Wednesday, June 1, 2016

English -- Blossom Goodchild: 1st June, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

June 1st, 2016

Blossom: Good morning and welcome to my world. A question for you if I may? Folk write in asking many diverse questions. A recurring one is ‘Is the Earth flat?’ and the other day  ‘Is the sun cold ?’. All things they have been reading about on line. I instinctively know that this is not the sort of question you choose to answer. Can you elaborate on why, as it may help many to understand ‘our’ position. Thank you.

The Federation of Light: Greetings to you and all that connect as ONE through these messages. We are happy to answer your particular question. Your instinct is correct. We are not here to enter into unknown territory by many. We are here to serve … and to go into matters such as some require, we do not feel assists … only confuses.

Blossom: Yet, wouldn’t your answers unconfuse?

The Federation of Light: No. For all over your internet service there are a billion and one answers on any given subject matter, so that when one researches, they simply become bemused in the guessing game of what is true and what is not.

WE … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT do not wish to enter into this particular game. We choose to come only through/in/of/as /the Vibration of Highest Love. Offering wisdom on how to raise one’s Vibration … not to confuse it.

Blossom: Yet, I am assuming you do know the TRUTH to such questions?

The Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom, what is TRUTH?

Blossom: Ooh ‘ello! We’ve been down this pathway before and my brains fell out ... and certainly DID confuse!

The Federation of Light: Truth is that which is none other than Pure Love. When something FEELS RIGHT for you … that is TRUTH … for YOU. When it feels uncomfortable … then it is not.

Blossom: Yet, the same TRUTH may feel uncomfortable for one and yet not for another.

The Federation of Light: Our point entirely. You are Each travelling your own journey. You are discovering your OWN Truth as you go along … and yet, we would say … that TRUE TRUTH … is discovered the more a soul walks in to it!

Blossom: Is there a false TRUTH?

The Federation of Light: Not to the individual.

Blossom: So, is there or not?

The Federation of Light: Let us put it another way to assist THE WHOLE.

TRUTH is that which lies within the soul.

When one chooses to follow ‘Their Truth’ they are serving ‘Their soul’ … even though another’s view point on that 'Same Truth' perceives it very differently.

The point of LOVE perhaps at this stage in THE GAME upon Earth … is to discover self through experience ... and through this experience, gain and accept the soul-self BACK into TRUTH.

Blossom: Yet, why would it ever stray?

The Federation of Light: TO EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING.



and this will/cannot end … for Life is eternal and always will it expand into a greater place within itself.

Blossom: Yet … as we have tried to determine before … is there an ULTIMATE TRUTH?

 The Federation of Light: Yes. PURE UNADULTERATED LOVE.

Blossom: So, what about all the other ‘TRUTHS’ that are not really TRUTHS?

The Federation of Light: Yet, they are … ‘at the time’. As we said … that which FEELS good (at the time) is one’s own particular TRUTH … serving that particular soul … on that particular journey.
At another time … that same TRUTH no longer serves as a TRUTH to that particular soul … for it has served its purpose in being TRUTH to that soul at that time. Understanding has been absorbed and that TRUTH is now ready to be undone and that particular soul moves on to a Higher TRUTH … of /within themselves.

Blossom: Yes, I understand. For, as I too have said before … Things that I once didn’t regard as TRUTH have now through my opening up … become TRUTH. I guess because I understand them more.

The Federation of Light: Correct. As understanding of SELF/ALL is released and becomes apparent ... then TRUTH does the same.

Blossom: Ok. So, to get back to my original query then … Either the world is flat and the sun is cold … or ... the world is round and the sun is hot?

The Federation of Light: Or … the Earth is square and the sun is luke warm! You see Dearest Souls … at the end of the day … the Earth can be anything you want it to be … flat, round, square, hollow, opaque … name it … it can be it.

Blossom: Yes, it CAN be it … but IS IT?

The Federation of Light: Yes … if you want it to be. That is our whole point and yet … it maybe a little too complicated to explain at this stage of The Game.

Blossom: Try me … indulge me, if you wouldn’t mind. Yet, before you start ... may I say that I get that everything is possible. What I don’t get, is how all these possibilities can be going on at the same time, regarding the same thing. How can the Earth be flat and round and square and hollow and opaque all at once?

The Federation of Light: It depends on where YOU CHOOSE TO BE. It depends on YOUR CHOICE of perspective. For ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible at/in any space of your time that YOU CHOOSE.

You have been indoctrinated to KNOW that the Earth is round … for instance. Yet, once upon a fairy tale … it was KNOWN that the EARTH was flat. Now once again … people are questioning ‘back’ to the original query as to whether it is indeed flat … and round and round you go!

Blossom: Meaning it IS round?

The Federation of Light: Blossom … meaning it is whatever you wanted it to be. Depending on WHERE you CHOOSE to BE.

There are flat Earths. There are round Earths. There are hollow Earths and there are opaque Earths. There are as many Earths as you desire them to be. Infinite Earths.

Blossom: So, which one do I do my shopping on?

The Federation of Light: The one that you choose to move through at the time of doing your shopping.

Blossom: Is it round or flat?

The Federation of Light: Neither/Both. Depending on where you are choosing to have your focus.

Blossom: So, is it that simple? I can one day be on a flat Earth and one day be on a round one?

The Federation of Light: Better than that … you can one MOMENT be on a Flat and another MOMENT on a round.

Blossom: Assuming then … this is all about dimensional shifts?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. They are taking place with every thought.

Blossom: And yet … all around me seems so fixed … so … solid.

The Federation of Light: Because … that is your stable diet! That is how you have chosen to perceive EVERYTHING.

Blossom: OK. So … it is knowledge now, that many of us are here down on Earth to help lift it into a Higher Vibration. So, are we not then on ONE PARTICULAR EARTH … the one that needs to be lifted into a Higher place?

The Federation of Light: Yet, how would you know if there is not just one, yet many that you are creating … that are in need of this?

Blossom: Clearly I don’t! And then we go into that question of … who comes in and out of any given momentarily ‘jump’ in/through/out of dimensions with me? I sound like I know what I’m talking about. Nope ... just going with the flow!

The Federation of Light: In and out of dimensions? Your live’s FLOW in and out of dimensions … all the time … depending on a simple thought.

Blossom: Or a complicated one! OK. So say, for example, I am having a coffee with a group of friends and we happen to experience a UFO flying past (thought I’d throw that in the mix) At that time … are we all jumping into a dimension together that has the UFO in its ‘script’?

The Federation of Light: Yes. Apart from those in the group who didn’t see it … for it was not in their thought pattern.

Blossom: Yet, it might not have been in anyone’s … at the time.

The Federation of Light: Yet, it would have been at some point … in some ‘space’ of their reality of their consciousness.

 Blossom: Then how come some people who don’t believe in UFO’s have the privilege to see them?

The Federation of Light: Because it is in the forefront of their mind that they don’t believe in them. Not in their greater consciousness.

Blossom: Jumping Jack flash! It is all so difficult to get ones heads around. A billion questions come up with every statement you say!


Blossom: Yet, not for me today in this moment … this dimension I am residing in. And I have no idea how to ‘skip’ into the dimension that ‘is’ ALL KNOWING. Or do I?

The Federation of Light: Of course. For YOU ARE OF EVERYTHING.

Blossom: So, how come it FEELS like I don’t know how to do that? Because clearly if I did … I would be.
The Federation of Light: Because you believe you don’t.

Blossom: Yet, somewhere in my greater consciousness I DO!

The Federation of Light: That of course is TRUE.

Blossom: For who?

The Federation of Light: For US! IN OUR TRUTH OF KNOWING.

Blossom: Yet, I accept this as TRUTH also… so why can’t I jump into that ALL UNDERSTANDING?

The Federation of Light: Are you ready for this one?

Blossom: Sock it to me!

The Federation of Light: Maybe, the aspect of YOU that ‘IS’ ALL Understanding HAS/DID go to that place … and yet, the YOU that YOU are choosing to ‘relive’ right now in this moment … has no knowledge of the YOU that chose in this moment … to go to that ALL Understanding place. Because the YOU writing this, needs to remain here to write this … and ask these questions.

Blossom: So … where is the ME that understands ALL and EVERYTHING?

The Federation of Light: Enjoying the place /space where ALL AND EVERYTHING is understood.

Blossom: Far out!

The Federation of Light: No … right here.

Blossom: I don’t get why I can’t access it though, because I CHOOSE to and I’d LIKE to … so, how come I can’t?

The Federation of Light: But you are!

Blossom: Could you give me an analogy to help me understand better?

The Federation of Light: Take a piece of string … wound up in a ball. That ball of string is …




And yet … the piece at one end of the ball … as it is being unravelled and wound around the hand … is not aware of the other end of this ball. The other end of the ball is not ‘experiencing’ the same impact of being unwound … even though, on some level it is aware that ‘something’ a long way away is stirring. It is not actually aware in full, of what is taking place at the other end … even though, it is part OF it. Only as the ball is unwound more and more does the FEELING pass through to the other end … as the unravelling draws closer and closer to it.

Blossom: Yes, that sort of helps. Thanks. Yet, if it is through CHOICE of where we want to be and I choose to go there … to the ALL KNOWING … I still don’t feel that I … the ME HERE … the one that wants to experience it in this NOW … is able to do so.

The Federation of Light: That is because only the YOU that is of THAT Vibration can experience it. YOU … through Choice are still experiencing it … you cannot not … and YOU are there BEING IT.

Blossom: Yet, here I am …sitting communicating with you and very aware that I am …

The Federation of Light: Because you are choosing it … THIS PART OF YOU.

The part of you that is choosing to BE IN/OF the ALL / EVERYTHING is doing so … right now in this moment, also. One end of the string is experiencing something differently from the other end. That is all.

Blossom: And right now, this end … needs a cup of tea. Thank you. I FEEL I deserve a ‘Perseverance when losing the plot’ badge!

The Federation of Light: We too, have enjoyed the ‘plot’ … that you felt you lost … yet, didn’t really.

Blossom: Love ya … Love ya … Love ya … Thank you.

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