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English - Blossom Goodchild: June 18, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

June 18 th, 2016

Blossom: Well Hello! Straight to it, if we may? Just a follow through from last week regarding you saying that your word for God would be ‘Yahweh’. One chap wrote in, almost in relief I felt, that you had finally slipped up and revealed yourselves to be the dark side that you are and another lady was concerned as she follows a reputable lady who says that Yahweh is a false Light. I was not ‘disturbed’ in the slightest about this as that is ‘their Truth’ and I have become so strong in mine. I sort of already know what you are to say, yet, I feel it may clarify and strengthen the point about anyone’s Truth, about anything. Would you do the honours?
The Federation of Light: Welcome One and all. We would be delighted to serve as we always are and give credibility to our reasoning behind our statement of offering that name. Which by the way, as asked by another reader regarding its pronunciation, we would say that  ‘Yod He Vod He’ is the most strongly coded vibration in /through sound and yet, ANY interpretation carries with it … the intention behind it.
We shall travel off track a moment. Let us take the word ‘God’. When one is deep in prayer and Grace and speaking/connecting with The Source, The Divine … they raise the Vibration of that word because of their intent … because of their Love offered to God. Yet, at another time, another soul may be in mood of great fury and use the word through/in such anger and hate … and that which you call ‘blasphemy’ would then lower the Vibrational sounding of that word. It TRULY is the intention behind any word that raises or lowers its original form/coding.
So, to get back to those who FEEL  … for it has to be a FEELING for it to be TRUE for them … that Yahweh is a false Light or a Being who is from the dark side and has enslaved your planet … as just one example … All we can say to that is … ???? We shall leave a little moment before we answer, in order to allow the reader to find the answer for themselves first … in the TRUSTING that they have opened up to themselves in order to know this.
Blossom: And how interesting that at this very moment the next door neighbour has taken out their hedgecutter to trim the hedges right next to this window!! Timing! Very, very frustrating. I shall have to continue another time.
Ok continuing on now.
The Federation of Light: We say, that if that FEELS right to them and our words do not … then do not for one moment longer continue to read our words. For, if they make you doubt or become fearful, then our messages are not for you. For, we do not come to cause these emotions within one’s sentiment. We come to uplift and give encouragement. Maybe, it would be that one ceases to read our words for a time … yet, may come back further down the line and resonate more fully.
As we have said many times before … we are not here to gain points. This is not a competition as to how many on your planet we can ‘get on board’. Obviously … the more the merrier and that fills us with Great Joy. Yet, if it was to be that only two Beings read these messages Blossom, then that would make us happy also, for we were assisting two people. Yet, in the knowing that ALL IS ONE … of ONE MINDED CONSCIOUSNESS OF/IN/THROUGH/AS LOVE … we would KNOW IN TRUTH that those two souls were/are part of The Whole and therefore, we are serving ALL.
That is a Happy thought for you to ponder on, Dearest Friends. That, that which you do for yourselves, you do for another. That which you do for another you do for EVERYONE. For the Vibration of that thought/action, although offered to maybe just one … is actually received by ONE … for that ONENESS IS ALL THERE IS. It is your ‘warped upbringing’ shall we say, that allows you to FEEL that you are separated from it. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BE.
Blossom: Thank you. Could we just continue on the same thread regarding what sits well for one, may not for another? Because I’d like you to clarify/speak about the fact that no-one is wrong or right in such matters.
The Federation of Light: We can indeed speak of that. Although, these waters can run deep. That which one chooses to acknowledge and FEEL as their Truth … as to what sits right … or, as you say … what resonates for them … is their choice to do so. And Being there, upon Planet Earth, you were gracefully given that freedom to choose what is right and what is wrong … for you.
The introduction of your worldwide interconnectedness through your computer systems … like many things … has its ups and downs … Its good and bad points. How quick one is to Love it when it is on hand for all your needs, yet, how quickly too, one scorns and wishes to throw it out the window the minute it may falter and perhaps even slow down for a short while … Heaven forbid!
As much as it offers then too, the opportunity to discover many things that take place/that are/ that have been/ that will be … all around your globe … it also offers the opportunity for incredulous information to be posted and absorbed by many who choose to take it on board as their Truth.
Blossom: Yet, who is to say that?  For it would be Truth to the person who wrote it.
The Federation of Light: Not at all!
Blossom: Ooh! That was quite strong!
The Federation of Light: It was intended to be. We are aware in our realms that there are many upon your planet who wish to disguise the LIGHT. Their desire is to cover up … to hide … ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that shines the Light that leads you on the pathway home. They distort Truths from many very clever perspectives and are so subtle in the way they do so … in order to make that which is not necessarily Truth … to FEEL like it is.
Blossom: Are these people on planet, or are they influenced by those off planet?
Both … in the same way that we work Blossom. You are on it … we are off it. Yet our choice, yours and ours … is to bring Upliftment and Joy and OUR TRUTH. This is not necessarily the agenda of some … both on and off planet.
Blossom: So, back to the right and wrong … surely it is ‘wrong’ to hide/distort the Truth etc.?
The Federation of Light: Not in their eyes. Or they would not be doing it. If it didn’t FEEL right for them they wouldn’t be doing it. Because, for their soul at this given time, they are acting upon that which SERVES THEM, yet, not The Whole.
Blossom: So, for clarifications sake … is that not wrong?
The Federation of Light: Indeed not. As we say, this can become very deep and we would say … perhaps unacceptable to some soul’s Truth at this time.
Where would we begin really to explain … for to try to do so … in a nut shell, is an impossible task. And to try and synopsythize (?) it, doesn’t really make it any easier to construct through/in words.
Blossom: I feel from you it is about/on the lines of … Nothing matters. That everything is JUST an experience … from/by everyone /everything. I know we have talked of the ‘nothing matters’ thing before a few times … yet, I accept it and understand it a little more now.
The Federation of Light: We thank you. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!
Blossom: I got that … so, I gave it a try! HA!
The Federation of Light: And succeeded!
May we offer the word ‘Judgement’ at this point? Those who judge another’s actions/movements/thoughts … have still quite a way to go on the path to their own True Happiness. For it is each one’s journey of choice that leads them home and whichever route they choose to take … is the one they shall walk upon. It is not up to another to say whether or not that is the best or easiest way. For each soul is here to experience their individual soul-self journey.
Blossom: Yet, that journey chosen by another affects the whole effect! Some may feel that another’s choices are holding back the GRAND EXPERIENCE of walking in fulltime Joy and feel resentment about that.
The Federation of Light: Then again we offer the word ‘Judgement’.  What another chooses is up to them. It is their choice as to how they play out their role … and … in order for everything to be experienced by The Whole … those who you believe to be holding you back … are actually acting out a role that was agreed upon by the CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL. Otherwise it could not be happening. You see? We said these waters run deep.
Blossom: Hold on. I’ll just go get my snorkelling gear! Yet, I sort of understand that. So, this kind of answers why there is no right or wrong?
The Federation of Light: Indeed. We have also mentioned before that Souls/Spirits/Beings of the Greatest Light have and do sacrifice much in order to ‘appear’ as something they are not … so that they can assist in the awakening of your planet.
Blossom: I know what you mean by that. Yet, some new readers may be confused.
The Federation of Light: In that … much that is ‘presented’ as horrific in this illusion/hologram … is ‘designed’ to stir ... to stimulate ... the soul that lies deep within the TRUTH OF LOVE and allow it to POWER UP … to ignite itself BACK into the TRUTH of itself. Because, the outrageous demonstration of/by another … brought to the forefront that which needed to be stirred and awakened. So, an Enlightened Being may offer to present itself in these atrocious energies to assist those that need this kind of thing to wake them up.
Blossom: Yet, wouldn’t it be far better to awaken, stir up and power up souls through some Miraculous Event of Truth? Say … in the sky? Ha! Just couldn’t resist popping that one in!
The Federation of Light: That is indeed another way/version … and this is STILL … WITHOUT QUESTION … ON THE CARDS. Just couldn’t resist popping that one in!
Blossom: I love you!
The Federation of Light: And we love you.
Our point is … that EVERYTHING possible has/is to be experienced.
Through all its experiments … through all its ‘goings on’ …
Blossom: (In Chorus together everyone please!) There is nothing else.
The Federation of Light: ANYWHERE.
There is not one place … not one tiny atom … not one magnificent mountain that is not constructed by/through/of /in the ENERGY OF LOVE.
Blossom: I just feel you want to add a little bit more to the topic in which we began?
The Federation of Light: Thanking you. Regarding what is true and untrue and why such things are written and whether one thinks it is right or wrong … or hiding/distorting the Truth.  Let us throw yet another spanner in the works and mention that which we have been discussing also lately, regarding  the fact that everything is possible … every scenario … every thought … depending on what dimension any one aspect of one’s soul is focussing on at the time. So, that is also how something can be a Truth for one and not for another … Do you see?
Blossom: Yep, and believe it or not … It all makes sense … even though I can’t make head nor tail of it! I am so delighted to be in your presence and even more so to be the happy medium that brings forth your messages. Many thanks from the deepest place in my heart.
The Federation of Light: We surely must form a mutual appreciation society.
Blossom: I think we already have !

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