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Blossom Goodchild: August 8th, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

August 8th, 2016

After feeling fine from the last channelling regarding the large cloud ship in Columbia, I then confidently spoke at an open meeting two days later. See video

However, as life would have it, the next day I received an email that sent me into doubt once again, as the questions asked were very much like the ones that had originally been in my mind. For me ... I HAVE to be satisfied that I am channelling TRUTH and let's face it ... I have been down this path many times and probably will walk it a good few times more in the future. It is very important to me. So, I knew the only thing to do was to tune into The Federation Of Light and see what answers they could give to my questions. Straight away I knew they would like to speak through me. Here is what they said :

Transcription  Aug 8th 2016.

Welcome to you … to Blossom and all who take note of this verbal communication. We are very much aware of why we have been asked to speak at this time … concerning the large Light Ship that was cloaked via cloud formation in the skies … in your Columbian vicinity at the end of your month of June.

We are aware also, of the difficulties that Blossom is experiencing regarding our last communication, as to whether or not this Light Ship is of Truth or whether it is of false visualisation. Meaning is it that of trickery via that which can be intervened upon video screen … via technological computer systems? Or, is it that it is of a more sinister trickery … regarding holograms that are proposing to be us, when they are not?

The Lady Blossom is concerned on a number of matters that for her need clearing up. One matter being as to why there is only a few videos regarding this phenomena and why there is not more mayhem … would we say? Why too, is it not that there is captured upon camera that of the ship departing?

Surely, as Blossom questions … that would make it more believable?  And why too, it has been asked, is it that there are not that of military flying objects of your Planet immediately intervening?

Blossom's questioning is more so, that surely if this was taking place at that time … how long was it there for … and why did it not cause more of a fuss? These are questions that have come up that make her doubt our remark regarding the fact that it is of Truth. That it is a Light Ship from elsewhere. We stand by that which we spoke of. We hereby, now, in this moment confirm that this was not trickery. This visual of this cloaked Light Ship is of Truth.

The lady is asking us, ‘Then why was there not more intervention for it to be stopped or hidden by those who do not wish it to be seen?’ And we say because we are one step ahead. Do you think there was not an aftermath after we had departed? You are questioning still all the same questions, as to why there was not caught upon camera of it leaving?

Dearest Souls, we cannot give answer as to why this did not take place. That would be down to those that were present. Blossom is also asking us that in that particular capturing there are still photos of a large boat … And yet the people around it seem to be merrily going about their business without even looking up into the sky and what is there to be seen. ‘Why is that’? she is asking … and she is feeling sad because we are not coming through with an answer.

Yet, we are coming through with Love. Blossom is saying to us ‘She needs the Truth. She needs the Truth. She needs the Truth’ … and we are coming forth giving her our Truth. We cannot … we are unable to give reasoning to every question that is asked. And Blossom is saying that she needs those answers to those questions … for they are vital to her continuing her communication with us.

This must be her decision. We cannot offer something that we are unable to give and we are unable to give answers to all these questions.  All we can offer … all we can give is our Truth of who we are and we state now, WE ARE THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … and we state also, no matter how things maybe presented in their strange ways upon your communication sets … that which you call computers … we are not in control of computers.

We can only state our Truth. So, once again we confirm … That which you see upon that video is of Truth. It is not a hologram. It is not a falsity accentuated. It is a moment in time that allows your Being to either accept it as your Truth, or not. We cannot make that decision for you. We can only offer that which we know as OUR TRUTH.

Blossom is asking of us what she should do now?  For we have not answered her questions. We would say to her that she must always follow her Truth.

If it is, Blossom … that you do not credit us as Truth … then you must cease your communications with us. For that would not be of value to your soul.

And you are saying to us that your soul deeply knows that your work with us is why you came … and therefore, in Love … in so much Love … you continue on. Even though you have questions. Even though sometimes you have these doubts. You feel in your heart we are Truth. We understand  you need to discuss this matter with yourself … to think things over and come to a conclusion once again.

You are very much aware that we are here with you now in this moment. This you know as Truth. Therefore, you accept that the words we have spoken are of Truth. This we are understanding  from you. It is not an easy path, Blossom Goodchild that you chose to walk. Yet, we are happy that in this moment you have chosen to continue. And you are saying for the benefit of those who listen to these words … you are saying … that it is your heart that knows it must continue.

In this moment … as we are here present with you, you can feel … you can accept … you can understand that the work we have to do is of importance … with all humility. Therefore, we shall continue on.

We too, would like to suggest, that you must always question should you feel doubt. We can never be annoyed …it is not within us. We are more than happy that you question should you feel doubt … for as much as you desire Truth … it is imperative for us that you know that we are TRUTH. For there would be little point in continuing to communicate … as we have said before … if things did not feel ... If WE did not feel correct in your Being … in every part of your Being.

And we say this to those who listen to these words also … If the Vibration of Truth that we bring forth does not resonate for you in your Truth … as your Truth … then cease to walk along side us and find that which does feel and is known as your Truth. And on this we shall take our leave. In love and thanks … and in the Purest Highest Honour … as Truth … itself.

End of session.

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