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English --The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild Blossom, March 23, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

March 23, 2015

Blossom: Hello my friends … are we all set for another exciting episode?

The Federation of Light: We are naturally at ONE with you … as we are with ALL things.

Blossom:Great! Now, a few things … and not really sure if I want to dive in or not … yet, in for a penny in for a pound, as they say. Can we get to some nitty gritty about Truth? I know we delved into it once before … a good few years ago … and I just got totally confused and lost. Now that I am so very much more enlightened … !!!! ???? … shall we give it another try?

The Federation of Light: We are always happy to assist in understanding where we can. We are aware that you FEEL confused regarding the fact that … when something has occurred … when you have seen/felt it with your heart and eyes … you cannot deny it to be fact/Truth. Yet, your issue being that a particular fact may make you FEEL uncomfortable … yet, you know ... for a fact ... it happened. It is, as you would say … TRUE.

Blossom:That’s right. Yet, you say if something makes you feel uncomfortable … move on … as it is not YOUR TRUTH.

Yes, we do … because it is advisable to do so. So let us try and differentiate between the two . A fact is a fact … within the illusion, let us remember … And we are saying that if a ‘story’ does not resonate with you … then it is not YOUR TRUTH.

Blossom: Yes. Yet, war does not resonate with me … therefore, not my truth … yet, I know for a fact it is going on … it is TRUE. Do you see what I am saying?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. And what we are portraying is  … ‘war’ for instance … does not ‘ring True’ … for you.Yet, it may for another.

Blossom: Yet, it definitely happens … therefore, is true?

The Federation of Light: It is fact. It is also fact that this is a very complicated matter.
In your world Blossom … your everyday living … do you concentrate on war?

Blossom: Never.

The Federation of Light: Therefore, in YOUR WORLD … IN YOUR TRUTH … it does not resonate … it doesn’t come into your thoughts. And if it should … it doesn’t FEEL GOOD. 

Ones’ OWN TRUTH is that which makes ONE FEEL GOOD. This is TRUE.

Look up ‘True’ … in accordance with fact or reality.

Look up ‘Truth’ … The quality or state of being true.

 Blossom: OK … This is going to be a real test for me. Because I am finding this confusing, I am going to try and clear my mind and let you speak about it … are you up for that?

The Federation of Light: More to the point … are you?

 Blossom: In for a penny ... in for a pound.
Click here for audio. (Transcript below)

 Wow! That sure felt so warm and Good. Thank you … Perfect place to finish … I LOVE YOU!


The Brightest of Greetings to Each One this fine day.

We smile already, for we are aware of Blossom being a little concerned that she may not be able to intervene with questions that might come up as we are speaking.

Let us see how are little experiment transpires this day … shall we not?

So it is, that you have questions regarding Truth. What is True? What is not?

One may FEEL differently about a FEELING of something … so therefore, One would say … ‘I FEEL this way about something’ and another may say ‘Well, I FEEL that way about it.’ For each … the FEELING they have is True To/For themself.

Regarding a matter of a fact … a matter of fact … you may experience something with your own eyes that you do not FEEL comfortable about seeing. You are confusing that we say … ‘If it makes you FEEL uncomfortable, it is not True’ … This is not True! This is not so. We are saying … that if something makes you FEEL uncomfortable … then do not dwell within it … for it serves no purpose. It does not make you FEEL good.


By living in One’s Truth … we simply mean … to follow that which your heart resonates upon/within. Therefore, you are living in your OWN TRUTH. That which FEELS good for you.

Blossom is now asking us … ‘If something is there, before your very eyes, which makes you FEEL uncomfortable … that does not mean it does not exist. Therefore, it is True.

Yet, we are speaking of different matters.

WHAT YOU ARE … WHO YOU ARE … IS LOVE. This we have established. This is TRUTH.

TRUTH connected In/As/Through/Of Love.

All that is LOVE resonates as TRUTH for you.

All that is of a lower Vibration … of that same Love … does not FEEL True to One’s BEING. Do you see? One speaks of Being True to One’s self. So therefore, what would you consider the meaning of this? We would say … that Being True to One’s self is following One’s heart In/Of/Through/As Love … in ALL that FEELS of Love … to that individual soul.

The TRUE Being that you are is LOVE.

Blossom is saying, as we began our conversation via the keyboard … ‘Yet, war is a fact. It is True'. We therefore state … that it is a fact that soldiers are removed from this planet. This is TRUE … and yet, what we are trying to explain … is that it does not have to be in YOUR TRUTH. THE TRUTH of YOUR BEING.

If you concentrate … if you feed into that Vibration of war … it becomes more and more of YOUR TRUTH … for you are living within the Vibration of that particular war.

On the other hand, if you become aware of a beautiful rainbow in the sky … that is caused by the rainfall and the sunshine … that is also TRUE fact that a rainbow appears.

If you concentrate upon it … it is YOUR TRUTH. You Vibrate within the Energy of that TRUTH … it becomes YOUR TRUTH.

Both are taking place … war and rainbows. What we are trying to assist you with … is which Truth do you choose to indulge yourself within?

For those who understand a little deeper … it is fact … it is TRUTH that, that which you concentrate your thoughts upon … becomes your reality … becomes YOUR TRUTH … because you have drawn it to you. Do you see where we are heading a little now?

It is up to you to … we would say if we were writing through Blossom … in inverted commas … it is up to you to ‘invent’ YOUR TRUTH. All One need do is concentrate One’s desires upon that which FEELS good. Each One of you KNOWS within your Being what you would like to do in order to FEEL Happy.

We  explained recently that if you go to a place in your mind and make it True for you … then you can FEEL Happy … as if it is actually fact. It is True for you.


Should you desire to carry on concentrating upon that very thought in the happiness that it brings you … you Can/Shall/Will bring that reality from your THOUGHT with inside your Being … to a TRUTH outside of your Being … that can then be appreciated by the Being within. You have made it True. You have brought it into fruition. It is YOUR TRUTH. You resonated with the Vibration of it … therefore, bringing it into YOUR reality … into fact.

This is how we are trying to explain the difference. That which another chooses to be fact … to be Truth in THEIR reality … depends upon which thought they choose to concentrate upon.
If you were at a crossroads and to the right was a sign pointing towards a place called ‘Happiness’ and to the left was a sign pointing towards ‘Misery’ … at that crossroads which would be the more Joyous path to take? Automatically you think that we would assume that everyone would take the path to Happiness. Yet, they do not.

For inside some Beings … within THEIR TRUTH of where they are positioned in the vast journey of the Divine Plan … they may FEEL happier taking the miserable road.

It is not for you to judge what resonates with another. What works for One certainly does not always work for another. Therefore, we suggest to concentrate only upon that which works for you.

Create your picture story in your mind. Create your theatrical play. Create the hero within you … that you choose to act out … and by animating this story through FEELING ... you enjoy your life.
Your life! You are not here to enjoy another‘s life, in a sence, for we FEEL some may take offence to that. Blossom again is questioning us … for she is reminding us that by One giving out Happiness into the very energetical field of your world … others who are not in that position can pick up on the enjoyment of another.

We smile for she lets us not get away with a single thing … which we are most Happy about … for clarification for all.

Yet, what we would reply to that is … that the Joy One ripples forth from the SOUL TRUTH SELF OF LOVE can penetrate into another’s SOUL TRUTH LOVE and assist it to enjoy itself. Do you see the difference? … And we are relieved she is agreeing.

Dearest souls … we are In/Of so much Happiness and Joy of Love … that we … in this moment … can connect with you through sound Vibration. We ask that you open your heart space as you breathe in and exhale … and breath in again and exhale … in order to receive in fullness … the FEELING … the Vibration of Love that we so freely … and Joyously … and Lovingly offer … to you.

We consider this new structure to be working very well indeed, from our point of view … from OUR TRUTH. That which we have thought about has now been able to manifest through Vibrational frequencies that match … in order for it to become fact. That which we once thought about … speaking through Blossom in this way … has now, through such Joyous concentration upon it … become TRUTH … In Love/As Love/Through Love/Of Love … We now retract our Energy. Thanking all.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

English -- Blossom Goodchild: March 14, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

March 14, 2015

Blossom: Hello there. I wondered if today I could ask you about something that is ‘interesting’ me more and more. Sometimes, when out amongst people perhaps, I FEEL so very much like I am sitting in the middle of some sort of computer programming. That is the only way I know to describe it … and as if those looking down upon it are finding ‘The Game’ quite ridiculous in a way. Are you able to talk to me about this and perhaps give some clarity? I would if possible, prefer for you not to speak through me today, as I feel there will be questions I need to ask. Oh! Sorry! Good morning.

The Federation of Light: And Greetings of the Highest Love to you also.
This matter is indeed an intricate one … and not one to be entered into Lightly. There is room for much confusion due to the enormity of the scale upon which it exists.
Firstly, we would care to address a certain document that you have been sent to read. How did it make you FEEL?

Blossom: Most uncomfortable. I know you have said if something doesn’t sit well, leave it alone. Yet, I am unsure of distinguishing between that which maybe TRUTH … yet, isn’t really nice to face … and therefore, with this particular document … much of it resonated and much didn’t.

The Federation of Light: Because it is Truth’s mixed with untruths. It matters not what the document is about or who it says it is from. If it TRULY makes you feel uncomfortable … STOP READING IT!

Blossom: Yes, but as I say … what if it IS TRUE and I simply don’t like to know it?

Let us be quite clear about this. Your origin ... is LOVE. This you KNOW. This we 'harp on about' over and over again. Therefore, that which does not resonate with you … that which makes you FEEL uncomfortable … cannot be of the Vibration upon which you have now reached. Therefore, it is not YOUR TRUTH. Only that which resonates with you … that which makes you FEEL GOOD … is TRUE FOR YOU.

Blossom: Yet, the confusion is … do I just not want to handle the Truth?

The Federation of Light: You ARE handling the TRUTH. YOUR TRUTH.

By staying in LIGHT and all that makes you Happy … you are living in YOUR TRUTH. No one else’s … yours. If you are FEELING uncomfortable about ANYTHING … then it is because it is not in alignment with who you TRULY are.

You read … that this Earth of yours and the humans that inhabit it … are enslaved … even in the afterlife. It is all a trap … because you have a computer programme inside of you … Correct?

Blossom: Yes, I don’t usually read or indeed ‘fall’ for this kind of thing. Yet, I moved through the not FEELING good, because I FEEL so often we are in some kind of programme and this particular writing sucked me in. It turned my world upside down for 24 hours … Yet, I came out KNOWING MY TRUTH … and felt that a lot of it was very much … fear mongering. I guess it’s good to do, for the self, now and then.

The Federation of Light: Why? What did you gain from it … but unrest … deep unrest.

Blossom: Maybe it helped me grow a lot more.

The Federation of Light: Did you think you did?

Blossom: Well, in a way. I came through it … working it out for myself. That showed me ‘more’ about myself. Yet, it led me into wanting to know more about 'The Game' you say we are in. This illusion. Some of it made sense from that point of view.

The Federation of Light: Dearest friend. So, you want to delve more deeply into this? We can certainly understand why. Yet, we would contradict you by saying … that much that you would like to know about it … you are unable to … whilst you are in it.
The FEELINGS you have of You … Yourself … Love … Happiness … Joy … Compassion … Gratitude … etc. All FEELINGS that allow you to FEEL YOU … also allow you to ‘beat the system’ … if you like.



And the freer you become … the more you understand 'The Game' … and the more you learn how to play it! And the better at it you get … the more you ‘see through’ this illusion and merge into the TRUTH of yourself.

Blossom: So, I am aware of all the external programming/control … via media … finance … governments … all the lies etc. Yet, are we actually in a programme ‘internally’ as well? Are there programing’s inside of ‘our workings’ that bring us down? Keep us from Being the TRUTH of our Light? Suppress our FEELINGS Etc.?

The Federation of Light: Our answer to you is NO. Not in the way you are imagining it … as in ‘implantations’ … as this document suggests.

There is certainly demand from those who do not resonate with Light at this time … to control and suppress and bring down … without question. Yet, this is done from an external tactic that can then affect the internal workings. Both of the mind and the physicality.

Blossom: Do you mean things such as chemtrails, vaccines, food etc.?

The Federation of Light: Yes, we mean exactly this and much more. There are subliminal realities at work … that One is not aware of being affected by. Very much through your media and indeed, the popular music that so many of the younger generation listen to and ‘are fed’.

It is important for those who are aware that they are losing control to ‘take hold’ of the younger ones. Many are unconsciously being sucked in by this and we say … it does not serve The Whole.

We also say … that we offer you the key. We have been handing it to you on a plate … We have dangled it in front of your nose. We state again …


Blossom: I understand. I do! Yet, one has to be really strong in order not to succumb to the ‘negativity’ that often wants to rule. It sometimes FEELS like a never ending ‘battle’.

The Federation of Light: We understand why you use that word. Yet, we would correct you in that … it is not NEVER ENDING.

Blossom: Sure feels like it sometimes. Don’t get me wrong … I LOVE BEING ON FORM. It all makes sense when I am on form. I GET IT … when I am on form. It’s just that I am not always on form! And you are asking us to be … in order to break free.  In order to grab the key, put it in the lock, turn it, open the door and BAM!

The Federation of Light: We are suggesting to you … that the more you are aware of the difference it makes to you and therefore, ALL … the more you have the determination to break through the programming. As we say … ‘to beat the system’. There is no other way.



Your spirits can be dampened … your FEELINGS can be usurped if you allow all that you are fed to become your TRUTHI.

Blossom: I am interested in you using the word usurpedTo take over or occupy without right’ …

The Federation of Light: We use it purposefully … in that … this is the intention of those who do not ... at this time in their hearts, want freedom In/As/Through/Of Love. Their intention is to make a soul FEEL so disillusioned ... so discontent with their lot. They want One to ALWAYS FEEL THE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE … and lose the part of them that is Joy ... through the consistent barrage of programming of all that is miserable and destructive.

Blossom: Ok, so may I ask you to give us a little more on the ‘illusion’ … Just a little more that I am able to grasp?

The Federation of Light: When you yourself Blossom, are on stage in a play … You are aware that you are in a play … the saga, or indeed, the comedy … acted out, is not real. It is a performance of sorts. You are pretending to be someone else. You are portraying that of someone you are not. Correct?

Blossom: Yes.

The Federation of Light: That is what you are doing on Earth … performing in a play.

Blossom: Yet, what for?  Who’s the audience?

The Federation of Light: EVERYTHING! We have spoken of The Game … The Experiment to expand LOVE In/As/Through /Of ITSELF.

An incredible opportunity … to express LOVE as it has never had the chance to be expressed before … in all its different forms … in all its different Vibrations … of itself.

free choice has brought it to the place in which you now live within it. For all reasons of conscious expression of the individual … yet, collective soulself.

Through free choice … decisions have been made to change the direction in which the trajectory was travelling. Hence … ALL THIS THAT WE SAY TO YOU … and shall continue to say to you … sprung forth.

All that you came to Earth for … sprung forth …






 It is up to Each One as to how they choose to make this happen … in their own way … on form or not!

Each one is part of The Whole … each one CREATING the most splendid pathway ‘outta here’ … as you would say.




You are making sure that as a vast covenant of the physical embodiment of LOVE … In/As/Through/Of IT … that the time is now upon you to bring it about … and this … you are conducting with your every smile … your every kind thought, word and deed.
You are leading the way home Dearest, dearest Souls. You are the One’s showing the way … and we can see from our fortunate position … all those that are following on behind you … with encouragement in their hearts and KNOWING within their Being … that at last … after such a very, very, very long journey … they are walking in the Light and Love towards FREEDOM.

Blossom: I FEEL it should be left there. Thank you. You have TRULY LIFTED ME UP ... ONCE AGAIN.  Up where I belong … in LOVE … And indeed … I AM … IN LOVE!

The Federation of Light: We are so very Grateful for the opportunity … IN LOVE.









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