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English -- Blossom Goodchild: March 06, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

March 06, 2015

Blossom: Good morning to you. I’m FEELING on a much Higher vibe than I have been of late, so I am looking forward to a chat with you today. I’m presuming this works for you?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. As we always express, we are delighted to ‘catch up’ with you and all who choose … in LOVE … to follow the conversations that we have together.

Blossom: That’s grand my friends. Grand. What would you care to speak of?

The Federation of Light: We would like to speak of that which is KNOWN as Bi products.

Blossom: Well, that took me by surprise. Continue forth …

The Federation of Light: With Love for Each One and with Each One in Love … we would like to discuss circumstances that can insure your productive movement into the Higher vibrations that await you.

Blossom: Ok … I FEEL like I am nodding off … Let’s go for it!

( I did record an audio … yet, for reasons unbeknown to me … the quality is really poor and just not audible … so I have transcribed it here.)

Transcript 06.03.15

The Federation of Light: Greetings this day … to all those who take the time to listen to that which we offer … in ways of wording through this friend ... this vessel … that we call her … in her amusement … who goes by the name of Blossom.

Dearest souls, we have entered into your world for reasons of assistance. We come … as we have expressed many times before … to urge you onwards … To give you encouragement … To give you KNOWING of that which deep inside … you already KNOW.

You cannot deny that the FEELINGS inside of you … when you are … would you say … on top form, fill your entire being with elation. You could jump for Joy … as they say. You could run around the outside of the Earth five times in one minute when you are FEELING exalted … enthusiastic.

Dearest friends … at this stage of your ‘career’ … we would say with humour … it would be improbable that you would do so … of this running around the Earth. Yet, the FEELING of DOING SO ... can be just as advantageous as the DOING OF.

Therefore, we express to you and we KNOW you are down this path quite a way … that which we bring to you is not brand new news. It is simply a reminder … in order to keep you moving forward … lifting your spirits ... raising your vibration.

Therefore, we remind you that by FEELING that which you desire to FEEL … by conjuring up that FEELING from deep inside of you … you are allowing the Higher Vibration of yourself to enter in. By FEELING it through imagination … you are making it as powerful as the doing.

We do not misconstrue the words which we are saying. We are saying that this is Highly possible. It is this enthusiasm of doing that which you enjoy … that brings Brightness to your Being.

Yet, you may not FEEL always that you have the Energy to do so. Some of you may have ailments, that pause the ‘doing of’ certain things you FEEL you would like to do. Therefore, we say … do them in your mind. We are suggesting these days … of more heart/mind connection, bringing into reality the FEELING of doing so. Doing this … doing that … which you may FEEL is out of your reach. Yet, we propose you do it … that which you desire ... through your minds concentration.

To allow yourself to watch the movie inside of your mind ... of doing exactly that which you desire to do.

By watching and attaching your heart to the visualisation … therefore, FEELING it … in a sense we are saying … you are actually DOING IT.

You may say that this is not so. For, should it be that you would like to … for instance … take a bungee jump. You are not physically doing it. Yet, we would say … the FEELING of the bungee jump, does not come from the physicality.  It comes from the heart’s FEELING of doing so.

Your mind is not the FEELER.

Your heart expresses FEELING.

Therefore, by completing the said 'bungee jump' in your visualisation … in full concentration … there is every possibility, that you are capable of FEELING the TRUTH of what it actually 'would' FEEL like … if you had done it in physicality.

Apply this then ... to all things that you desire to do.

FEEL them … KNOW them … as YOUR TRUTH.

In this way you are bringing your desire closer and closer to the Vibration of which you choose to resonate.

The more you FEEL the resonance of the frequency in which you are Vibrating … the more alive you become.

On yet another note … regarding this particular subject we are speaking of … even when you maybe FEELING a little down hearted … when sadness may have entered into your Being ... due to a particular circumstance that has taken place … remember always to breathe In /As /Through /Of Love.

The LOVE that is all around you.

We repeat these things over and over and over and we repeat … that we repeat these things over and over and over ... simply as a reminder. So that when occurrences such as we have spoken of occur … you shall remember to do so. And therefore, take benefit from such suggestions.

You should FEEL the difference immediately. Therefore, expand this knowledge of breathing In /As /Through /Of Love at all times … In /As /Through /Of every breath that you inhale and then Dearest friends, shall you begin to KNOW that of which we speak ... and you shall understand when you ‘Get it’ … the reason why we repeat over and over and over and over … so that it settles into your Being … so that it becomes automatic.

In the breathing of … inhaling of … this Love ... The thought will eventually not need to tell you what you are doing. You shall simply be doing it naturally … without the reminder necessary.

This shall bring about the Joy that we speak of also.

You think you may KNOW of Joy … To a certain degree, of course  you KNOW of it. Yet, we say to you Dearest friends, the Joy that is to come … is beyond Joy that you KNOW of at this resonance … this Vibration of your planet . As you move Higher and Higher … your Joy expands and becomes greater ... beyond that which you are capable of experiencing in the Vibration of which you now reside.

How often have we asked that you lift your spirits? This we do because we KNOW of the benefits of doing so.

We have grown to accept that this is not always possible and certainly not in certain places upon your planet where the Vibration of Energy is particularly low. Yet, do you not see? That by being able to do so for yourself … you are assisting those who at this point in their lifetime are unable to do it for themselves. You are assisting so many who are saddened … who are heartbroken … who no longer have the desire to carry on.

Simply, Dearest friends … by making the effort to laugh … to smile … to FEEL in Joy  …  you are assisting so many souls who cannot do so.

By lifting your spirits … you are also lifting Energies that surround … that absorb negative circumstances. You change the actual energy of the air … if you like.

It is useful … if you choose to sit and meditate and think of certain places that are in need of this. Yet, do not FEEL you are not doing all that you are capable of … if you do not do so . For, we state once more … that being in all Joy In/As /Through /Of Love for yourselves … you are instantly uplifting The Whole … of which Everything … Everyone is a part. Whether they FEEL they want to be or not. Whether they FEEL they ARE or not.

Nothing can change this fact. 


For, we smile as we say … repeat along with us … ‘There is nothing else ... but Love.’
The more we repeat this … the more you understand it on a deeper level of the KNOWING you think you already have about it. You can accept that Everything /Everyone is LOVE. You accept it … and yet, to grasp it on a deeper part of yourself … allows you to understand it … so that your reaction to that understanding ... expresses itself in a more Joyous participation of that Love. Do you see?

When you FEEL in great Joy , when you KNOW that you are FEELING on a particular da y... this expression of the most Joy that you have perhaps felt in quite a while …  imagine then, Everyone/ Everything on your planet FEELING exactly the same way. Would you not be assured of the upliftment that would instantly take place?

How you would be assisting Everything by sharing this Joy ... with the KNOWING that Everyone and Everything is FEELING the same.

And, we suggest that when YOU are FEELING a little low ... to perhaps ask to those out there that are FEELING of much Joy, to share it with you. It can be done. You just have to KNOW of it.

Dearest friends, Dearest brave aspects of your soulself that took up the opportunity to be upon your planet at this time … we say to you now … That which you are accomplishing is assisting the Divine plan more than you KNOW.

By Being an example of Love and Light … to all you come across … You are changing your world into the Higher place that it has the right to dwell in. That YOU have the right to dwell in.

Keep on keeping on … We are with you in Strength, Energy and Divine Love
We shall always be with you in this way. And for now … it is time for us to take our leave. Many thanks. In/As/Through/Of Love.

Blossom: Thank you. Is there anything more you would care to add?

The Federation of Light: No, and yet, there is something that you would like to add, is there not?

Blossom: Well, only in that ... by you adopting this new format … I miss my chat with you … our conversation back and forth. Could we not interchange now and then … so that sometimes we use the old format and sometimes the new?

The Federation of Light: We are already aware of this … and have plans to allow for such … further down the track.

Blossom: How marvelous. Ok. So, for now … perhaps we can do a bit of both?
The Federation of Light: Perhaps we can.

Blossom: I FEEL it would have to be one or the other at this stage though, as after ‘bringing you through’ … it somehow doesn’t feel like I want to go in to a long conversation with you.

The Federation of Light: This we understand also. All is well. You shall see.

Blossom: Tickety Boo! Thank you so much. In Love and Thanks.

The Federation of Light: Indeed. In /As /Through /Of Love … to ALL.

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