Thursday, October 29, 2015

English -- Blossom Goodchild: 29th October, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

October 29th,2015

Blossom: Hi there, my friends. It seems a while since we have had a good old heart to heart … due to you offering 'speech therapy' as opposed to the written word these days. Either way suits me … I feel that you KNOW the general overall Energy more than I and therefore, aware of what is more appropriate.

The Federation of Light: We offer words … be they spoken or written … to encourage all those upon your planet to ‘find’ themselves. This as you KNOW is why we come.

Blossom: Yet, I wonder how many more ways there are to tell us how to do so. We KNOW we are LOVE through and through. Yet, actually finding our TRUTH behind all the misconceptions that we have been fed throughout our lives, can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The Federation of Light: Yet, when it is found … Oh the Joy! The ‘YES’ FEELING … to find such a sparkling thread amongst all that straw!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Earth … surrender all thoughts of not KNOWING. Give up all confusions and doubts and let go … simply let go of everything. For then shall you discover that needle!

Blossom: Yet, what about ‘Seek and thou shalt find’? If I’m not looking for the needle … how will I find it?

The Federation of Light: Dearest Souls … sometimes, within you … you FEEL a desperation … a desire to FIND THAT WHICH YOU ARE … YET, IT SEEMS SO LOST.

Blossom: I have to interrupt you here. Sorry! Yet, I feel this bursting Energy inside, for you to speak (hoping the rain has quietened down enough and my voice is ok, after losing it completely for a time. My husband hid it … Yet, I found it again! HA HA!) Is this correct … you would ‘prefer’ to speak?

The Federation of Light: It is simply a matter of the words flowing more fluently as we do so … due to speed of mouth workings … rather than fingers.
Blossom: Until I have to transcribe that is … I’m getting faster though. Ok … Let’s do it.


The Federation of Light: And so, Dearest Friends, we are ready to begin our communication this day in continuance from the written word in which we began. The lady Blossom was speaking of trying to find the self and connecting it to the thought of trying to find a needle in a haystack. To which we find this rather amusing and yet, we understand the similarity.

Dearest Souls … when we say ‘Surrender’ … When we speak of ‘Letting go of the searching for the self … of the self’… we do so because we KNOW that this is the surest way of finding it … And the lady Blossom said  ‘But what about ‘Seek and thou shalt find’. If one is not looking … how shall one come across the self?’ … And we offer you these words that we consider may assist.

This is our purpose to come through in this way … to assist in offering you knowledge that allows you to become, once again, the Truth of your reality. This reality that you FEEL is real and yet, is not … and how deep down the well can such a statement take us?  

Yet, it is connected with that which we are speaking of … regarding finding the needle. By letting go of confusion … by surrendering thoughts of what one thinks one KNOWS … and perhaps accepting that one actually KNOWS nothing of what they thought they knew.

Releasing tendencies to remain in the old way of thinking and emptying the mind of all that one thought ‘IS’ … Because it is very likely … that what one thought actually ‘IS’ … actually  ‘IS NOT’!

We speak again … and we smile as the lady Blossom smiles with us … regarding WHO YOU ARE … regarding Being LOVE. How can we speak of other things when there is nothing else … to speak of?

When you allow yourself to Be nothing other than LOVE … to FEEL nothing other than LOVE … then ‘Hey Presto!’ … not only does the needle present itself to you when you are not looking for it …Yet, it has threaded through it … a Golden thread … in order for you to begin sewing together your tapestry of your lives. To fit each little patch together and as one does so … it all begins to fall in to place. It all begins to make sense … in a world where there is not much of it. From your perspective … sometimes it can be that very little makes sense.
For as we have said many times … It makes no sense to you because of the perspective from which you are viewing it. Yet, when you learn to let go … to understand that actually nothing at all matters in the world in which you live … nothing at all … For indeed it is an illusion. When you are able to remove your mind from this illusion … you will then nod your heads and agree with us … that indeed nothing matters … Nothing at all.

All that ‘IS’  … ‘IS LOVE’ … and when YOU ARE OF IT alone … having released and freed yourselves up from all concerns and considerations … then you will understand that which we say. For you shall be viewing your world from ‘Our perspective.’  And therefore, shall see it from ‘Our point of view.’

Dearest Souls, Dearest Souls … take a moment if you would now … to Breathe in the Breath of Life along with us. To Breathe in and hold within you the Highest, Purest Energy of LOVE. Hold it within your Being and allow it to circulate within … Deeply within. So, as together now, we take in the Breath of life … The Breath of the Deepest Purest LOVE that connects us all ... And we hold it within our Being … FEELING it circulate … FEELING the Power of that LOVE … within every cell … And then we let it out.

And we Breathe in again … and we hold it there and we FEEL Light … we FEEL Love … And we breathe out …

And once more … and we hold in the Light - Love and we smile … and we let it out … and as we Breathe out … ALL THAT WE ARE connects with ALL THAT WE ARE … for it is our Breath … It is our Life … It is our Love … It is our Light … that in this way brings us together as One.

Do you see?

If you were to become more consciously aware of this fact … how different your lives would ‘appear’ to be … in an instant. For Truly Dearest Ones … that is all that is taking place … the ‘appearance’ of how you think your lives to be.

Yet, when you accept … when you KNOW … that each Breath you inhale connects Each One with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT IS … IS LOVE … for there is nothing else … Then … then Dearest Souls … do you find … yourself.

Not only do you find yourself … you find one another for Each One … Each One of you IS the other.

YOU ARE ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … creating a world through thought … to experience LOVE in all its forms.

Yet, the more you understand of this thread that binds you together … as the needle of life weaves in and out … the closer you become to the FEELING of Being One.

The connectedness to ALL can never leave you. You cannot be disconnected from the SOURCE. You cannot. For YOU ARE THE SOURCE. Yet, your mind’s thoughts can trick you to think otherwise.







You are Source Energy … finding your way back home … through a haystack of straw!!

Yet, Each One, Each One OF you … Each One AS you … can return in the blink of an eye.

It does not require death … as you call it in your world … to return home.

It requires understanding of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

At first, you try to understand … then you try to believe … then you try to FEEL … and when having accomplished all these things … the trying ceases … and you KNOW.

You smell the flowers. You recognize their scent as you draw ever closer to the garden that surrounds your Home. The Light becomes Brighter. The warmth in your heart becomes deeper. The tears flowing from your eyes … are like crystal water flowing down the stream of life … that you sail upon.

You are no further away from Home than we are. You have just been indoctrinated with so many untruths, that you have learnt to believe that you are billions and billions of star systems away.

Yet, our LOVING brothers and sisters … just take in One Breath … and by KNOWING THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE … WHERE YOU ARE … YOU ARE HOME.

Let us end this transition by going Home together for a visit … shall we not? So … take in with us now ... a deep Breath of Life- Love -Light … Hold it within you …  and Breathe out … Breath in again … as you see the garden gate open unto you … full of flowers of every hue. Filling your Being … and Breathe out … connecting to all that is … And as you Breathe in once again … there is nothing but Light … filling your vision … Filling your Being …




And as you Breathe out … The Light - Love that you are … connects with Every Soul … with Every Living Thing … as it Breathes LOVE - LIFE - LIGHT in the same pulse of the Highest Purest Energy heart beat … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE.
And so it is … In Love and thanks.

End of session.

*I just wanted to add here … that when they say ‘ The lady Blossom’ …please note there is no capital L! They are simply calling me ‘the lady.’ They could say ‘The woman’, ‘The vessel’ … ‘The whatever!’ They are not referring to me as ‘Lady Blossom’ … although I could get used to that perhaps!!!

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Many Thanks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

White Cloud through Blossom Goodchild: October 20th, 2015

White Cloud through Blossom Goodchild

October 20th,2015

Blossom: Hello there my friends on High! The more that is being revealed through whistle blowers etc. … the more one could despair … and yet … LOVE conquers all … and we MUST KNOW that … at our core level … wouldn’t you say?

White Cloud: We would say ‘Very much so’ Dearest Blossom. Good morning to you. We would very much appreciate the turning on of your recording equipment.

Blossom:All set up and ready to rock and roll. (And what a lovely surprize to have White Cloud present himself for the session, which of course was ‘honoured’ by The Federation Of Light.)


A very warm welcome to Each One of you, as you walk this time upon life’s journey. And how well Each One of you is taking and making every step along the way.

My Dearest Friends upon the Earth plane … how those of us who do not reside within the density of your Planet … How we applaud you … How we honour you ... How we thank you for playing your part … which we understand is not always an easy pathway.

And yet, on and on you keep. Do you not? Because, inside of your soul you KNOW … you understand more and more … that this is what you came to do. To lift the Vibration of yourselves and indeed, the Planet … if you call it that … Herself.

Blossom mentioned … and she has been thinking … that the more she hears of Truths that are being revealed … the more one’s mind is blown apart. Because, that which she is coming into the understanding of … is so very, very far removed from that which she was taught in her schooling years.

Sometimes, like many, she thinks that life was far more simple the less she knew. Yet, she KNOWS also, that the growth … the expansion … within her heart place … is beyond that which she would recognise from before … because of all these learnings and understandings about herself and about ALL THAT IS. It is the same for Each One of you, is it not my friends? And I come through this day … which was a nice surprize for Blossom, she is saying … Because I too, like to come through and share my wisdom and add a little Light activity to the plan … if you like.

The more you understand … the more you realize there is more and more and more to understand … and my friends … this will never cease. For the little part of your Universe that you reside in, is indeed, vast to you … and all the understandings you are coming across … and yet, of course, it is no more than a pin prick in the Grand scheme of things. And yet, that little pin prick is as important as every other little pin prick that makes ALL AND EVERYTHING THAT WHICH IT IS.

We speak on and on of Love, because that is our purpose. The Federation Of Light and indeed, myself … that come through Blossom in this way … have no other agenda my friends, than to assist you in the understanding of who you are.

Many get frustrated because we do not answer questions that pop into one’s mind regarding a certain message we may have brought through. But, do you see my friends?  Do you not see that we do not need to come through with all the answers to the questions you have? How would that benefit you?
 ‘Very much’ Blossom is saying. And yet, we say … we merely offer words that are important.


The simplicity of that which we bring through is all that is necessary, as far as we are concerned. We do not desire to answer universal inquiries into this and that.  What benefit would that do … in all honesty, other than confuse? And please understand … there is only a certain level of understanding that your minds can accept at this time … because of the resonance in which you reside.

The more Blossom is hearing of things … the more it is blowing her mind … as she would say. And yet, I now choose to say … that she has come  to a place within her Being … where she has finally ‘Got it’ … In the sense  … that to focus on all these New Truths that are coming out … is not necessarily a beneficial thing to do. Be aware indeed, but can one change these things? Not to a certain degree … for what is past is past. But, she KNOWS now … as you do, my friends … that what she can change is her Vibration. She is learning … as you are … how to lift it Higher and Higher …




In the KNOWING that by doing so … she is lifting the Vibration of the Planet … and I choose to say at the end of that sentence … ‘All by herself’.

Blossom is choosing to raise the Vibration of the Planet all by herself!
In the same way … Each One of you … by remaining in your Purest Highest Energy of LightLove are CHOOSING to raise the Vibration of the Planet … all by yourself.



Do you KNOW these days … Do you FEEL … the LightLove that you are? The LightLove that is emanating from the deepest place within your Being … out into the Planet … just by Being you?

Just by living your Truth … The Truth of who you are AND enjoying yourself.
I have often spoken regarding matters that do not serve and yet, still one may choose to focus on those matters. It is through the practising … through the acknowledging that these things do not serve the self and the whole. And by learning to quickly switch thoughts of negativity into thoughts of positivity …  defines the character you are becoming.




As these Higher Energies are literally pouring into your Planet and you allow yourselves to meet and greet them … can you now FEEL, my friends … the difference in yourselves?  When you allow yourselves to FEEL that difference ... That KNOWING that you KNOW so well. That KNOWING that you don’t KNOW what the KNOWING is … yet, you KNOW it so well. Is it not now stronger than ever and yet, you are unable to put it into words?

It is the FEELING. The FEELING of that KNOWING.  And now perhaps, you can understand a little more, why it is so difficult sometimes, for those of us that reside upon … would we say, with all respect … a Higher Vibration … find it so difficult to put things into words sometimes. Because they simply are not appropriate … or, they do not give across the exact meaning of what we FEEL … and what we desire YOU to FEEL.

You can only tell that your Vibration has lifted and lifted and lifted … not by words at all … but by how you FEEL. And the more your Vibration lifts the better you FEEL. And the better you FEEL the more your Vibration lifts … and the more your Vibration lifts … the better the PLANET and Everything upon it FEELS.

Do you see now? That is why it is of importance … would I say … for you to enjoy your life. So that you FEEL Good … because in FEELING Good … you allow Everything to FEEL part of that which you are FEELING … because YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Yet, should you be having a down day … do not beat yourself up. When you are having a down day my friends, perhaps just breathe deeply and tune in to another that may be having an exceptionally Good day … and receive in Love that FEELING that another has that day … that you do not.

Swings and roundabouts, my friends … swings and roundabouts. And Blossom is saying to me as I say this  ... ‘But why does it have to be this way? Why is it that the down days can affect one so badly at times? Why is it that there are some that suffer so deeply? It seems such an imbalance sometimes. It seems a little unfair sometimes, that one should be swimming in such joy, when another is swimming in their own tears’ … and we say that these are things that from your position you cannot understand … you cannot see the Greater perspective of things. And others may argue ‘But why? Because if we could, it would help so much’ … And we say … My Friends, there are some things that you must accept. You accepted the ‘terms’ of this reality you reside in before you came into it. It was as if it has a little box … like on your computer … that says ‘Tick this to accept the terms.’ It was as if you did so before you came. Because you understood. You had read the contract … if you like.

Yet, that KNOWING inside … gives you TRUST. Trusting in yourself that you came here to BE LOVE. To enjoy your life … and bring into your life Everything that is of Greatness and Goodness for ALL.

Many of you choose to look around at the devastation and the despair and the greed and the hatred and the sadness. I would say to you … It is good to be aware of these things and yet, it is for you to focus on all that is of Love. You are not forgetting about … or pushing aside … those that are homeless … those that are hungry etc.  You are not pushing them aside and saying ‘That is nothing to do with me’. Yet, by Being in the KNOWING of your learning … of your KNOWLEDGE … of your WISDOM … and attracting to yourself ALL that is of the Highest, Purest Energy of Love … you are serving them. You are assisting them.

There is coming into your lives a different type of living. The type of living that you view in fantasy stories. One where there is LOVE beaming from Each Heart. Where water is Pure. Crystal-clear pure water, running from mountain sides. Where children Laugh and play.  Birds fly in the air freely … because the air is free from all pollutions etc. Hold on to the visions you have, Dearest Ones … of the world you desire to live in … and MAKE IT HAPPEN.





Do this as you agreed to do when you signed the contract … the ‘Be happy and shine your Light’ contract … In brackets (no matter what!)

We in other realms are right next to you … to assist you and to serve you … as you serve others.

Be uplifted Dearest Souls … for ALL IS WELL.



We give Thanks to the Divine Oneness … for allowing these messages to come through. We ask always, that we may remain humble … in order to serve and to receive … and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love. In Love and Thanks. Adieu, my friends … Adieu.

End of session.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

English -- Blossom Goodchild: October 12th, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

October 12th,2015

Blossom: Hello! For some reason I have been putting this week’s channelling off. I’m not really sure why. I sort of, well … just didn’t feel like it! Hope you are around now for a chat?

The Federation of Light: Indeed we are. We would firstly like to state that these ‘chat’s’ we have, are not compulsory Blossom.

I know. Yet, I somehow feel that this is what I came to do … and do it I shall. Even though sometimes, I am a bit despondent.

The Federation of Light: About what?

Blossom: Well, I hate to say it, because last week’s chat had such High Energy, it was wonderful, yet … I guess it’s that same old thing of wanting to bring something new and exciting to the table.  Yet, I KNOW that it is all about Love and that’s what you intend to stick with … and I know why etc.

The Federation of Light: What would you have us speak of?

Blossom: How ridiculously unaware we all are of what actually IS going on in the bigger picture. How did we ever become so far removed from The Truth?

The Federation of Light: Then let us speak to you about that. And yet … we would say that this of course, will also be all about LOVE!

Blossom: I sort of guessed that!

The Federation of Light: The TRUTH … what is it?

Blossom: If I knew that …

Yet, you do! You ALL do! It is just that it is locked up inside of you due to blockages that have put restraints upon you … in order to NOT KNOW YOUR TRUTH.

Blossom: I am presuming you are talking here about ‘Those of lesser Light’ as you choose to call them.

The Federation of Light: This is so.

Blossom: For some reason … writing and chatting this way doesn’t seem to flow as it used to. Perhaps we have become more comfortable with you speaking?

The Federation of Light: It is more to do with the Higher Energies that have created this change … for it is more suitable to speak through you … to put across that which we FEEL appropriate. Yet, it is more than suitable for you to ask questions in your head to us … as you are used to doing in this written form.

Blossom: OK. Let’s see what ‘revelations’ you come up with!


Greetings of the Highest order to those who have taken this opportunity to listen and FEEL the Vibrational Energy that we bring through to uplift your soul this day.

The lady Blossom was FEELING a little despondent … she spoke to us of. And yet, she smiled as we entered further into her Being and therefore, she found a rather large smile upon her face and her eyes filled with water from the FEELING of Love that we brought through to her … and we choose to bring through to you … and we hope Dearest Souls, that you are able to FEEL this Love that we are … and this Love that we FEEL for you. You, who have taken the harder road … should we say … to come down upon Earth and fulfil your mission.

There was an inquiry as to whether there was a system of Hierarchy … regarding who chooses those who volunteer? We would not say it is so much as Hierarchy. There are not those who know better than another … would we say. For indeed, we are all … when in our Highest form … of the same material … which is Love … and yet, as you know, there are different levels of Vibration of this Love.

Therefore, we would say that those who choose the volunteers are … would we say … of a Higher … we … the word we would say is ‘system’.  We are more aware than the ones we are choosing and yet, we would still say at the same time … we are all equal. It is more to do with having knowledge of the bigger picture and who would serve best in certain roles upon the Earth plane.

It is not so much as when one is in a classroom … and one is volunteering to be the teacher’s monitor for that week … and then one is filled with pride when chosen. It is not of this that we speak. It is more to do …  as we say … with compatibility in certain situations … in certain circumstances … that one’s Energies would be more pliable to work with these different situations … to bring about the change that you have come here to bring forth. So, it is more to do with levels of awareness … we would say … than Hierarchy or being better than. We cannot be better than another. Yet, we can be in fuller awareness. That is all.

We hope that clears this particular inquiry for the gentleman that was asking.

And now, we would go onto that which the lady Blossom is FEELING at this time … regarding the bigger picture and how she would be FEELING … that, if we take this as a huge jigsaw puzzle, then how is it that one FEELS they are only one piece and they have no awareness of the picture they are involved in … if we should put it that way.

‘How did it become so?’ she asks … How did one lose sight of this bigger picture, simply by coming through into this third density in order to lift it into Higher Dimensional Vibrations? That, Dearest One’s … is part of the experiment that begun many, many moons ago.

This experiment that you are … the one that ‘This Game’ you are playing is all about … was not done with lack of FEELING. It was not created out of boredom and you to be the pawns to be manoeuvred and manipulated. Do not FEEL this is so.

 It was and IS an experiment to see how Love could identify itself in all its different forms. How Love could choose to Be this … and choose to Be that … through FREEDOM OF CHOICE … which this Planet … and you as Human Beings … have been granted the opportunity to explore.

We would say … little did we know how this experiment would turn out and yet, it was … if we may put it this way … that there was to be no interference of this freedom of choice. And yet, as we watched … over eons of your time … the choices that were made … it became apparent to us that Laws … certain Laws needed to be adjusted. To be looked into.

For the Pure Love that you were when you came in to the beginning of time on this Planet … has reached many different levels of itself … and many of those levels  … the Purest Love that you are and we are … were unaware that such low Vibrations … should we say … would be played with.


As time in your world continued … it became apparent that change was needed. That this FREEDOM OF CHOICE EXPERIMENT had reached a point that we could no longer abide.
Therefore, Councils … Great Councils were brought together to discuss a new plan … a new way forward. And this way, was to plant upon your Planet … the Purest seeds of Love … that were able to withstand the lower Vibrational pull and rise above it … and keep their heads above it … shall we say … in order to bring about the change in the Vibration for Good. By this, we mean … For Ever … and also … for Good of all that is.

The atrocities that freedom of choice displayed … became too much. Therefore, interaction regarding assistance in this change was agreed upon and allowed. Permission was given for Beings such as ourselves and many others, to assist. To try and break the barriers down that have been put there by those who chose the low Vibration for self-gain and self-greed upon your Planet. And the only way to break these barriers down … as far as we are concerned … is to speak on and on and on and on and on about Love. To bring you back into the High Vibration of Love that you are ... And yet, it is as the curtains are closed … should we say … and you are unable to see how Good things Truly are.

We are here to help you open these curtains … and as you see through … more and more … and FEEL the Truth of who you are … you then produce that which is necessary to rid your Planet of darkness.

It is surely a long process … a difficult process. And for those of you who FEEL stuck down there upon your Planet … who FEEL that your patience is running out … who FEEL that your faith … all the faith and Trust that you had … is being depleted with each moment ... For all of you who FEEL this way … who FEEL these things … we implore you to keep on keeping on. To spend moments closing your eyes and tapping in to the Divine Source that you are and by doing so … find renewed hope.

Be reminded of who you are and why you are upon the Earth plane at this time … and how important your mission as individuals and as one … is to everything that is in existence. And everything that is in existence is Love. Therefore, your mission is of the Highest importance … of Love.

Do you know how much you are honored? How much you are admired for keeping on in Trust the way you do after all the knock backs you have experienced? You do know. Yes you do … and yet, upon your Planet … you knew you would not be able to be in touch with all that you know … because of the degree of negativity that surrounds you.

We are showing to the lady Blossom of a quagmire and as if one is sinking and yet, we show to her of a Golden rope … of many Golden ropes that are there … coming down for you to grasp hold of … And all you need do is take hold of that rope … and hold it tightly with all strength … with all your might.

Hold on … Hold on … Hold on … and we … many of us, will pull you out from that mire. You just need to hold on. And by doing so, your Vibration … as you are lifted Higher and Higher … shall come into itself … by itself.

When a certain level is reached … by this we mean … when a certain number of Beings upon your Planet have reached a certain level of Vibration … then it is possible for these changes to be shown to you in a way that you are hoping for.

The showings of Lightships …  not just fleetingly … but there in your skies … remaining … sending out Energy of Love and Healing to all …  with no fear of interference from those who would choose to make these ships appear to be something they are not.

Yet, do you see Dearest Ones? There has to be a certain level of Vibration of Love … of Love Energy … to sustain these wonders that are to occur … and we are not talking about your distant future.

You are so close now.

Do not give up … as we have said before … when you are so close to the finishing line ... and Blossom is reminding us that it was in your year of 2012, when our colleague … who is known to you as ‘White Cloud’ … said ‘then’ … that you were so close to the finishing line … and that three years upon your Earth time … is not close to the finishing line!  Yet, we are saying from our perspective … from how we view things … which is different to you … because of the different Vibration we reside in.

Yet, in OUR Truth and in the Truth of White Cloud … back in your Earthly time of 2012 … there was no hoaxing. There was no untruth when he spoke of being close to the finishing line … for that is how we see it in the bigger picture … and we can only speak from the place we are … and how we see things in our Truth.

Yet, the passage of time … it seems … makes you upon Earth, question our Truth. Question your own Truth. This is why we ask you to shut down now and then. To close off from that which surrounds you … and enter into the Purest Love.

To switch off from all your Earthly Vibrations and to switch on into the Higher Dimensions from whence you came … so that you can FEEL … so that you can KNOW … that indeed Dearest Souls … all is well … and your mission upon Earth IS Being accomplished … more than you are able to recognise from the position you are in.

But should you choose from the heart space … from the FEELING that comes within you when we speak to you … If you choose to Trust in our words … in our Energy of Love … then you shall know Dearest One’s … THAT YOU ARE COMPLETING THE GREATEST MISSION THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE UPON YOUR PLANET.


The Joy that you are bringing forth … as you take yet another step forward into the New Earth …  and one fine day you shall sit there within the Vibrations of the New Earth … and smile In /As / Through /Of Love … Knowing that you played your part in bringing this wonderful New World about.

We Love you. In thanks to you … for all that you are and all that you do. So be it … In Love and Thanks.

End of session.

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Embora a autoridade civil e o Movimento de Resistência forneçam a sua própria infra estrutura na ocasião do Evento, também é muito importante que haja uma infra estrutura de base. A nossa infraestrutura alternativa irá preencher as lacunas e irá assegurar que a transição seja mais suave e harmoniosa.


(Preparem-se para a Mudança

A sociedade nova está ‘quase’ aqui.

Esta página web foi desenhada para ajudar-vos a compreender as mudanças, belas e holísticas, que vão chegar em breve ao nosso planeta. Iremos passar de uma sociedade baseada no medo, para uma Humanidade baseada no amor e na cooperação mútua.

Irá haver abundância para todos. Com amor e apreço,


Foram criados seis grupos de tarefas: grupo da liderança planetária, grupo dos curadores, grupo da comunicação social mediática, grupo da nova renascença, grupo das novas tecnologias e grupo financeiro. Estes grupos irão desenvolver ferramentas práticas que irão facilitar a transição nas suas áreas específicas, na altura do Evento.

Se desejas participar activamente num destes grupos, clica aqui:

A nossa página será traduzida em muitas línguas para que a mensagem possa ser divulgada em todo o mundo. Estamos à procura de tradutores e se desejam juntar-se às nossas equipas de tradutores, usem esta mesma forma de participação, informando que desejam voluntariar-se como tradutores.

Em breve, haverá muitos projectos ligados à preparação da população da superfície para o Evento anunciado no meu blog e a nossa página web recente, será o núcleo principal de comunicação destes projectos.

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Here we are once again ...

Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

Anyone from any nation will be able to sign this petition:

We will win by our persistance!


Feb 7, 2013 - 7:00pm EST TORONTO