Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild -- November 25th, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

November 25th, 2015

Blossom: Hello again! I am keen to get back chatting with you after an unexpected fortnight away looking after my grandson! How are you?

The Federation of Light: Of course, we can be nothing other than supremely well and more than elated to be of service to those who choose to take heed of that which we find necessary to relate, in these very exciting times.

Blossom: How lovely! I am very keen on talking more about ‘The Illusion’ … something I am trying to grasp more of, as I FEEL it is indeed THE KEY to open any door. However, I wonder if you could address a few matters for readers? Keeping in mind, I am completely unattached these days … for I FEEL the 'time frame’ issue with us has been … and always be … way up the Swanee River without said paddle! So … You have said, that before the year is out there will be massive changes that will be apparent to all and also, more and more Pillars of Light shall appear and some even presenting as rainbow coloured. The end of the year is very near and folk are questioning once again … where are these things you have spoken of?

The Federation of Light: We thank you for bringing these matters to hand ... for we do not FEEL in any way that we are responsible for that which does or does not ‘appear’ in your skies or anywhere else.

Dearest Friends … The only responsibility that any One Soul has … be they residing on Earth or otherwise … is to BECOME WHO THEY ARE … IN TRUTH. By BEING so … ALL that one is hoping for … expecting … desiring … needing … simply melts away. For when BEING in the fullness of their True Reality … none of these things matter … not one.

Blossom: Then with all respect … and I say this Light heartedly (as some readers, depending on where they are within themselves, choose to read my words from a different ‘mood’ ) … IF none of it matters … I.e. Pillars of Light … Light ships … The Event etc. … Why are you mentioning them? Was it not you that asked me to send out the Oct 14th2008 message which got you on the map in the first place?

The Federation of Light: Yes, indeed. And we shall clarify once again. The Oct 14th message is as True in intent today as it was then. Much took place on many levels and although we/you are still ‘knocked’ for it not taking place … this is done so by those who did not have their hearts open. The abortion of the fullness of that Event HAD to take place as we have explained … yet, so many experienced so much in the way of contact via varied means.

Our point here is not to ‘defend’ … for we have no need to do so Blossom. Yet, we are using this date in your past to show the progression that has been made in the hearts of many over the years. Through this Event … thousands have Awakened to the Love within and set them on the pathway to FREEDOM.

We CHOOSE to speak of LOVE over and over for this is OUR PURPOSE … to assist souls in Awakening from the dream … and as your time moves on … we expand our knowledge through our messages in order to continue the journey we are walking together.

When we speak of ‘Ships in the sky’ … when we speak of ‘Pillars of Light’ and ‘Wonders such as you have never seen or felt’ … we do not do this to keep you … or indeed, ourselves … amused!


Blossom: Yet apparently, your calendar and ours are on a completely different agenda! Hence, the confusion of folk giving up faith, as nothing seems to come about in fullness. Even though we ‘keep on keeping on’ and ‘hang on in there by a thread’ to witness such phenomena … not necessarily because we NEED it … yet, because YOU have said they are going to take place. This matter REALLY needs clarifying if you would be so kind?

The Federation of Light: We find it interesting that ratings soar when the factors come in to play regarding The Pillars, The Ships, The Wonders, The Event  … and yet, on a more regular basis when we speak over and over of LOVE … the general consensus is for the rating to drop … if we may put it that way?

Blossom: You may … You did!

The Federation of Light: Such phenomena WILL occur … and yet, as we have also expressed many times … the degree of wonders can only arise as the level of Vibration AS ONE increases … in order for such to take place. We cannot predict one’s choices … one’s decisions … that allow the overall Vibration to drop … remain the same … or indeed … rise.
In order for ANY creation of thought to manifest there has to be enough Energy ‘through’ it … in order for it to take place. We KNOW such things WILL take place … WHEN there is enough Energy to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Blossom: Yet … how then, could you have ‘announced’ the Oct 14th Event on that principle … which you said would take place and then was aborted?

The Federation of Light: We would say without question … that once the message was ‘out there’, there was more than enough Energy to make it happen. Yet, as explained … we had not fully realised to what extent those that did not wish this to take place would go to. Therefore, we made the decision to abort … and yet, we did the best we could for many, many ships to be seen  by individuals … which you are aware of.

Blossom: Yes. I am. So, basically, you are saying that you choose to continue giving us messages of Love and all that entails ( for I know it is not your ‘scene’ to speak of matters of conspiracy and such ) in order for us to understand ourselves … in order for us to KNOW that the more we do (understand ourselves) … the quicker such phenomena will present itself.

The Federation of Light: Sort of!

Blossom: Meaning?

The Federation of Light: It is a little more complex than that.

Blossom: We can take it … if you would care to go into it a little deeper?

The Federation of Light: The fact of TRUTH remains Blossom … that unless the residents of your planet ‘buckle down’ to some serious looking into themselves … the less likely these things are to occur within the time frames we have suggested.

Blossom: Best not to give time frames  ... I thought you had sussed that and yet, you did!

The Federation of Light: Indeed.

Blossom: I hear the thought transference of ‘hold onto your hats’ … which I think most are a little ‘over’ to be honest!

The Federation of Light: Yet, Dearest Souls … if ‘most’ were to simply … close their eyes in this very moment of NOW … breathe in a few breaths of LIFE - LOVE - LIGHT in order to touch their TRUTH … such sayings will become TRUTH for Each and Every One. For Each and Every One KNOWS that when IT IS TIME … not one hat will remain on a head … for the mind’s eye will have opened up into the glory of Heaven Light that is within ALL.

Blossom: Thank you. I suppose it’s all a bit back to front in a way. Because, surely … IF the pillars Of Light, be they White or Rainbow in colour ... were to show BIG TIME … or some Ships remain in the skies (without any attempts to blow them into oblivion) … or some Major Event WERE to present itself … wouldn’t that then CHANGE the minds of many … so that they COULD recognize their Truth and FEEL the Love that they are?

The Federation of Light: It is not designed that way … for it is far more complicated than that.

Blossom: In what way?

The Federation of Light: In ways that the Bigger Picture has planned. A very ‘simple’ plan you are suggesting Blossom, yet consequences are to be questioned …

May we TRY and put your mind and many at ease … by making this suggestion to your hearts?

When such ‘complications of mind’s misunderstandings’ arise and one FEELS baffled and confused by the world in which one resides …

When one finds it difficult to keep ones Vibration in the Highest possible …

When one FEELS disillusioned by the misbehaviours of others around them and undertakes feelings of great sadness within them … because of seeing/believing their world is such a mess …

We ask you to STOP!

STOP feeding your minds with that which does not serve …

STOP thinking one should FEEL this and that …

STOP falling into the hole which others have dug and want you to continue falling into …

And …

START … Breathing in and out Consciously … KNOWING that as you do so … you are Breathing in and out the BREATH OF LIFE … that is and can only be …


START recognising the Joy in your lives and make a concentrated effort to recognise ONLY Joy … and when you recognise something other than Joy …

and START thinking once again OF Joy and Blessings and Gratitude FOR these Blessings.

START deciding that YOU as ONE individual … being part of the ONE whole … ARE HERE UPON PLANET EARTH TO DO THIS VERY TASK!

Blossom: Mm! Such a chore to enjoy oneself!

And yet, Dearest Blossom … for many … for so very many ... in fact for most ... it has become so! Imagine that! So many have forgotten how to live in Joy and it is time to …


It is time to …


and STOP pretending to be anything other than WHO YOU ARE!

As this KNOWING reaches out to EACH ONE …

As EACH ONE nudges another to START remembering …

THEN … Dearest Most Loved Souls …


Will you be knocking on Heavens door … and it shall open unto you …

Blossom: Assuming you mean … still within the Human frame?

The Federation of Light: Assuming correctly. For Heaven lies within. It is within Each One … and all you need do is Breathe in the Love - Light that connects you to your Divinity … to find your way there. To find your way Home.

Blossom:Thank you. You are so right of course! How blessed to have you remind us.

The Federation of Light: How blessed to BE.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Many thanks.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

English -- Blossom Goodchild: November 4th, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

November 4th,2015

Blossom : So, I tuned in to do a channelling with you and nodded off for 40 mins instead! Let us try again, shall we? I have been reading some very intricate material* regarding this ‘Illusion and Oneness’ … (Should I even put ‘etc’ on the end of that sentence?)  It does blow the head off! Yet, I do FEEL somewhere within me … it makes sense. Although, I can’t at this point, make any sense of it at all! Should we travel down this road today or should I go back to sleep?

The Federation of Light: And isn’t that Dearest Blossom EXACTLY what you already are … even though you are awake?

Eh … Yep, I think I’ll go back to sleep! Pray, continue.

We would very much like to do so. For our assistance … on assisting … in assisting … is why we come. Such ‘illusions of mind’ … such ‘misunderstandings’ … are completely perplexing and to even begin to unravel this particular ball of string can be, to ONE … mind blowing. Yet, we shall continue … for it is from the ONE MIND that we speak … or care to speak of.

Over and over have we not said … You are One? Over and over have we not said ‘You are LOVE?’ … and this Dearest Blossom, is in fact … all we ever need to say. For that is all there is.

Yet, this particular book speaks of 'forgiveness' being the most important thing in order to break through/see through this illusion.

And we would say that ‘Pure Love’ IS forgiveness … would you not say the same?

Yes … and much that I am reading speaks of that which YOU speak of.  ‘Nothing matters’ for instance.  I find some form of relief in that. In the Knowing that the Higher knowledge that comes through Higher Vibrational Beings such as yourselves, although unclear to many of us … is ACTUALLY TRUTH. Well, it seems that way for me anyway.

And it IS that way Blossom. Yet, we do not consider ourselves Higher Beings …

I know. I actually said Higher Vibrational Beings … I recognise that difference.

You are indeed the scholar and the teacher this day. As Each One … as you walk through this dream that is indeed so very real to ALL THAT YOU ARE, due to your viewing of it … is both teacher and scholar. As Each One is indeed, each other … viewing one another AS self-reflection … IN self-reflection. Yet, such recent study has caused many concerns of mind for you, has it not?

You could say that … as I pop another pill and tighten my straight jacket!

Dearest Souls, as Each One MOVES through this journey … more Truth HAS to be revealed. The decision of choosing to accept such … is merely that … a decision of choice at this time … in a world where you have made time … and yet, there is no world and there is no time.

Down the hatch with another pill! Hmmm! The red or the blue one Morpheus?

We have spoken also, about you being but a Breath away from Home. We have stressed the importance of the Breath in all its Glory. In ALL that it stands for … In ALL that it IS. Yet, in the same way of not understanding this illusion you are in the middle of … the Breath is yet another example of Truth … that WHEN understood … is one of the greatest mechanisms that can take you OUT of the dream and connect you TO the reality.

It is not about Belief … it is about Knowing … and where does the KNOWING come from?

The FEELING … and where does the FEELING come from?

The heart.

Think again.

The Breath? You are saying the FEELING comes from the Breath now? Haven’t you always said it comes from your heart?

 And yet, is it not interesting that when you take your last Breath ... your heart stops beating also?

Yep … so what is the connection I am missing?

The connection!


Life is your connection to self … Life never began … Life never ends. Yet, many of you on Earth FEEL that it does. Even those who ‘think’ that Life goes on when the body ceases to be automated … many think that ‘A Life’ finishes and when returning to Earth for more of the same … another one begins … or at least this is how you term it is it not? For you say ‘In this life time’ etc. … or, when I was ‘such and such in a past Life.’

You were never … are never … never will be … a person! You are Spirit encased in a body … which you then express through a ‘person … ality’.

Yet, THAT WHICH YOU ARE … IS ONLY LOVE. You just think otherwise.

So, in this dream … what part has ‘Life’ to play?

It is acting out that which it is not.

Oh, let’s pop another one just for the fun of it!!! WHY?

Because it is TRYING TO BE SOMETHING … To make sense of itself … because within the illusion, it FEELS it HAS TO BE SOMETHING … SOMEBODY.


As we say again … to make sense of itself. To prove itself … to itself.


To find purpose for its existence.

In a world that doesn’t actually exist.


I think I’ll just down the bottle and be done with it! So, are we ‘life’ outside of this illusion?


And what IS ‘Life’ outside of this illusion?


And what is Love’s purpose?

To know itself … in all its Purity and Wholeness. In the entirety of itself.

And yet ‘outside’ of this illusion is it not perfection? Is it not what some call God?


Many moons ago, our Dearest Colleague White Cloud said that GOD 'could' be called a ‘knitting needle’ but it isn’t … it is called GOD. Yet, this is just a name. It is not about what anything is called. It is about what it IS. The name is just a ‘recognition tag’ for that very purpose … recognising. Yet here, we move into the language of words as we speak of name tags. The language of Love has no words … it SIMPLY IS … ITSELF.

So, my big question as I sit here in this moment is, If this is an illusion … if it doesn’t exist … what is the point of it? What is the point of us ‘Loving’ and ‘thinking we are becoming closer to Home’ … and things like synchronicity make us FEEL we are on track … and wonders appear REAL and make us FEEL we are finally  ‘Getting it’ … when if the world is only a dream … why bother with any of it? Be it Love, hate, understanding … whatever!  I mean … as you say … it doesn’t matter.

At this stage in the game … and we still choose to name tag it so … we would say … because BEING awake IN THE DREAM as many of you now are … allows you to recognise it AS a dream … because you are awake IN IT.

Have you not yourself Blossom, had a few ‘flying dreams’ when you recognized you were in a dream and thought ‘Great. I can fly because I’m dreaming’ … and so you did?

Yes and I love it when that happens. Next time I shall say … ‘Great I can fly because I’m in a dream … within my dream!’

And this is a good point to be made aware of, we FEEL. When you are aware in that dream ... that you are in a dream … you KNOW you can fly because you are ‘just dreaming’ … and so you do. So too … as you recognize on a deeper level that you are ‘living’ in a dream … you then become aware that you can ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING YOU WANT … because it isn’t real … it is ‘just a dream’ … and once awake within it … YOU TAKE CONTROL.

Yes. I like that. I see that. Yet, if it’s not a TRUE reality, I still don’t see the point … its purpose?

Yet, you will … when you awaken FROM IT. For if you had never been IN IT … awake or asleep … you would never KNOW the experience of the TRUTH … in comparison.

To what?


Before we close, if this is just a dream … and I say ‘just’ Light - heartedly ... why do you always go onto us about FEELING? You say everything is about FEELING. Where does that come into it then?

Because when you allow yourself to FEEL … through heart - breath … you are allowing yourself to connect with the reality which IS REAL as opposed to the dream. FEELING is your TRUTH monitor … your gauge … your guide.

Ok. Yet, if this world isn’t real … how can there be any guidance needed. I mean … towards what? I used to think it was towards whether or not something was True … but how can that be if the world isn’t there anyway?

Yet, the dream is, Dearest Blossom!

The dream is VERY REAL … TO YOU! And within that dream your TRUTH monitor … your FEELING … is serving an Almighty Purpose …

And you are going to say … ‘To lead you Home’ … and then you are going to say … ‘We shall leave it there for today’ .

And ‘you’ are going to say … ‘It’s been nice to have a conversation … It has been a while’ … and then you are going to say … ‘In love and thanks.’

And you are going to say … … …

… … … Laugh! You got me there … nothing!!  Cheer Ho, till next time.

*The material I am reading is a book called 'The Disappearance Of The Universe' by Gary Renard. ( A pre-read to A Course In Miracles ) ... If I ever get that far!!!

 Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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