Wednesday, April 27, 2016

English -- Blossom Goodchild, April 27th, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

April 27th, 2016

Blossom: Whoop dee doo! Here we are again … In High spirits, ready to receive in order to give. Go for it.

The Federation of Light: In accordance with that in which we choose to give … and therefore, for many to receive, we offer this day a challenge … of sorts.

Blossom:How exciting.

The Federation of Light: It is to be that in future days your widespread thoughts are to be of interest to those who had not been ready until these current days … and in order to allow intrigue; for the purpose of awakening that which sleeps within … may we suggest that a time frame for your Ascension be provoked?

Blossom: Provoked?  Gotta Google … ‘Stimulate or give rise to (Yet, it does say to annoy etc.) You sure that’s the word you want?

The Federation of Light: It would not be in our interest or our BEINGS to wish to provoke anger … yet, we do indeed mean ‘To stimulate or give rise to.’

Blossom: A time frame? You don’t like to work with ‘our time’ … We are treading on very dodgy ground so early in the piece are we not?

The Federation of Light: No, Dearest One.  We are now within a period of ‘your time’ when Energies are fulfilling their desire and creating a stirring within Each One. Reactions differ greatly to these Energies, yet indeed, they are stimulating the senses/sensors and bringing a KNOWING of Truth … An understanding that things are ready now to step up to the plate as we believe you say?

Blossom: Yes. Yet, why we say it I do not know! Gotta google!

Lit.[For a batter in baseball] to move near home plate in preparation for striking the ball when it is pitched. Fig. to move into a position where one is ready to do a task.

Well there you go. So what exactly are you getting at my friends?

The Federation of Light: We are expressing to you that it is now within your grasp to realize/recognize ALL that you have been hanging on by a thread to achieve/discover.

Blossom: Lovely. Yet, here once again, I must ask you to TRY and be a little more specific. I could take that to mean that things are really going to start moving fast and things are going to take place that will shake this  Planet to its core … in a good way … and at last … at long last … we can move on up to a Greater/Higher alignment of ourselves … our ship (?) … And ALL! What does it mean for you?

 The Federation of Light: Ditto. From your Planetary perspective.

Blossom: And how will this present itself?  What pray, can we expect to … physically and soul self wise … encounter?

The Federation of Light: You shall find yourselves ‘Ringing True’. As the Energies continue to work their magic and resonate with your soul center … you will notice a change in your Being from the point of view of demeanor. A Happiness will engage you of a degree that has not been suitable or conducive until NOW. This Happiness will resonate out and ‘strike’ others who are in need of becoming the same.



It is therefore, your ‘duty’ if you so choose … to follow The Plan and remain focused upon the Highest Energy of Joy and Love.These are the symptoms of such an outbreak.

An antidote for this viral spreading is to focus on that which is the opposite. This will quickly bring you back into your ‘old self again’! So, it is wise to continue Smiling in order for the infection of LOVE to be passed on. Much as a sneeze influences influenza. So, a Smile is likewise contagious … that the effects are instant.

One is instantly outrageously Joyous.

For your Smiles these days have taken on a different Energy. They penetrate into the deepest part of the receiver and start a revolution within One’s Being. As it reaches the heart space … it triggers an enormous uprising … filling the entire Being with the One LOVE that it already is. This in turn then, cannot help but react in passing this onto another.

A Smile appears without thought. It is an automatic physical reaction … and it continues to spread on and on … to all one meets.

It grows so rapidly NOW … that soon … EVERYWHERE /EVERYONE around you has caught this HAPPINESS BUG.

It is on your news. It is in your papers. It’s on your internet … THE WHOLE WORLD is susceptible … and it’s very, very catching … and … there is no cure!
You have come to save the world, your beloved Planet, in this way. By catching the HAPPINESS BUG!

And do you see, Dearest One’s? By doing so … the difference in EVERYONE/EVERYTHING will be immeasurable. The very air you breathe will transform into a LIGHTER consistency. The food you eat. The words you speak. The LOVE YOU ARE … will be LIGHTER … and in BEING SO …

Wonders shall start to express themselves in ways which you could not conceive of in THIS TIME FRAME. Yet, the NEW TIME FRAME … the one that you are creating ... shall present wonders of a HIGHLY formed account … that co-join the Higher Energies of that which they are … with the simple Smile of that which you are … and together/combined the FEELING from within shall enrapture and exalt.

Dearest One’s … Hold on to your hats!

Blossom: I Truly don’t believe you said that! (For the ninety thousandths time.)  Yet ... There is was … and seeing as I have interrupted, could I bring you back to you talking about a time frame? Do you mean that there actually is one, in which we can see such things come about?

The Federation of Light: Naturally.

Blossom: You say that now …

The Federation of Light: And we shall say it in our next moment of now also … and the next and the next.

Blossom: You see, I question such a statement. Because it hasn’t exactly been known for anything from yourselves and with respect … other channellers, for ‘predictions of amazing occurrences /happenings’ to actually manifest when they say they will. No offence  ... It’s a flaw in the ‘system of time’ I am sure. So therefore … I cannot say that I am restraining myself from shouting it out to all and sundry about this exciting message … because, as I say … and will continue to say, my friends … ‘We have heard it all too often before ... and here we wait.’

The Federation of Light: Until one day … our promises present our Truth to you.

There is so much … in your future … that is awaiting your Joy to activate it.

There is so much within YOU that is AWAITING TO BE ACTIVATED BY YOU … so that you can BECOME ALL THAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR.

IT IS WITHIN YOU. It is not coming from elsewhere. It is YOU that are here to change EVERYTHING  … and as you realize this … as you activate this call within … EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Feel for a moment the ENERGY that is carried within these words.

Take a breath or two, or three or four … to TRULY FEEL the activation in your heart space … that these words offer.

You KNOW of all these things.

You KNOW they are coming about.

YOU KNOW it is up to you … to infect everyone you come across with your HAPPY BUG … simply by Smiling your Beaming Infectious Smile upon them … in the KNOWING … the TRUTH of that KNOWING … that you are triggering the spark within them … that then allows them to pass it on.

Blossom: Well, I have to say … I am personally feeling really good these days … and it is a conscious effort some of the time. Yet, there’s nothing wrong in a conscious effort Because then, when not consciously aware of making an effort to feel good ... I find I am just naturally doing so. A marvelous outcome for ones efforts!

The Federation of Light: Dearest Souls … consciously as individuals and One consciousness … FEEL your way into Joy. It is the ONE TRUE ROAD that when walked upon, brings PEACE to your Planet … Comfort to your Being and LOVE TO ITSELF.




Blossom; I know I speak for many when I say that we are doing are very best. With EASE AND GRACE. In Love and thanks for this communication.

In JOY AND PEACE we retract our Energy … LOVING  ALL.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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