAT FEELING OF KNOWING … as you continue to walk on, Dearest Souls of Earth is that which we ask you to BREATHE.
Breathe this KNOWING … this FEELING that you are serving out your Divine mission …
For when you do so … Life changes for you.
Doubts our left behind … as to how you live your days. For when you BREATHE THAT KNOWING in and out of your Being … you shall find a strength … and acknowledgement of self … of who you are.
You will walk with your head held High and your heart bursting with Light Love.
You will be afeared of nothing … for YOUR TRUTH holds your hand as you open up to your Divinity and allow it to shine through you … So that others may behold your Light and be drawn like a moth to a flame … to feel the warmth of that Light and find within themselves that which they see YOU to be …
This is Law … by which you have chosen to abide … in Divine Grace.
And in Divine Grace … I love you and leave you for today my friends.
Correction … we never leave each other … WE ARE ONE.
Yeah, but you know what I mean! Gotta go. Places to go, people to see ! Love ya and many, many thanks.
Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

English -- Blossom Goodchild - February 20, 2017

Blossom Goodchild


February 20th, 2017

Well, here we are again my friends. The time is flying by. It’s very noticeable to me that something that took place maybe only yesterday, can seem as if it was a fortnight ago! Time feels very warped.
Welcome to you and may we offer words of consolation?
By all means. They would go down well. (Just paid out a lot of money to have 100 copies of A NEW DAWN printed and the cover design is off centre. Long story!) So, my mood was a little 'off' to say the least. Yet, had it in my diary to channel today, as I am pretty busy right now.
We are fully aware of you working on changing your attitude and indeed, your mood about this matter and we commend you for this. Do you see how far you have come, in not allowing ‘anything’ to mar your Vibration?
Well … it did for a while!
How long?
Ten minutes.
And in future days there shall be no time delay at all … for you shall have improved your … attitude/thought patterns … to such a degree that you can INSTANTLY go to the space of ‘It doesn’t matter’.
Yep. That’s the thing that does it for me. With all annoying things, I just think   … ‘When I am not on this Planet any more … will this matter?’  And the answer is always ‘NO!’  Before we get on to the follow up from the last channelling, can we have a little chat about the Energies at the moment? I mean … FAR OUT BRUSSEL SPROUT! I am so wiped out this week and on Valentine ’s Day, from midday onwards, I could hardly bring my eyeballs down from up in their sockets … I was flat out!
The Energies that are entering and being absorbed are at their strongest ‘resolution’(?) Some are feeling it more than others. Yet know, that at the same time as one feeling ‘Off the Planet’ as you would say … One’s Vibratory rate is increasing dramatically.
When will it subside?
Well, this Higher Energy is to continue for … EVER! There will always be increased flow of Energy as the Vibration rises. For in its rising … it brings about even more Higher Energy … if you follow our meaning?
I do.
That is not to say however that you shall feel ‘Off planet’ for the rest of your days.
Your body will accustomise itself and re-adjust … through every step of the way. May we add also, that when one is feeling ‘knocked about’ in this way … there is also a great deal of ‘downloading’ and ‘uploading’ going on.
Explain the difference when dealing with us humans, as opposed to computers?
Downloading is YOU receiving information … Uploading is US receiving it from YOU.
OK … I guess that segues neatly into my last paragraph of last week’s channelling, concerning my friend who woke up with the two purple puncture marks on her arm, and you said that indeed, it was an agreed part of the experiment that ‘We are’  ... for some humans to assist in this way, so that one can monitor how we are doing? Well,that’s sort of my interpretation.
And it is correct and to the point. You see, Blossom … your body’s are ever expanding into a Lighter form of themselves and there is ‘A Team’ of workers who’s responsibility, by choice, it is to make sure that all is running smoothly … in general, regarding this.
There are countless teams overseeing countless things regarding THE HUMAN BEING … and within those countless teams, there are countless sub - teams etc. You … the HUMAN RACE are so important to ALL.
Because of your opportunity to BE human. This experiment is ‘one of the largest’ that has been undertaken … and we have no consideration at this point, that it shall end … only ever move forward and up into a Higher category of itself.
There have been, may we add, other experiments that were not so successful and so they were terminated. Keeping in mind of course, that each ‘Soul-Light’ agreed to be part of any experiment. Nothing is taken on against one’s will.
So, what then are these markings? Others have written in to say they have different kinds. One soul had pyramid shapes below her chest.
They are forms of ‘prints’ that are left from utensils used. Yet, shall we tell you something else? With many volunteers, we can … seal/heal … these ‘imprints’ immediately, for there is no need for them to be … shown/noticed. Yet, for others, it assists them in their Earth journey for these marks to be left visible for a short while … for individual reasons of knowing and growth.
We state categorically … that ‘Our Kind’ … DO NOT … NEVER HAVE … AND NEVER WILL interfere with one’s physicality in a way that  … would/can  … harm both the physical form and the emotional mental state.
This kind of ‘wheedling’ one’s way into a souls psyche … IS NOT PART OF ‘OUR EXPERIMENT’.
We would not consider such an atrocity such as ‘Your Kind’ get to hear about regarding ‘abductions’ etc.
Again, we ask you to ‘look into this’. Not via your internet … for you will not find much Truth on this subject there. Yet, to ‘look into this’ through your heart. Let your KNOWING allow the TRUTH to ‘make sense’ to you.
We ask you do this, so that, in our CHOOSING not to indulge regarding such … ‘wheedling in/through’ … we are able to keep you safe Blossom, by not entering into the matters that ‘some’ may find too intrusive, regarding their behaviours. We know you understand and we shall leave it at that.
Ok. Yet, can you tell us more about that which YOU do? I mean, for starters … When you ‘keep record’ of how we are doing via ‘chosen souls’ … do these souls go anywhere? Up into your vessels, for example?
There is no need. That would be far more effort than it is worth. This could be quite tricky to explain due to usage of words. Yet, telepathically, it could be said in one image … because within that image … all that would need to be said … is instead… simply known.
Ok. Let’s try with the words. Although, I will just explain that I am being shown an image of ‘Light Beings’, say three, maybe four, around someone’s bed. The image is beautiful and there is a wonderful glowing ‘mist’, as if the image is engulfed in this Light. Yet beyond it … all is normal.
And we shall take over from there, if we may?  You are being shown this because we are working with that soul on a different level. Within a different Dimension … through a different Dimension. So, as if to say that 'the scene, the image’ we are presenting is ‘isolated’ at that moment in space from your ‘real world’. So, although we are checking …
I need to interrupt … what ARE you checking?
It is not blood cells or arteries or things that are known to be physical, Blossom. We are checking Light Energy. We are recording levels of how much Light Energy is circulating WITHIN the physical body. For …
Here we go, I can feel it!
You are all essentially LIGHT BODY’S … living in the human flesh … the human vessel. Yet, your Light Body remains. For explanation purpose, look upon it as if your Light Body ‘jumped into’ a physical form for a time.
When your people leave Earth’s atmosphere, they wear space suits. So, shall we say … when your Light body’s leave other realms … to be able to function in the Earthly experiment … they need Earth suits!
We are also registering, now that the Energies entering are so much stronger and Lighter … how that is effecting your Earth suits. For never before has the human form moved ahead in this fashion and it is essential, indeed an important part of this experiment, to monitor all that is occurring.
And how are we doing?
In general … the Earth suit is adapting extremely well, as we had hoped it would. There is so much involved in that which we are speaking of.
I can feel a thousand thoughts that you are sending into my head.
Correct. For there is free will. Some will choose to ‘let go’ of their suits and ‘pass over’ into other realms in your ‘normal’ awareness of what is known as Death.
Others however … many, many excited souls are happy to be here to see this experiment through and actually just allow their suits to ‘change’ … to ‘adapt’ … along with the Energies coming in … so that their TRUE LIGHT FORM CAN SHINE THROUGH the suit … for want of a better way of expression.
As the Higher Energy of self can merge and become One with the Higher Energies now able to pour in … it enables the Earth suit to BECOME LIGHTER. To CHANGE into a LIGHTER MODEL, shall we say?
Keep going … I’m following.
Therefore, we need to keep ‘tab’ of all these changes. We will add also, that naturally … everyone is different and … acting /reacting … in their own sweet way.
So just to clarify … YOU come to town … no - one goes to your neck of the woods?
Correct. There is no need.
We are reading your thoughts and we smile. No Blossom, we do not have utensils that probe!
I wasn’t thinking the way that will read! Yet, I was thinking of what your utensils actually are?
They are recorders/measurers. Yet, we understand your question. They DO NOT pierce the skin or enter in as one might imagine a needle etc doing. The ‘instrument’ is placed on the skin … that is all, and ALL information is absorbed simply by resting this implement there.
Different instruments will leave different markings. (Should markings be required) And we say this, like this, because the soul, on a particular level of itself has asked for the markings to remain, for recognition … again, perhaps just on another level of self … for different reasons.
When ‘visited by US’ ... one would wake in the morning feeling refreshed and LOVED.
Those who ‘recall’ the opposite … were not visited by us. We would go as far as to say … ‘Their minds’ were visited, as opposed to them actually going anywhere … or being abducted to ‘elsewhere’.
And I feel it within my being not to ‘probe’ any further on that matter. Well, I have to say … that is all very interesting and very reassuring  for many, I am sure. Perhaps we could continue on with this next time? Your Love vibration coming through today has certainly lifted me up where I belong! Thank you my friends.
Thank you, Blossom Goodchild.
It always makes me Laugh and … take a deep breath, when you use my full name … I don’t know why.
It is because of the Energy in which we bring forth your name.
I’ve heard ‘Blossom Goodchild’ being said many times … but it FEELS different when it ‘comes through’ you .
Vibrational Energy/frequency … nothing more, nothing less … plus a spoonful of intention!
Love you Guys … Many many thanks.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

ENGLISH -- BLOSSOM GOODCHILD: February 12th, 2017

Blossom Goodchild


February 12th, 2017

Blossom: Hello, hello, hello. I was speaking with someone yesterday and we discussed the fact that over and over again, we have our hopes raised, in that; we are on the cusp of something. We are ready and ‘just about’ to change … for quite a few channellings … and then the hype dies down again … and we mosey on along! Not having a go at you. Yet, an answer as to why this happens would be good.

The Federation of Ligh: Greetings, young friend.

How to win friends and influence people! Oh, that I WAS young!

Yet, in All terms … you are. Even though we could also call you an old soul … relatively speaking, you are still young … for life is infinite and therefore, in a sense you will always remain young. If you are able to understand our logic?

Yes. I get it. So, to the question in hand if we may?

We do not deliberately ‘hype’ you up only to ‘let you down’. This is by far … not our intention. May it be that, perhaps sometimes, the Energy of yourself, ourselves, and indeed the Planet is in a HIGH POSITION … which in turn allows that kind of ‘hype’ as you call it to come through.

Yet, we would not call it ‘hype’. Please make reference to its meaning.

Calling on my good friend ‘Google’. OK. ‘Extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion’.

Do you see why we would not desire for the High Energy coming through to be labelled such? We are not a promotional advertising agency!!

Well, you could always do a nice line in high tech onesies!

Dearest One … how you amuse! Yet, to return to the subject matter … it is a ‘matter’ of going with the flow. Like all things /with all things there is the ebb and flow. 

Yet, we would very much like it to be that the Energy never died down. For there is no need for it to do so. There is always much anticipation in what is to take place within future days and so too, is there always the waiting as to when those future days are.

Sometime in the future I guess. For they certainly are not soon!

Yes there are!

No … they are not! Not ‘our’ soon. Yet, we know ‘our’ soon and ‘your’ soon, is very different.

Only vibrationally.


Meaning, that your future days ‘reside’ within a certain frequency … a particular Vibration. Those days are there waiting for you … For as we have expressed, there is no such thing as time, therefore … past, present, future … are all taking place NOW. 

For there IS only NOW. You are walking towards this future … for it is not actually in your tomorrows. It is ‘just there’ awaiting YOUR ARRIVAL.

I laugh at that … for we are always awaiting yours!

Dearest friends … how much you have come to understand … about yourselves … have you not? And … the more you understand … the more you allow the ebb and flow of ‘what is’ to ‘do its thing’. 

It is by ALLOWING THAT WHICH IS … that will allow YOU … to BE IN IT … for all the desires and expectations of ALL THAT IS … to take place.

 And … ridiculously, yet, curiously ,,, I ask you …WHEN?


When will your ‘SOON’ happen? Surely, even with no time … you must be able to energetically gauge in what sort of time period we will be basking in the Light of ourselves, in a much more compatible environment that is suited to our requirements of well-being?  Phew! That was a sentence and a half!

Yet, we cannot give dates.

I’m not asking for actual numbers or months. Can you not give us a rough idea of a year even?

Why is it that so many of you are needing a time frame?

Many would answer … for hope of things changing for the Highest Good and being able to live in Peace ... all round.

We would say that THIS IS NOT ABOUT TIME. Not because there isn’t any … yet, because it is about YOURSELVES.

If, for instance, we were to say to you … in your year of 2020 … this will happen, and that will happen and such and such will have taken place by then … you will always be looking ahead to that time … awaiting it to come so that things … can get /will have gotten … better, and ‘then’ … you will assume that everything will be alright … WHEN this and that and such and such … has /might have … taken place.

Dearest souls … WHAT MATTERS IS NOW. 


If you want certain things to turn around … to improve … then FEEL them doing so NOW!

In your world at present … much is at stake … many would say. One rants and raves and pontificates … and marches and rallies … to make it clear what kind of world they would LIKE to reside in.

When, in all TRUTH … with all sincerity, oh, bringers of Light … THESE things are not the way to being these changes about.

We are not saying they should not be done ... or that they do not have impact.

What we ARE saying, is that … from a more ‘evolved’ perspective … far greater an effect would emerge … at a more rapid a rate … if each one were to sit and close their eyes for a moment or two … and FEEL … and visualize … and KNOW just exactly what it is that one desires … and how it is to be.

This is why White Cloud named his book … ‘Walking in the Light and the Love’ … because that is what you are doing!

It is there ALREADY … waiting for you. If YOU WANT IT … GO GET IT!

Come now! I see what you are saying, indeed what you are implying. Yet, hey! Give us a break! So many of us yearn for it … this new era … this Golden Age (as it has been named) This world where all is well and we don’t have ‘crazoes’ running hither and thither controlling almost our every breath. We ARE working so hard to bring this ‘time’ into our vibration … or, shall I say … we are allowing/Being …our Light, in order to fulfil the desired outcome for which we came onto this planet in the first place. OF COURSE WE WANT IT!! Do we have to wait though, for a collective …a certain percentage of ‘do gooders’ to hit the jackpot before a certain amount of us can experience this New Age? Or, as another may put it …do we have to wait for the whole darn world to wake up and we all enter together?

Think of this logically.

And one would do that how exactly?

Right now … would you say you are having a High Vibrational day today or a lower one? You personally Blossom.

I am having a high vibrational day. 

Would you say that everyone is?

No. I wouldn’t think so.

For each one is different in thought and deed ... and depending on THAT … depicts where one’s soul resides. Would you say your life has improved over the last 10-15 years?

Without question!

Why? Not because you won the lottery … you didn’t. Yet, because YOU HAVE CHANGED your way of thinking and acting and BEING. And due to this, your Vibration has risen into a Higher frequency … of YOUR LIFE!


So, would you say it continues to improve as your way of thinking and understanding improves?


So YOU, are ever closer to living in that Higher Vibrational world that we speak of, and within that world …Yes … Ships in the sky … Intensely High technology will be in place etc. etc.


It is simple, yet complicated. For … as we have spoken of before … and you are beginning to understand … you are time jumping … in and out of Vibrational frequency … with one another.

It’s so weird … because although I don’t quite understand that … I TOTALLY DO!

And have you thought of this?

What? Do tell.

It COULD be a possibility … for all things are possible ... that you are ‘hanging around’ so that those you LOVE dearly in family and friendship circles are ready to walk ‘into that Vibrational world’ with you … so that you can experience together … in LOVE. Maybe you agreed to do that before you came? And therefore, even more reason and purpose to Shine your Light as brightly as you can … where you are … in order to assist in raising the Vibration of others.

What …so, we can hang around in a lower vibration than the one our own personal energy ‘lives within’?

Oh yes. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is comfortable for you.

Now that makes a lot of sense!

ALL things will, Dearest Blossom … ALL things will.

I feel that is a good place to leave it for today.  Many thanks.


Could I ask whilst I have you here, about the markings on my friend’s arm … the two little dots? I seem to recollect this kind of thing could be to do with ‘visitations’ of sorts or something from ‘off worlders’?

Yes. Indeed this is so. Yet, is there any alarm presented? There is not … for it is merely ‘cross dressing.’

Odd wording! What do you mean?

Let us put it this way. Many of you upon Earth have come from the stars. You entered through Star Gates to be here. We have also said that the Human form … the Human Being … is an experiment … AND … this experiment continues. Therefore, testing how ‘things are developing’ within the new Light body (That is arising … that is developing) is merely part of the process … and also, an agreed assistance.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN. As we say … it is an agreed arrangement within ‘the team.’

A factor OF concern is the ‘HYPE’ that is spread about such markings … in a manner that is not of TRUTH. That is how all the fear enters in. That is the purpose of such HYPE. And it works we see, for so many. 

How we desire only THE TRUTH to be present in One’s KNOWING … throughout One’s Being. For when this is so … ALL FEAR THAT … HAS BEEN/ CAN ONLY BE … ‘concocted’ … shall dissipate.

Many thanks for your bravery in mentioning this. We are happy you did … and it will help many … if the lady involved is happy to let this be presented.

Ok, thank you I will ask and perhaps it is something we could elaborate on next time?

Indeed. In LOVE … until such ‘time’.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Agora é a altura de dar o próximo passo a fim de criar a infra estrutura para o Evento à superfície do planeta.

O site principal de referência, com instruções de preparação para a população em geral, alcançou um certo grau de desenvolvimento e necessita ser largamente difundido:

Embora a autoridade civil e o Movimento de Resistência forneçam a sua própria infra estrutura na ocasião do Evento, também é muito importante que haja uma infra estrutura de base. A nossa infraestrutura alternativa irá preencher as lacunas e irá assegurar que a transição seja mais suave e harmoniosa.


(Preparem-se para a Mudança

A sociedade nova está ‘quase’ aqui.

Esta página web foi desenhada para ajudar-vos a compreender as mudanças, belas e holísticas, que vão chegar em breve ao nosso planeta. Iremos passar de uma sociedade baseada no medo, para uma Humanidade baseada no amor e na cooperação mútua.

Irá haver abundância para todos. Com amor e apreço,


Foram criados seis grupos de tarefas: grupo da liderança planetária, grupo dos curadores, grupo da comunicação social mediática, grupo da nova renascença, grupo das novas tecnologias e grupo financeiro. Estes grupos irão desenvolver ferramentas práticas que irão facilitar a transição nas suas áreas específicas, na altura do Evento.

Se desejas participar activamente num destes grupos, clica aqui:

A nossa página será traduzida em muitas línguas para que a mensagem possa ser divulgada em todo o mundo. Estamos à procura de tradutores e se desejam juntar-se às nossas equipas de tradutores, usem esta mesma forma de participação, informando que desejam voluntariar-se como tradutores.

Em breve, haverá muitos projectos ligados à preparação da população da superfície para o Evento anunciado no meu blog e a nossa página web recente, será o núcleo principal de comunicação destes projectos.

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Here we are once again ...

Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

Anyone from any nation will be able to sign this petition:

We will win by our persistance!


Feb 7, 2013 - 7:00pm EST TORONTO