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English -- Blossom Goodchild: March 6th, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

March  6th,2016

Blossom: Hello and welcome to Planet Earth, with your ever ready medium here to be your ‘go between!’ Art thou well?

The Federation of Light: We know, you know, there is no need to ask such a query ... as we cannot be unwell.

Blossom: How Blessed are you! One day we humans will ‘get that’ concept … looking forward to that one, that’s for sure! Ok. A, couple of questions following on our current topic, if I may? Someone asked what is so special about Planet Earth, that we give so much focus to it /upon it … given all other parallel Universes, Earths etc.?

The Federation of Light: Who is to say that you do?

Blossom: Do what? Give so much focus to it?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. You FEEL you give so much focus to it because this is where your current focus IS. Yet, maybe the aspect of you that is living in a different life experience … in a different Earth, FEELS that ‘there’ is where all the attention lies.

Blossom: Although, there is much talk of THIS EARTH being THE CENTRE of attention  … and that many other planets and ‘allies living upon them’ are very keen to see how WE HUMANS … ‘PLAY THE GAME’.

The Federation of Light: This is so. And although focus is ‘where it is’ at any given thought … your Planet and all who sail in her … is indeed of the upmost ‘speciality act’ that has ever yet, been performed!

Blossom: That’s a pretty huge statement. So, elaboration on it would be appreciated. I can FEEL the Energy in me about it, and wondering how we ‘narrow that down’ into words!

The Federation of Light: You are not alone in that wondering, Blossom. We are unsure at what ‘point’ we should begin such elaboration!

Let us try to first of all simplify … if possible! The most valid reasoning for such ‘attention’ is the ‘act’ of Ascension that IS TAKING PLACE. It is not that it is ‘going to’ … it is … that IT IS taking place.

This, in itself is a feat never yet accomplished as an all-encompassing Event … involving such a HUGE cast and such a HUGE stage! If we describe it for terms of understanding … as a production a million times bigger than Ben Hur … you would have some grasp of its magnitude perhaps?

Then, take into account the fact that although many cast and crew and management of ‘said Event’ are totally engaged and on the ball … there are many that are not. There are also many ‘extra’s’ that are simply there for the ride and the free grub!

Blossom: I have to say … you are really making me laugh today … with your way of speaking. I KNOW it’s you … yet, you have adopted a rather ‘cool’ side to yourself.

The Federation of Light: And we are aware this Lightens things up … on what actually is a rather intensely complicated MOVIE!

Blossom: So basically, if I may be blasé about it … This Ascension (movie) is ‘just’ a major project that was decided upon and now it is being carried out.

The Federation of Light: Correct.

Blossom: And yet, clearly there is far more going on behind the scenes as to WHY this project HAS TO take place?

The Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom … NOTHING HAS TO take place … and yet, EVERYTHING WILL. Always and for ever … on and on … One magnificent movie, play, short story, poem after another.

Yet, THIS ONE … THIS ‘THE ASCENSION’ movie … starring The world and her residence is possibly the craziest idea yet!

Therefore, as to its accomplishment … as to ‘can it be achieved?’ … is still very much on going and yet, we are NOW more than confident that the final ‘reels’ are in process.

You see, Blossom … The decision to RAISE THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL was a necessary one and caused excitement as never before. The ‘Fall of man’ … if we may put it that way for your understanding … took an unexpected turn … down pathways that could not have been foreseen. For mankind had never expressed itself in such depth in ways of greed, violence and indeed insanity … moving away from ‘Itself's Truth’ to such a degree that ‘Hierarchy’ felt it best to ‘step in’.

You are questioning Hierarchy?

Blossom: Yes. Only in that … We are all One … no one better than another, right?

The Federation of Light: Nicely stated … and yet, depending on where one’s ‘focus’ maybe … it is common for those in the density focus of Earth … to perhaps, not always carry their full bag of marbles with them … is this not correct?

Blossom: Have you hired a comedian today or what?

The Federation of Light: You, dear Blossom, allow us that honour!

Blossom: Please continue … I’m all ears.

The Federation of Light: So … The Divine Plan was discussed and infused … with the agreement of ALL who’s focus is on the Greater Good. There were/are some, of course, that are not ready to give up their ‘lower energy experience’ … YET!

To ‘fast forward’ quite a way … now that the majority of The Plan has taken place and WE ARE ALL NOW coming up to the ‘BROADWAY FINISH’ … We would put it this way …





Blossom: I can really feel the Powerful Energy in which that was delivered!

The Federation of Light: And yet, it is like one of those movies that can have many different endings … as to the way in which ONE chooses to get to that Final Outcome.

Again Blossom … FREEDOM OF CHOICE cannot and will not be taken away … and yet, one must understand that within that FREEDOM OF CHOICE … choices will be made to get to that Final Outcome in many varied scenarios … many ‘clips’ being played out … because EVERYONE taking part in the movie agreed to do so … and on the HIGHEST LEVEL of themselves … agreed and very much voted for the Final Outcome to take place.


Therefore, when we have spoken to you of our ships presenting themselves in your skies… when we have spoken to you of technologies that clean up ALL poisons on your Planet … when we speak to you of an existence wherein ALL LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY … we are not cajoling you. We are not ‘messing with your minds’, as some of you place yourselves to follow that mind set …


And yet … it is Through/By/As/Of the CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL that shall bring this about.

It has to be brought about BY ALL.

Blossom: Yet, some would say that they are MORE than fed up of waiting for others to ‘Get with the programme’, when they themselves have been in it for decades. It doesn’t seem a very well thought out part of the journey ... to have to hang back for those who have chosen to take the snails bus.

The Federation of Light: Let us put a question to you. DIVINITY … IS … ALL THAT IS DIVINE. THIS plan is a DIVINE PLAN. Do you think that DIVINITY itself … COULD overlook something like this? You know, Blossom … we are talking ‘DIVINE’ … The Highest that there is! Could it … would it?

Blossom: Putting it that way … nope! So, then … how come it feels that way for many?

Because THE DIVINE PLAN … although written down in your DNA … has not yet been allowed to surface to the top. It is underlying in ALL … AS ALL … and slowly, but surely … it is making its way through … so that it can be RE-MEMBERED and fulfilled.

Blossom: No offence to The Divine … yet, can you explain why the plan was to bring us here on Planet Earth in order to change it into a much Higher Vibration and yet … put a clause in … that when we arrive we are to forget why we came? I mean … you know … one could say The Divine had a few too many Sherries with the vicar at that marker! (And before anyone is offended … I KNOW THE DIVINE is allowing me to put this in this Light hearted banter ... in order to get the point/message across.)

The Federation of Light: If one arrived in one’s fullness of self … fullness of LOVE ITSELF and simply got to work on this Divine Plan … LOVED ALL … WAS LOVE IN ALL MOVEMENT … TO ALL THAT IS … the ways of the conscious mind that had created that which is not considered ‘all loving’ (and yet it is … just another aspect /experience/ level/vibration/ of Love ) would not ‘work through’ the ‘grades’ of understanding the ‘meanings’ of WHY  one went down that road in the first place.

WHEN the plan was put into place … Light Beings entered the Planet Earth via different avenues … Not just via human birth … yet, via ships from within the sea , within the mountains and of course from other planetary star systems and the like.

Blossom: ‘The like’ being loosely termed!

The Federation of Light: As these Lighter Beings began earthing the Higher dimensional LIGHT/LOVE and anchoring it into the ‘system’ … it sparked off a recognition … a knowing within those humans already here … doing what they came to do … (ie … walking down the long and winding road in the wrong direction perhaps ) 

You must also, if you want to understand all that we are saying … ACCEPT that EVERYTHING has reason …

THIS recognition was/is the backbone of The Plan … the ‘key’ … the ‘buzzer’ …

Blossom: I know you are looking for the correct word … all I can think of is ‘THE SIGNAL’?

The Federation of Light: ‘The Signal’ will do perfectly … The signal that the change was about to begin … the turnaround was starting.

Blossom: I know you cannot give an answer, yet I will ask anyway. WHEN did this plan get devised?  I just got your answer through! Holy Moly … back on the merry go round … and I’m so very dizzy already!

The Federation of Light: The answer is of course … FROM THE BEGINNING.

Yet, you said ‘WHEN The Plan was put into place’ …

The Federation of Light: We did … and did we not say in our last communication ‘Everything is all going on at once?

Blossom: And did I not say … Time for a cuppa?

The Federation of Light: We must have missed that!

Blossom: Sorry … I’ll say it more clearly … TIME FOR A CUPPA! Phew! Brain duly fried! Thanks, Oh Mindblowers. Ha! Perhaps we should change your name from The Federation Of Light to The Mind Blowers! Very catchy … What do you think?

The Federation of Light: We think we LOVE your humour. Yet, we ARE The Federation Of Light …

Blossom: AND … You always will be! In Love and thanks , My friends.

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