Monday, December 19, 2016

Blossom Goodchild -- A Direct Voice Christmas Message from White Coud.

 A Direct Voice Christmas Message from White Coud.

 December 19, 2016
A very warm welcome to each soul who chooses to listen to these words that I have to offer at this time of celebratory extravagance. My friends, a long long time ago upon your Planet … … … Blossom is struggling a little and I am asking her permission to let me speak, for she is concerned of that which she knew in an instant of what I am to speak of, and it confused her a little. for I showed to her the image that one knows of throughout your histories of the baby child in the manger, with the wise men, the shepherds, the oxen … of the mother and father looking lovingly upon this child and of the bright star in the sky.
Blossom is surprised, for I do not speak often regarding such matters. What if you know this to be a Truth that took place … What do you consider that twinkling star in the sky, to be?
Think how your thoughts have moved on … and would you consider now of this twinkling star to be of a Light vessel … that was looking down and making sure that this child was ‘delivered’ safely?
My friends, whatever your thoughts maybe upon this matter, I say to you this day …that there was the Energy of a Lighted Soul that came to your Planet. I would say also, it was not around this Dec time, but due to the fact that this has been a conscious joining of thoughts that it was so, then I feel it is appropriate to be able to talk about it.
The Energy of this soul changed your world. The Highest level of Energy that can walk amongst you came into this world to teach you about yourselves. To teach you about Love and there have been many teachers that are of the same calibre of Energy that have chosen to also walk among you.
It is not an easy task to do so.
These souls of the Highest Lighted Energy, in one way or another … found themselves ridiculed, abused, tortured, pained … and for all the Love they gave out ... very little came back in return.
They walked before you came this time … and they showed the way … as you do now.
All those who are listening to my words are Way - Showers of Light … of Love.
You are examples of how to walk forth shining your Light … judging not … KNOWING that this way of living … this way of Being … is the TRUTH. The TRUTH that lies deep within you, my friends.
As you breathe now with me … you feel this Truth in your Being … that you are Beacons of Light here upon your beautiful Planet. You are successful. Your Light beams out … and it reaches those who are in need. You do not need to know always where your Light goes … how far it goes and to whom or to what. You just need the intention of giving out … sending out … your Love.
I say to you, my friends … it will find its way to all the nooks and crannies, all the little crevices that are darkened and it shall Brighten them with warmth, and as it does so … all upon your Planet, all within your planet, all around your Planet and Beyond … Benefit. Just by you … and the soul that you are … having the intention to give out the Love that you are.
Many times I have expressed that if you could see your Lights from the position in which I reside you would be beaming from within, when you recognise the Truth of yourself … and how you would laugh about the moments, so many moments that you have considered yourself to be of a much lesser Light than you actually are.
Tune in to who you actually are. Ask yourself … to show you …. Yourself …. In your finest array of colours, my dearest friends. And as yourself presents yourself to you … maybe tears of joy will flow from your eyes … As the Truth is shown ... As the Truth is known … And remain in that FEELING as you look upon the Light that you are.
KNOW IT. FEEL IT. BE IT. OFFER IT. RECEIVE IT in every breath of Life upon this Planet, that you take.
You are so strong within your Beings. You contain such Power and the more you recognise yourselves … the easier it becomes to use that POWER FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD  … THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL.
So I ask … in honesty and respect for yourselves … to allow yourself to give yourself, during this festive seasonal occasion … offer yourself the time to connect consciously … so that you maybe more aware of the Divine Source of which you are a part .
Give Gratitude to this Divine Source from the place in your heart that can FEEL it … and as you do so , as you offer Gratitude … your Being Brightens even more.
KNOW that there are Angels, there are Guardians , there are Beings of Light … some that have resided upon your Planet in times gone by and some that never have. Yet, each individual Being of Light chooses to be around you and flood you and your Planet with the Highest Light that they exude on your behalf.
I take this opportunity to tell each one that I LOVE YOU … I ALWAYS HAVE LOVED YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL LOVE YOU.
For we are One Energy Source of Love. Feel my Love in your Being my dearest  friends of Earth. I give thanks for this opportunity to speak with you … And I desire that verbally, through voice … To give Gratitude to my friend Blossom … for she has assisted me in getting that which I desire to share, out to so many.  I love you Blossom.
So my friends, ENJOY! Bring laughter to yourselves … to others and to your Planet. For as you well know, this is the most pleasant and easiest way to raise the Vibration of All.
So now, with a jolly HO HO HO … I take my leave … In Love.
We give thanks to the Divine Oneness for allowing this opportunity to take place.  We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love. Adieu my friends … Adieu.

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Blossom Goodchild

December 15th, 2016

Hello my friends. T’is Christmas time here on Planet Earth as you know, and I feel this might be our last channelling of the year due to commitments and time allocation! So, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all you have brought through throughout this year and for assisting so many of us in raising our Vibration.
Dear Souls who reside, as chosen, on Planet Earth at this invaluable season. It is of the greatest pleasure to bring to you words … which then can be FELT IN FULLNESS BY SELF … that enhance and uplift.
The word ‘speculate’ keeps popping in my head. Yet, isn’t fitting in a sentence.
You are ahead of us, Blossom. We indeed are speculating the current situation upon your Planet and we surmise that it is good. Although, to some they may feel it is not. We quite strongly offer you these words … in which your soul can resonate with and understand.


You shall spread your wings and fly … and in a sense … we mean this literally.

In a sense? Yet, literally?


Thursday, December 15, 2016

English -- Blossom Goodchild: December 15th, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

December 15th, 2016

Hello my friends. T’is Christmas time here on Planet Earth as you know, and I feel this might be our last channelling of the year due to commitments and time allocation! So, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all you have brought through throughout this year and for assisting so many of us in raising our Vibration.
Dear Souls who reside, as chosen, on Planet Earth at this invaluable season. It is of the greatest pleasure to bring to you words … which then can be FELT IN FULLNESS BY SELF … that enhance and uplift.
The word ‘speculate’ keeps popping in my head. Yet, isn’t fitting in a sentence.
You are ahead of us, Blossom. We indeed are speculating the current situation upon your Planet and we surmise that it is good. Although, to some they may feel it is not. We quite strongly offer you these words … in which your soul can resonate with and understand.
Bring forth your greatest gifts. Let them shine from your being as a Beacon of Light upon stormy seas.
You have now so valiantly reached a pivotal landmark in your transformation and all who choose to do so, shall move forward now in leaps and bounds.
The frequency that has been accomplished allows for such to take place … wherein … the wonders of yourselves are more readily available.
Take heart in the KNOWING that the battle is done.
You must KNOW this and allow it to absorb throughout your body. Empowering you and giving such hope to your Planet and all mankind.
No longer shall you feel threatened … for in the LOVE that you know yourselves to be … there is no such thing. Nothing and no can harm you … and never let yourselves believe otherwise.
YOU ARE HERE TO SHINE and your Vibration as it lifts into softer, gentler, more exotic  understandings … takes your sights to Higher possibilities that allow you to soar.
BE OF GREAT CHEER THIS TIME OF YEAR. As your calendar comes to an end of an Era/chapter once again … indulge your thoughts in such Brightness of character.
Indeed another year has flown by for you. Yet, events throughout this year seem to have taken place almost centuries ago. This is due to you living more and more in the NOW. The present time in each and every day is connecting you with Higher Vibrational understandings and therefore, that which was experienced even only a week ago, seems like a few years ... because each thought … each breath is moving you forward … into a new time zone whereby only NOW is of importance and your understanding is now understanding that a little more.
Your future days that eventuate in this new Dawning, bring change on a scale that has not yet been witnessed.
The domino effect of certain upheavals and Truths that come out into the open shall start the ball rolling into your NEW WORLD.
There is to be a mixture of FEELINGS and emotions as Truths are revealed … and yet, remember … for everything that transpires there is an opposite, so do not become downcast.
As Truths come out … you will find strength in that which you have come to know. You will have an acceptance ... for, although we say much shall shock … it is already known to you on a collective level.
EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY HAPPENED … EVERYTHING. It is just a matter of tapping into that which is to follow on from this moment in time.
All scenarios are at your feet … and yet, as a collective you KNOW NOW … it has been understood and agreed that it is time to move on. Time to leave this old way of thinking behind you and to walk into a new situation whereupon, one can grasp the realities that are presented and act upon them in a way in which Divine Source is felt more and more by /through/as your own Divinity .
Breathe in deeply now …
And release …
Take another breath and FEEL throughout your BEING that which you are .
In doing so, you are just one more breath away from connecting with US … from BEing present with us.
More and more of you … as the Vibrations rise, shall KNOW of our presence in a much more tangible fashion. You shall find yourselves visiting our ‘craft’ and feeling most comfortable during that time. You have reached a position when you shall recognise ‘downloads’ entering in and accept them ... even though you do not know what they are at the time.
More and more shall each one feel Lightened by their own doing and be honoured to feel such.
Again we emphasize …
Dearest souls, our deeply Loved friends … you have anchored so much Light Energy into your Planet … Those from other worlds look upon all that is taking place and commend you for your LIGHT WORK.
You came to your Planet to make great changes upon it and it is obvious when looking upon it Energetically … that through persistence … the task has been accomplished.
There is much ahead that are merely the final touches … KNOW THIS … when it appears otherwise!
Such exciting times are ahead of you and we therefore, become excited with you. For the outcome of these changes is beyond belief … beyond imaginings. Yet, when you reside fully within these outcomes … how you shall be at Peace … in the knowing that every step of the way … every knockback … every effort when you felt all strength had left you … was worth it and you would do it over and over again if you had to  … in order to reach such standards of self.
Yet, rest assured … there shall be no going back.
You shall spread your wings and fly … and in a sense … we mean this literally.
In a sense? Yet, literally?
We mean that All is possible when you KNOW it is. Therefore, WHEN you know you can fly (for do not many of you do this in your supposed dream state?) then you shall. You do not need wings ... for your soul is free to go wherever it cares to … and this can be done within your physical body also … as more and more of self is again understood.
Take moments through this festive time to offer your LIGHT to ALL who feel their Light has dimmed to such a degree that it has practically left them. Give Love to all those on your Planet who feel so very lost and alone. Whose despairing thoughts take their hearts on a downward pathway. Take their hand … in your mind and lead them into the Lighted avenues of Love. Give them great comfort … surround them … embrace them in your knowledge of Light-Love and let it be absorbed into their Being … Allowing them to FEEL It … to become it … and to never look back down the darkened paths again.
Therefore, you are us … we are you ... we are all each other … and to live in this knowing brings about the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL.
We shall resume our chats with you in the new year. Yet, we never leave you … any of you … for we are ONE ENERGY.
Many thanks Dearest Blossom.
No, No! ... Thank YOU … In such Love for you … to you. And so it is.
And so it is.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

ENGLISH -- BLOSSOM GOODCHILD: December 5th, 2016

Blossom Goodchild

December 5th, 2016

Good morning. I’m handing this straight over to you today to see how YOU would like today’s conversation to go.
We are in much Gratitude to Each One who participates and becomes involved in our conversations. It fills our Beings with such Love to know we are being received and understood by so many.
Firstly, let us move forward by saying that we are very much in service to everyone who chooses to make themselves available to listen to that which we have to say. We do not wish you to think that it is just Blossom that we are speaking to/with … for we are aware of so many that speak with us telepathically also. Some feel our response; others choose to discredit their capabilities. Either way … KNOW WE LOVE YOU. For it is so.
So, what would you speak of?
We are concerned of your concern regarding KNOWING how to discover TRUTH from souls who make themselves available to relate information on your internet.
I hadn’t really wanted to bring that up, because you have spoken of it before. Yet, in all honesty, I am rather confused on this matter. Each one of us has our own radar as to what resonates as Truth, not only with information given, yet also, by whom. Some really TRUST a certain person and their knowledge and yet others could feel completely the opposite about the same person. Now, this person is either speaking the Truth or not … so who is right and who is wrong? And, how do we tell the difference. How do we know, for instance that I myself have not had my mind bent from those who wish to do so? How do we know who has and who hasn’t? You say to be discerning … yet, quite honestly … unless it’s up in my face … I simply … don’t know how to be. Who ARE we to TRUST?
That’s just it. I am not so sure my discernment is on the mark. I can sometimes change my mind about someone or something.
Fortunately and unfortunately, you have your technology called the internet. This has the ability to give out Truth and non-Truth. This can be helpful, yet also, non-helpful. None the less … it is part of your world and is able to connect you with many souls around your Globe.
Imagine for a minute, if you would … that this internet, these computers were not part of a service to you. (As indeed there are many on your Planet who have not been ‘corrupted’ by such things … and we say that with all respect.) Who would you be Trusting in this case? What thoughts that you had, would be questioned? For they would not be influenced by another’s perspective on any particular matter.
You are so keen to KNOW what lies ahead. When is your salvation? Who will take residence in high places?  Will this happen? Will that? So many topics to bombard your senses. So many random defences on any one given topic. So much corruption to absorb …
Interesting that you are mentioning the downside of the internet …
We do so because many have become obsessed by such things. Indeed, there is information that brings forth much Love and yet, in this day and age … how such things are overshadowed by fear.
If you did not have use of a computer … how unclogged would your mind be? How much more Pure of Heart?
Yet, the fact is … it is present in your lives … present in your world … and has become a huge part of your everyday participation … for most.
Without it, may we state … who would know of us in this way that we converse with you Blossom?
I know what you are saying. It certainly has pros and cons … as to the balance of such, I am unsure. So, I feel you are asking us to TRUST our own instinct more. Yet, as I have said … I am not sure what to think about many things. Some folk maybe devoting their lives to a mission about something that I FEEL just isn’t a TRUTH and will never happen. Am I right? Are they? Do you see what I am saying?
We understand your predicament, yet, may we say … it doesn’t matter!
Oh Oh. Here we go! I get that in the big scheme of things and I mean the really big scheme of things … that it doesn’t matter.  Yet, down here on Earth trying to get all this right … it sort of does! Yet, as I write that … perhaps it doesn’t!
It simply doesn’t, Blossom. What does it matter if you believe what one soul says and another feel differently to you? The only thing that concerns you is … HOW ANYTHING MAKES ‘YOU’ FEEL.
All well and good. Yet, as discussed before …  just because something makes me feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean I don’t feel it to be a TRUTH necessarily.
Understood. Yet, should something resonate as a TRUTH and still make you FEEL uneasy … then let us ask … what service is it being to you?
Awareness of a possibility! Everything is possible..
Ok. Let’s put it like this. You say there are Truths to come out that will shock and abhor. What service is that to me?
TRUTH. We shall continue to answer for you … in that … even though some Truths will shock you and upset the balance of self … it is of service in the sense of opening up the opportunity to become your TRUE self. For when you find it … you will see how, whatever is presented … actually on a much Higher level … will not matter … even though one could be blown away by such revealings.
All that is to come to you is to be of service. For, it is then that you shine as you are meant … as you are ‘designed’ to do!
You had an inkling not long ago of Being fully charged  … where you felt nothing could deter you, no matter what … from BEING in full strength of Light and service. Again we say … no matter what!
Yes. That is so.
So, we suggest … with all that is being presented … not just in the countries experiencing great upheaval … yet, IN ALL situations and circumstances … we ask that you detach from it all. Detach from everything you read or hear or see and live only within your Brightest Light.
Hard for those in these countries to not be involved, when it concerns how their lives maybe affected.
Their lives will only be affected if they allow this to be so.
With all respect … tell that to a mother who has just watched her child die from lack of food or a wife whose husband’s life has been taken with a bullett. How can they be detached? Do you see what I am saying?
Of course. We are not heartless Dearest Blossom. We are merely trying to assist you in ‘getting through these times’.  And we KNOW that the way to do so, is to LIVE/BE IN YOUR LIGHT … NO MATTER WHAT!
We come from a Higher understanding. We acknowledge this and we accept that we therefore, view circumstances coming from that Higher level. Yet, it is not impossible for you also, to come from that place … should you allow that freedom of thought to enter in. Should you allow the KNOWINGNESS OF LOVE LIGHT to fill your Being and run through your very veins.
NOTHING … IN ALL TRUTH … can stop you from being the Highest expression of yourself … except one thing … YOU!
The structure of self that has been imposed upon one … has led one to believe that they are worthy of so little. Yet the TRUE structure of Self has no bounds.
This is our mission … our purpose … to help you to FEEL this … to BECOME this. A soul with no limitations … no boundaries of self … only Pure expression of self. For in Truth … when dismantling all the heavy -duty paraphernalia, one can be made aware of all that has encumbered.
This is why we ask that you detach … that you let go of beliefs that do not serve.
Look at those words.
Let that resonate with you … say to yourselves ‘I AM ALL POWERFUL’.
Yet, do not just say it … do not just try to believe it … FEEL IT … KNOW IT.
Imagine what can be accomplished by this KNOWING for THE HIGHEST GREATER GOOD.
What wonders would you be capable of?
There would be no fear … of anything.
No fear in your future … no fear in what others may offer … no fear of outcomes.
If you TRULY KNOW YOURSELVES TO BE ALL POWERFUL … WHICH WE TELL YOU … YOU ARE IN TRUTH … then imagine Dearest One’s, what a difference this would make to everything.
As Each individual comes to remember/learn/know this for themselves … what changes would take place for the Greater Good?
Knowing that one cannot be affected by anyone or anything other than their own individual thoughts and feelings. One is in control of their thoughts and feelings …
Can I interrupt? Is that really TRUE? For what about mind control and indoctrination that is consciously controlled by another and fed through to one's subconscious?  I have been told this is possible.
Let us say one sentence …
Never forget that.
Whatever devises are in place to deceive and outwit … never forget that!
Always, always, always go back to that sentence.  No matter what situation /scenario you are encountering … out there … or personally …
Yet, I have heard that mind control can be so accurate that it make you believe you had an experience when you actually didn’t.
Return to LOVE!
When you do this … when you envelope yourself in it and as it … NOTHING MATTERS … other than IT!
I get it … bits and pieces of it … It can all become very confusing.
Only if you allow it to become confusing. Instead … if you let all thoughts of confusion go and go outside … and breathe in the scent of a flower … or listen to a birds song  and allow your Being to resonate with that … PURE LOVE … then confusion leaves … just for that time.
We suggest that you do your very best to indulge in all that is of Love. Allow yourselves to Laugh Allow yourselves to hug one another … Play with a child … Walk in the ocean edges … Lift your hearts to the night sky … Do all things that bring you Peace and help you to remember WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Breathing in LOVE … always, always, always. These activities connect you with your TRUTH.
Dispel mind blowing confusions. They are there for that … to confuse and dim your Light.
Imagine now and then that the internet does not exist and return to nature and emerge yourself in the HIGHEST LOVE that it offers. THIS IS OF SERVICE TO ALL.
We choose to leave it there this day. Not only do we ask you to consider our words …  we ask you too, to act upon them … and having done so … we TRUST you will KNOW that WE … FOR ONE … AS ONE … are of TRUTH.
Bring on the good times. Many thanks my friends! In Love and Light .

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