Sunday, January 31, 2016

English -- BLOSSOM GOODCHILD: January 31st, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

January 31st, 2016

Blossom: Hello there to you on High! Folk are keen for you to continue giving assistance on the ‘mind travel’, ‘time travel’ of which we have been speaking of. Does that work for you?

The Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom, it may surprise you to know … that it is always a useful tool to be able to lift the self out of the body.

Blossom: Doesn’t surprise me at all! I have been trying a few times these week … as I think you know … and yet, I can’t say I excelled in the skill by any means.

The Federation of Light: And is it not so, you suggested it may be helpful for us to bring through a gentle meditation to guide you through the process?

Blossom: Well, I’m not sure if I suggested it or, you dropped in the notion to me?

Let us say we work very well together these days. Indeed, we would find the platform of meditation of value to construe the … ‘lifting up of /out of’ … the physical body and we are aware you are set up within the technicalities needed.

Blossom: I am indeed ... and I thought I could source some suitable music to additionally enhance afterwards?

The Federation of Light: This is also most welcomed.

Blossom: Let’s do it …   I FEEL quite excited.


The Federation of the Light: 
And so we would ask for you to place yourself in a comfortable position, be this lying upon a bed, or sitting upright in a comfortable chair. Gently close your eyes, and listen only to the sound of your breathing: in and out, in and out, in and out.

It is almost as if you feel the beating of a clock ticking away, as you continue to breathe, in and out, in and out, and in and out, so that as you continue to do so, all that you are now aware of, is the sound of your breath, and the ticking of a clock.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

Feel the rhythm in tune with your heart
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick.. tock.. tick… tock…

So that as you breathe more deeply, you feel your energy begin to peacefully, slow down, Tick..   tock..   tick..   tock..

Your breathing becomes very slow and deep
Tick… tock… tick… tock… tick… tock… tick… tock… tick… tock…

You can feel the weight or your physical being, as if it has filled with sand, anchoring you down, on your bed or your chair, so that your physical body now feels very, very heavy.
Tick….   tock…..   tick….   Tock….   Breathe 

Feeling this heaviness, we ask you now, to take your focus, into your head space,

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock 
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

Feel the lightness inside of your head
Tick tock tick tock

As a playful being of light
tick tock tick tock

Bouncing around inside of your head
Tick tock tick tock

It feels as though it needs to escape from inside of that space.
Tick tock tick tock tick tock

It is so full of energy, so full of joy, so full of light
Tick tock tick tock tick tock

You can feel as if this little ball of light is beginning to bounce off the inside of your head.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

You feel as if it beginning to push, push through the same spot in which is the center of your forehead

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

This little light  bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
This little light  bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Pushing through, pushing through, pushing through, Pushing through, pushing through, pushing through, Pushing through, pushing through, pushing through

Out, above you. poised there, just above you, the light that you are. 

And yet you are able to see, the finest thread like that that is from a spider’s web, attached to this light, that then goes through the point in your forehead inside of you, so that you are attached finely to your physical being.

Begin to breath as this light outside of your physicality,

You feel as light as a feather. Yet with the energy, to power your being, to take you anywhere you desire.

Think for a moment, of a place, or a soul, that you would care to visit,

Focus deeply on this place or person, imagine as if you are standing within that place, or standing next to that person,

Feel the electricity running through you, your light is beaming more brightly, as it fills itself with even more energy, even more exuberance, even more enthusiasm,

Begin to feel, the energy, the vibrational pull, of the place in which you desire to be, of the person you desire to be with.

Focus entirely on being there, more deeply, deeper, and deeper, you feel the vibration of where you wish to be.
Deeper and deeper - tick   tock   tick   tock   tick   tock   tick   tock

And very, very slowly, feel the light that you are, as if it is being stretched, elongated, further and further, stretching, elongating, gently pulling, in the soft vacuum, taking your light to the place in which you wish to be.

You come to a point, where you are stretched from that place, to the anchor spot just above yourself, and it is now for you to know, that the thread remains above you, filtering back inside of you, and your full light is now, in the other place, yet the thread has unraveled with you, you have taken it with you, so that it is still attached to you,

we leave you a short time to enjoy,
Breathe, breathe, Breathe, breathe
     … … … … … …
And now, we gently suggest, that it is time, to take your energy, back to your physical body, so it is, that the process is reversed, in that you see once again your spirit light, elongate from the place in which you are, back to just above your physical being. You may choose to visualize it, as if the thread is pulling your gently back across …

Remain there, just abo
ve your being, in the glorious light of YOURself, you may see the light of yourself in different colours, as the energy of yourself has become so alive, so free, so YOU, in your truth.

And gently now, feel the pull of the thread, as it gently takes you back, through the space in your forehead, and inside, once again of your head, and yet now, it is a place of tranquility floating in swirling colours, feel the calm, feel your peace of mind.

Take that feeling, that YOU, into your heart space,
Breathe, breathe,

Become aware of the beating of your heart
Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock,
And take a few breaths…..[breath],,, [breath]

As you feel yourself more and more awake with in your physical being, more and more alive, a smile arrives of your face, as you recall your experience, and feel the love, that is within you, the love that you are, always love, love, love …
And so it is. 

In love and gratitude, we take our leave.     

Blossom: Very nicely done chaps!!! Thank you. I am hoping you will ‘quickly’ guide me to the enchanting music required. 

In Love and thanks.

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Obviously, after channelling it, and then adding music, I had to listen to it myself to check it out. I found it to be quite profound! Although, I have to admit to finding the section when One's Spirit is inside the head and preparing to 'move through the third eye' ... shall we say ... a little odd! A bit like reaching one's peak when pushing through the birth canal!

Yet, it was 'They' who brought this through ... and even as it was being channelled, I just had to TRUST and go with the flowing of the 'tick tock' etc. so as not to brake the link!

I DO hope you enjoy it and may I be brave enough to say ... travel far and wide!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

English -- Blossom Goodchild: January 24th, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

January 24th,2016

Blossom: I cannot believe we have got through another week. It went so fast! Perhaps I jumped into a portal since the last channelling and came out a week later! Which segues neatly into that which we said we would speak about this week. You said you would chat about energy moulding … regarding creating one’s own portal … I think! Oh … manners Blossom! Good morning!

The Federation of Light: Good morning to you also, Dearest Blossom. We can FEEL from you that energetically you are in a fine space and this always pleases us … on your behalf.

Let us get down to business … as you would say in your world. To recap … We suggested that Energy is manipulated in order for one to ‘pass through’ from one space/place to another. This can be done on a personal growth level or, indeed ... on a more ‘general’ tunnel.

Blossom: So, it is actually a tunnel then?

The Federation of Light: This is how it would be perceived by the participant travelling … and yet, it is merely A SPACE.

Blossom: You say it takes moulded energy in order for it to work. Is the energy of/from the actual portal, or, the soul passing through it?

The Federation of Light: Both. The tunnel is composed of particles of Energy that are ramped up to such a velocity that it becomes in/of itself a vacuum. If you think of it like that … literally that, when you are using a domestic vacuum … that which ‘goes in’ is sucked into somewhere else. This is the only way in ‘laymen’s terms’ that we are able to explain the working of such.

The Energy can be programmed as we said … to ‘arrive’ … or, to take one to a specified destination.

Blossom: Dare I ask how that is done?

The Federation of Light: At the risk of ‘blowing your mind’ … Anywhere is Everywhere … Everywhere is Anywhere. There actually is Now here.

(On reading this back I felt prompted to write NOW HERE.)

Blossom: Consider mind Truly blown! So, it is not a matter of plugging in co-ordinates?

The Federation of Light: Not as humans know co-ordinates on a geographical landscape. A programmed destination … when coming from the individual … moulding Energy and going through … is accomplished completely via ‘Thought programming.’

The other ‘style’ … for it is indeed a ‘different make and model’ is done through computerised components that measure distances in real time and then calculate and estimate distance travelled … how would we say … through ‘air’.

Blossom: How on Earth can they do that?

The Federation of Light: By relying on computer intelligence. Hence, why we spoke of a lot of time and money being dedicated to such a project on Earth. There were many faulty procedures and with respect, we would say … that these humanly made ‘worm holes’ are still not 100% accurate.

Let us move on to the ‘self-created’ vortexes. For we feel that is far more useful information for one to consider.

Blossom: I’m all ears, believe me!

The Federation of Light: Again, there is nothing other than Energy. Everything is Energy and we will just pop in here … ALL ENERGY IS LOVE BASED.

Blossom: Yep … a ‘must’ to be mentioned!

The Federation of Light: Therefore, and this, Dearest Blossom … is requiring of you to concentrate on a different level in order for us to explain …

Blossom: Oh my! Oh my! I’ll try! I’ll try!!

The Federation of Light: That which is real … is thought. Your thought creates your reality. So, should one require to be/go elsewhere … in a flash … it would need concentrated thought. First of all on the destination involved. Not only to think about it … To IMAGINE oneself there … To FEEL oneself there … To FEEL THE ENERGY of this place one is going to. So that, with practice … one’s focus of FEELING would shift from where one actually ‘thought’ they were … to that of where they were destined.

This cannot be accomplished overnight. Well, in Truth it can. Yet, we do not wish to get one’s hopes up and be of disappointed disposition. We smilingly say … You cannot run before you can walk. Or, in these terms … you cannot transport before you can trans-thought!

Blossom: Love it! I won’t interrupt the flow … I’m concentrating too hard!

The Federation of Light: So, you are aware that one can travel via the mind and this is TRULY achieved via the same fashion. Yet … and that is a big YET … to actually KNOW from the ALL THAT IS TRUTH … from THE ALL THAT IS KNOWING SPACE OF WHO YOU ARE … that your physicality can come to that place with you … is the basic key to how it is done. We say 'basic key' … for that is the foundation. For, if you do not KNOW within every cell, every atom of the Energy that makes up you in your completeness … it could not happen. For, it is indeed, every part, every aspect of you that you take through with you. Otherwise … much damage could be done to both mind and body.

Blossom: So, is it dangerous to even attempt then?

The Federation of Light: That is an intriguing question. For we suggest that you ‘study’ this … and we suggest too, that you work on this ‘process’. Yet, as for attempting it … we would say to tap into the intelligence of yourself … before attempting such a feat.

It is those who have been too eager … too unready … that have come to a sticky end … would we say.

Blossom: Eh … can it be the end?  I mean, can one physically encounter death through attempting this?

The Federation of Light: Yes.

Blossom: Far out. Shall we go back to the simplicity of Being Love?

The Federation of Light: You wanted to know.

Blossom: Yet, I hadn’t seen that coming.

The Federation of Light: As we stated … with the greatest of respect for all that IS … this can be accomplished easily for the more advanced soul. Here, upon your planet there is so much density for you to contend with … and this is a major factor in ‘the workings of’ … especially for the self.

Elsewhere … there is a much ‘Lighter’ force field and therefore, this allows for a very different ‘head space’! There is no other physical form that is of the density/weight of that of the human.

(Again when reading back, I felt when it was coming through that they meant … on other planets etc. For indeed, is not a hippo heavier than me? Debatable some days! )

Blossom: Really? Wow. That’s a rather huge statement.*

The Federation of Light: That was rather huge Trusting Blossom … for you to continue writing it down as you felt the words come through!

Blossom: Well, I’m getting better at a lot of things … especially when it comes to chatting with you!

The Federation of Light: We would confer that perhaps for now … it would be best to concentrate on travelling elsewhere via the mind … and leaving the body ‘at home’. This would be a good place to start.

Blossom: So, you have told us how to prepare by FEELING we are there etc … then what?

Then … You breathe … as you always do … and yet … whilst FEELING the Vibration of Being elsewhere … you imagine yourself ‘evaporating’.

Literally, visualize your body evaporating … so as, you FEEL ONLY LIGHT.

THE LIGHT OF YOURSELF. Allow then … the Light that you are … to remain ‘above you’ for a while … as you become accustomed to BEING JUST LIGHT. It is best to have practice periods of just this alone … until you feel well-adjusted in doing so.

Once comfortable and content that you have achieved the control of yourself just ‘above’ yourself … then again … VISUALISE … FEEL … VIBRATE on the same Energy as that of the place you wish to visit.

Blossom: But how do we know what the energy of that place is?  How do we know the vibration of that place?

The Federation of Light: You don’t … to start with. Yet, the more you focus on it … the more you breathe into it … the more you ‘pick up’ on its frequency.

Continue to breathe into that frequency. Think of nothing other than the FEELING OF THE ENERGY WITHIN THAT FREQUENCY. Try to avoid thinking about what you are thinking about!!

Blossom: Sorry?

The Federation of Light: Try to let go of the fact that you are doing what you are doing. Trying not to think about WHAT you are doing and how strange a thing it might be … and concentrate on BEING elsewhere. After CONSIDERABLE PRACTICE in these matters … you will begin to pick up little ‘hints’ of that space in which you wish to be.

 A flashing moment of a vision of that place … rather like a scene of/in a movie. It may only be a second of it that you catch … yet … you were there.

An easy ‘hole to fall through’ which brings you instantly back home … is the recognition that ‘It has worked’. Or, it is working … which ‘clips’ the thought form ‘back’ into the physical place in which you are. It breaks the link, if you like. This is yet another skill to acquire … in order to remain in the new place for as long as is required. An acceptance of ‘AS IS’ is most helpful. A thought of ‘Whoa! This is Weird’ … is not!

We would mention also … although it is not by any means compulsory … that to have the intent of the journey being for THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND … assists the process/progress … rather than it be for selfish gain. We are not saying it cannot and should not be done for fun. Yet, as in all things … our way of thinking … is … THAT WHICH IS DONE FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL … BENEFITS THE ALL. Therefore, not ONE living thing misses out.

As one awakens deeper into their Truth … they become aware of things that had not seen the Light of day within one’s thought form. The greater one is prepared to free themselves from all that they know … or should we say ... all that they ‘think’ they know … the more they become aware that … would we say  … ‘they aint’ seen nothing yet’.

Blossom: What’s got into you today? You seem so much more human … with all respect.

The Federation of Light: That is not so, Blossom. We would say that it is you that has become so much more non- human within this communication … that we are merely filtering through your thought waves … in a fashion of great ease and delight.

Disregard all that you ‘think’ you KNOW AS TRUTH and allow yourselves to move into the ‘Unknown so far’. Let this then … become your new way of thinking … resonating on a Higher level of yourself than before.

KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There is nothing that is not! For every possible thought that one can think … EVERY thought … can be achieved when you KNOW that thought creates reality … without exception. You just have to KNOW this from the deepest place of yourself … Your TRUTH  ... Your YOU!

EXPAND INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN, Dearest Ones. There, lie wonders beyond your wildest imaginings. Yet, once you allow yourselves to go there … your wildest imaginings become the norm … until you, once again … are ready to go beyond that!


Blossom: And we Love you. In Love and thanks my friends. In so much Love and thanks.

*( I’m not sure that this statement is my Truth right now … Maybe it will become so one day! Just because this is what ‘They’ bring through, doesn’t mean it has to be a Truth for me. I learned that long ago, when sometimes questioning messages coming through from White Cloud and he told me it was ok for me not to agree with all he said!)

End of session.

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