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Blossom Goodchild -- April 27th, 2017

The Federation of Light 
Blossom Goodchild

April 27th, 2017

Good morning to you up there … or wherever it is you actually are. Ready for a session?
Indeed we are. It is interesting how one thinks of us being ‘up there’, as if somewhere above the clouds there ‘lives’ a whole new world!
Where would you say you reside then?
In a space …
In a space, or in space?
And there we enter a whole new chapter. For let us speak of space …
What you term as Space has a few conceptual meanings. You have the space around you … You may say ‘Oh, there is a space, I’ll put that there’. Or, ‘Give me some space’ etc. Then again, you have that which you call ‘Space’ … out in the cosmos. A never ending spectrum of Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Stars … and where are we?
We are ‘In our space’! Everybody has a space. There is no end of space for people to occupy.
Ok. So, I occupy a space in Noosa, Qld, Australia, Earth … what’s your ‘space address’?
It is in a ‘space’ that you would find unpronounceable … for we do not have words/labels in the way that you do. More to do with mathematical co-ordinates; that STILL would not be understood, for it is not within your realms of such calculations.
In all Truth, we can be where we want to be in a blink of an eye. We do not have your human restrictions and we certainly do not need tickets to travel on vessels to take us where we need to go.
Where do you need to go?
We …as in, The Federation of Light … the consciousness that you, Blossom, in particular, communicate with … do not NEED to go anywhere. We are a consciousness that can simply BE anywhere we desire at any given time.
In form?
If necessary.
Yet, I am assuming that not ALL beings that we call ‘Light Beings, ET’s etc’ are capable of this.
Correct. For not all LIGHT BEINGS ET’S etc. have reached a ‘space’ of Enlightenment where this is possible.
So, just out of curiosity … when you have spoken way back of you entering into ‘Our space’ and that there will be times when we see many ships in the sky and that we will actually meet you … do you mean YOU … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT?  Or, do you mean we will meet Beings who are still in form and reside on other Planets etc. and it is merely the time for integration?
There is much that can be spoken of here. Indeed, there are those who travel continually and left their home Planet to do so. There are those who shall be part of the plan and are very keen for the time to come into fruition when humans and non-humans alike can ‘partake in a cup of tea!’.
Yes, my kettle boiled dry years ago! So, it’s not going to be YOU then?
Would you understand if we say yes and no?
Yes and no!
You see, Blossom … this Divine Plan that is taking Earth back home … is so complex in its system of events. Of course, we, The Federation of Light have our part to play, as does a million other ‘workers of Light’ that do not reside on Earth.
We have spoken before about our position being the ‘Overseers of the Overseers’. We make the really big decisions … shall we say. We oversee and observe and decide … on a level way above most and these decisions are abided by and respected.
So, yes, we are indeed a great part of the ‘merging’ of worlds. Yet, the Beings that WILL COME to make contact and ‘blend’ will be of a more physical form than we are. For we are of Light form. Yet, that is not to say that we cannot become ‘form’ of any kind, should we choose to do so for any necessary involvement of any particular situation.
So, Will I ever get to see YOU?
We would say you would KNOW US more in mind consciousness and ‘see us’ more in glorious Light Form.
You see, Blossom, it also depends on one’s need. And this is how/why we would present ourselves differently … accordingly.
Well, I look forward to it. I find it odd though; that I can have these conversations with you for years on end … I certainly have felt your Love … overwhelmingly … many a time. Yet, I have no concept of you really, in the sense of what you look like.
Because we do not look like anything or anyone … We are not in physical form … we are merely Light.
Yet, haven’t you spoken of YOU … YOUR KIND … travelling round in a Light vessel? Why do you need to … if you are Light anyway?
Because we travel in a Light ship that is Light Energy and we reside within that Energy …
Sort of like a container? Are you contained?
We are smiling ... Yet, we say … in a sense.  We would perhaps say … AS ONE LIGHT BODY … that are many.
So, you are one Energy of Light, travelling around in an Energy of Light … that is a ship?
Sort of.
With all respect … you either are, or, you are not.
Not so. For at the level of Light that we are … the level of Conscious Light that we are … we ARE whatever we need to be … depending on who we are interacting with.
If it be that we desire a Vessel of Light to be contained within … then we manifest that Energy there and then.
So, you are not always in a Light ship?
Why would we need to be … if we are not going anywhere?
But, you can go anywhere you please, whenever you want. I’m more than a bit confused. So, right now, you are communicating with me … from where?
A space.
Where is that space?
In a space of nothingness … we are simply telepathically having a chat.
So, you do not actually have a home?
Yes, we do.
As we have said … in a space of nothingness. For we are not in physical form. Therefore, why would we need … what you think to be as a ‘physical home’?
Why would you need a Light ship?
Because that is a different thing altogether. We can travel in our Consciousness, directly to your mind, as we are doing now, to you Blossom. Yet, on a wider scale … we can travel in a protective Light vessel that … how do we put this … is … also US.
So, you are saying … the Light ship is YOU?
Correct, it is part of us … part of our Consciousness. It is required at certain levels for us to manoeuvre through different Energies.
I can just feel that this is far too complex for my little brain. So, in this Light vessel, you could manifest into our atmosphere then?
Yes, and you have cleverly helped us to explain further … in that if/when we do so … it would make more sense to you of ‘US’… being IN a Light ship … although we are also OF IT … and if it was necessary, we would take on a form that could be understood … just for that very purpose of being understood a little more easily.
You see, Blossom … try to understand that LIGHT … as  in … LOVE … as in … ALL THAT IS … is not as you know an electrical Light to be … and we do not wish to condescend.
A street Light that is turned on ... certainly offers Light … so that one can see. Yet, although it is Energy … for everything is … it is not, at all, the same Light that … IS.
The Light that IS YOU.
The Light that IS LOVE.
We are all FROM IT/OF IT … experiencing different expressions of it in different levels of itself.
Therefore, when one is experiencing this LIGHT-LOVE activity from ‘our’ perspective … we are able to ‘turn it into / transform it’ … immediately into that which serves us most directly at any given time.
How I would LOVE for you to just transform your Energy into a form of Being, and stand right in front of me … right now.  Why can’t you do that?
Because you are preventing it.
How so?
Because it is not the right time for this to happen. That is of your doing. It would change things dramatically for you and that ‘time’ is not ready yet. It is too soon. You, yourself, in your Being know, Blossom … the correct timing for our relationship to be taken to that Higher level.
I expect I do … although, I don’t know of it … in my knowing of what I know now!! I feel perhaps I need to be quite a bit more advanced in my understanding of many things before my Energy could allow that to happen. More so, as to … where does it go from there? Have to say though … that makes me feel like we all still have such a long way to go.
We ask you to be patient … ask patience of yourselves. It is all exactly according to plan.  Exactly as you desired it to be. And ‘When it all makes sense’… ‘When the last piece is placed in the jigsaw’ … as like in your world when a jigsaw is complete … You say ‘Right … that one’s complete’ … and you look for the next one that appeals … and you begin again!
On that note … I’m off! Thanks Guys … Love from all of us down here.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Blossom Goodchild: 21st April, 2017

The Federation of Light 
Blossom Goodchild

April 21st, 2017

Hello there! I would like to continue on from last time, as I have had so many letters regarding this feeling of ‘observing’ one’s life etc. So many seem to be feeling the same. For me, it is getting stronger. Oddly enough, I was talking to my husband about the old movie ‘Cocoon’ … about a bunch of Oldies being taken off to another planet to start afresh. I have a strangely strong feeling of that! I know I won’t be whisked off … It’s more the symbolism I feeling, I guess. Any thoughts?
Greetings of a most bountiful and giving nature to One and All, Dearest Friends. Yes, we are aware of the Energy upon your Planet that is making so many feel ‘out of sorts’, as we have mentioned before. The plane fact is, that there are Energies transforming so much at this time, that it is impossible for you not to be wrapped up in it.
So much on your Planet is offering the news of gloom and doom and yet, we offer news of a different variety … of a different Energy.
For you see, Dearest Friends … now is the time when the Energies and the transformation … this change … is so strong, so prominent, that you are actually experiencing it in a physical/emotional perspective … more so than at other times of shifts and changes. The Higher the Vibrational pull that is flowing in to your Planet, the more deeply you are connecting with it … For you have ‘worked’ your way up to this point … and so much more is now possible.
The feeling of being ‘ready to go elsewhere’ as in ‘Cocoon’ … is indeed symbolic of ‘moving into’ a NEW place. A new perspective on life itself. These changes that are taking place and the imminent ones to come … on a bigger scale … and leading you into the promised land.
This I do know, my friends. Yet, in all Truth I just cannot get too excited due to the time scale being so different between us. You have none … we live by every second. Yet, I must say, I don’t think I have ever felt such a shift, personally! And therefore, very much looking forward to it settling down and looking out upon the new perspective. In the immediate future of this particular shift, how will things be apparently different to us?
That is a good question. The use of the word ‘apparent’ … for it is of the nature of ‘as far as one can tell’. As with all things , we cannot guarantee 100% what will be /take place as it is down to each individual and how they behave/react … as to what actually shall occur and how ‘soon’.
Yet, we tell you this … as your Vibration begins to settle in this Higher scheme of things … you will definitely notice a difference within yourself. For, although the ‘outer picture’ on display to all, does not look so bright … there will be Brightness within your Beings that KNOWS BETTER. That KNOWS DIFFERENTLY.
This feeling many of you are having, of being ready to move on … is simply a state of Being as you lift into a Higher frequency … and although it is still with its ups and downs … a HIgher frequency is a Higher frequency … therefore, things on all levels … have to be better … all round.
Thank you. I understand what you are saying. I guess I feel lacking in enthusiasm!  So many of us want to do ‘more to assist this change’ yet unsure of how. Therefore, we feel a little lacking in the contribution department. I know we have been told to just smile and spread Light … I get that … yet, there have been many comments of everything seeming so pointless!
Yet … how can this be so? Is it pointless to raise the Vibration of yourself … all … the Planet? Just by having a good time? To us and indeed, as you have once said yourself, Blossom … it seems like the perfect plan!
Yes … the plan is indeed Divine. Yet, not always that easy to put into practice. That’s the thing. I feel we need to move on to another level of understanding exactly what ‘a good time’ is? It’s not about holidays or partying or drinking and smoking. We somehow desire to ‘escape’ by these methods or watching a movie or mundane TV … just to zone out from reality. I am not saying ‘all of us’ … but in general it seems this way.
And yet … these very escapisms will dissipate as one rises Higher. One will be drawn into their Higher potentials and MAKE MORE OF AN EFFORT to meditate and be amongst nature. To spend time in games and fun with family, instead of sitting together in a family group where no words are spoken … because each one is so engrossed in a private world on their devices.
What is it exactly you are trying to escape from?
Mmm.  I need to think about that. Reality? The mundaneness of it all?
And yet, we would say … so many of you have fallen into the trap. The trap set by those elite Beings, who do not wish success upon you. Those Beings of lesser Light who desire for you to live in a mundane existence. Where you ‘blob’ about because nothing excites you. They have programmed you to feel this way. Your inner Truth knows these Truths.
Yes. I do … and I don’t fight against such things … I succumb most of the time … well, at the moment I feel this way.
Because their desire to dampen and dispel Joy are heightening. They have to up the ante because they are so very much aware that THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND LOVE IS SHINING THROUGH and there is little they can do about it.
So, dearest friends … are you going to sit back and let them win?
Not on your Nelly. What would you suggest?
Getting off your proverbial behinds and start taking control! These methods to keep you lulled into a sense of false security … these trickeries that make you believe something is so different from what it actually is … are merely systems to keep you at bay. To Literally STOP YOU from Being your TRUE LIGHT.
Are you not going to stand in your Light and say ‘NO MORE! We came to fulfill a mission and we SHALL see it through!’
STOP falling for these webs of entanglement that hold you in a place of ‘awaiting your fate’.
Remove yourselves from these falsities … these disguises of untruth and START FEELING /BEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
You, YOU need to take hold of the situation.
Yes, you are going through major transformations … and yes, this can leave you feeling a little lost … yet, do not fall to your knees and surrender … do something about it.
Start your daily meditations … exercise … eat healthily … play … share moments of Joy … take time to send your Love out to the Planet … the all that is.
Give gratitude AT ALL TIMES.
DO WHAT YOU KNOW TO DO … yet, have let slip by the way side.
Many of you may say ‘Oh, but we do not have time for all that’, ‘We have to work, we have to do this and that’.
And we say to you … MAKE TIME FOR ALL THAT.
These are your key survival methods. By doing such … you strengthen EVERY VITAL PART OF YOUR BEING.
You are preparing yourself for all that lies ahead … This is necessary. To strengthen mind, body and spirit.
If you know you have a marathon coming up, you prepare for it. You do not suddenly decide to run all those miles without preparation. It would not turn out well.
The same for walking into the New World. Much preparation is underway on so many levels … and your part is to stay strong … on all levels of self.
We say to you with all Love and respect … NOW IS THE TIME TO ‘GET A GRIP’ … to ‘PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER’ and …
My God, I have to laugh … for I know what your next sentence is to be …
So unlike you!!! Yet … I Truly get where you are coming from. For I feel no malice … and yes, perhaps we all need a bit of a kick up the doodah! Well said!
Of course we smile and come from humour and Love. Yet whinging and whining will not get you to where you are going. Stop complaining about the state of affairs and do what you came here to do.
Shine the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE CONTINUALLY … out to the Planet. Shine that Light of yours into every situation ... every circumstance … every thought that you offer to self and all.
 Just shine that Light … all the time.
Yet, it has been forgotten.
These Higher Energies coming in are here to help you. Blend with them … welcome them … they are here to help you recognize more of yourself and allow acknowledgements of wonders to come to Light.
Do you see Dearest souls? Please take a breath with is now … and FEEL what is occurring.
We are entering the next phase … a very important transformation into a HIGHER POSITIONING OF YOUR SOULSELF. YOUR SPIRIT is moving into a place that can be recognized as so much nearer to home. Where one’s self can feel so much more at ease … so much more comfortable BEING in/with itself.
And from there, Dearest Souls … it is plane sailing, as you accept the new place … as you settle down within it. You will reminisce of how tough times once were … and give thanks that those days are over. You will congratulate yourselves and all for getting this far ahead in the Divine Plan and you will rejoice in the KNOWING that LOVE … only Love ... is what got you through.
Onwards Dearest souls. Never give up … never give in.
We are closer to you now than ever before as these Energies allow us to be so.
Thank you. When you were saying about ‘pulling ourselves together’ … you were so right. It is so much easier to succumb to the negative energies and just think ‘so what’. Yet … Truly that just isn’t good enough is it? So, thank you for the pep talk. I will make an effort to implement change and prepare in a more stalwart fashion. Follow on troops!
We are a gathering of Light. The more we recognize ourselves as such … the Brighter the Light we can shine. In Love and thanks to each one of you.
Ditto my friends. Ditto.

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Transcript from the White Cloud Easter message 2017.

April 13th, 2017

Transcript from the White Cloud Easter message 2017. ( Transcribed by Isabelle Harford. Many thanks.)

A very warm welcome to each one of you who has taken this opportunity to listen with your hearts, not just your ears to these words that I offer this day.

My friends, I understand as I have worked with Blossom now for many many years, that you can sometimes feel despondent about the way things are going. And it seems that we, helpers and guides, offerers of wisdom from other realms, are continuing to relay the same old message, as you sometimes put it.

Indeed the message is old. It is from when Love, Life, Energy, formed.

These messages that come forth from me and others in Truth come from the beginning. And in the beginning, there was Love.

And throughout, into infinity and beyond, my friends: the only message is


No matter what is taking place upon your Planet, no matter what is happening in your own personal understanding of life itself. Whatever trials, whatever tribulations, whatever Joys, whatever happiness is your way:

Love is the thread throughout all that is.

And sometimes you feel so downcast, you do not feel that sparkle within your being. And you wonder the reasoning perhaps for continuing on, for it all seems a little bit of a slog, does it not? Yet this is the time when you must be vigilant, and take the time to close your eyes, to connect up with your higher self, that is always connected to you. But shall we say: sometimes you have the volume down very low.

I have mentioned before about turning up your dimmer switch. So many tools, my friends, have I brought through to you to assist. Many have been forgotten, and that is fine. But I offer them in order to help you keep your Vibration high.

Do you take a sip from the Golden Chalice before you get out of bed each morning? Perhaps practice doing so. You will find within a week or two how different you feel.

Do you plug yourself in, somewhere above you, to recharge your batteries? And watch as the level rises with Love Energy.

Do you say to yourself over and over:

I am love

For there is nothing else.

Do you stand or sit, and in a moment or two of silence, feel yourself as the Brightest Light that you are. And that Light shines Golden Rays out from you, into the all that is, the Everything.

Do you do these things my friends to assist yourself and the Planet?

Or, with respect, are you a little too busy feeling a little sorry for yourself?

And Blossom is butting into me here, saying: “You should try it White Cloud”, as she has said before. She is saying, that it is not always about being vigilant to do these things. For the energies of depression, oppression, can sometimes take over the self.

And I respond that you are Warriors of Light.

Fight back! Find your strength! Find your courage! Find your Self!

And do you know what your Self is? Not only is it Love. But what comes with Love at its ultimate position: Joy, Happiness, Laughter. That is what you are made of!

And Blossom is saying to me: “But it does not feel like this White Cloud. It does not feel like this so many times these days. It is as if life has got out of control and there seems little point in doing the everyday, everyday, everyday things with little Joy in the heart.”

And I say to you my friends, this is why we come. To keep on keeping on reminding you, that:
You are Love
You are Joy
You are Happiness
You are Light
The Brightest, Whitest, Lightest Love-Soul-Lights.

And you are here upon this Planet to make it shine.

And Blossom, in this conversation we are having in her head, is that when it seems difficult to do so, one may feel that they are failing at their position that they have come to give.

And we say no! You cannot fail.

Just by being upon your Planet, your Light, however dim it may feel at any given time, is working, weaving its magic to change your world.

You are tired. You are weary. But keep on my friends. Keep on walking into the Light and the Love.

For ahead of you, is home.

And what is home? It is the feeling of comfort, of peace, of no resistance. On allowing the very flow of life to run through your Beings. To close your eyes and look up to the sun. And feel it speak to you in your heart. Where upon all is known.

And what is there to know? Everything and nothing.
What is there to be? Everything and nothing.
What is there to have? Everything and nothing.
They are all one and the same: Everything – nothing.

I say to you my friends, these two words which seem opposite, are the same. When you have nothing, you have everything. And when you have everything, you have nothing.

For, my friends, there is nothing. There is nothing other than the Energy of Love.

And an experience you are choosing to have in this space of your lives. But when you leave this Planet, you will have nothing. Yet you will have Everything. For you are Everything and nothing.

How does that make you feel? I hope that there are some smiles upon faces. I hope that my words reach deep into your souls. And I hope you can feel Everything and nothing.

To be in a space of nothing is so Peaceful. So Loving. So Giving. And within that space of nothing, do you feel the Everything that you are?

Do you see, do you see what I am saying, my friends? Let go of all things that confuse and dampen your mind space. Be free in your way of thinking. And think only of the most important thing:

Loving yourself.

Because, as I have said so many times, by Loving yourself, you are catering for all. ALL!

A-L-L - As Love Light.

Dearest souls. Dearest friends. Dearest Warriors of Light – and some I know are uncomfortable with me using the word warriors – may I say with a smile on your face and mine that this is your problem, not mine. I have no problem with the words Warriors of Light: you have such strength.

You are such strength: BE the strength you are.

You are Love: BE the Love you are.

You are Light: BE the Light you are.

And nothing else can be of concern. It need not be so. Concentrate only on the Joy, the Happiness and the Laughter that you desire in your life, in your every day. Concentrate only on the smile that can not only Light up your face, but Light up the very hearts of others.

Concentrate only on spreading your Love-Light out onto your Planet and all those that reside upon and within her.

This is why you came.

This is what we continue to tell you. The same old, same old, same old, same old, same old message.

There is to come this change that you long for. We do not jest with you. We do not come through to tell you falsities. We come through to encourage you. To give you hope. To give you reason to carry on. Because we KNOW what lies ahead in Beauty, in Grace, in Love.

And inside every one of your souls, you KNOW it also.

You knew when you came it would be a tough road that you walk. There would be many mountains to climb. There would be many pitfalls. Many times will you walk and walk and walk through the thick mud. But you knew also there would be times when you feel home. When you feel the Love that you are.

And when this happens to you, my friends, that is what keeps you going. That knowing. That knowing that you are here for a purpose:

to bring this Planet into a Higher Grace. A Higher space. Where things will make sense. Where life has reason. Where Love has reason.

And all atrocities, all hatred, all sadness, all low energy will be gone. Because you, as your Light, have dispersed it. You have set it free. Sent it away. Allowing Higher Energies of Peace, of Joy, of Laughter, to take its place.

We promise you, this is to come. We promise you this. What more can we offer you? What more can we try and say to lift your spirits?

Blossom is struggling with the emotion that I am bringing through. For, the Love I have for you is overwhelming. I wish, I wish dearest friends, I could offer you more. But I can only offer you this Love. This Love that I am. And this Love that you are. And as it blends together as one.: that is the Highest I can give.

The way my Love is received by you, is up to each one. You can shrug your shoulders and say: “Maybe, maybe, White Cloud, I feel a little something.” Or you can take deep, deep breaths. You can focus on your heart space, and tears of Joy and Love flow from your eyes, the window of your soul.

Because you can feel the Love coming through. Not just from me. But from the Federation of Light. From Angels. From Beings of Light that surround your Planet. That have so much interest in how you are all proceeding. And desiring to offer you Love to see this through.

For you are not alone. We are all in this together my friends. And so, on that note, breathe with me.

(Breathing slowly and deep)
(Breathing slowly and deep)
(Breathing slowly and deep)

Feel that Love that you are now full of. Feel that Energy of Joy that is yours: it is your Divine Right. And go, my friends, go out into the fresh air. No matter what the weather be in your part of the world. And take those deep breaths again, and give Gratitude for being chosen to be upon yourPplanet at this time.

Renew your hope. Renew your desire to succeed in this Divine Plan. In Grace. In Gratitude. In Love.

We are with you. Together united as One Love Energy. We, from elsewhere, Love each one.

Many thanks

Adieu my friend. Adieu.

We give thanks to the Divine Oneness for allowing this message to take place.

We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive. And that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love.

Once again, Adieu.

Thank you White Cloud, from the heart of myself, Blossom, and all those who do listen to your words and feel their heart touched by you and through you.

Thank you. Thank you so much!

In Love and thanks.

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Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

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We will win by our persistance!


Feb 7, 2013 - 7:00pm EST TORONTO