Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Case re-opened -- January 28, 2015

 Blossom Goodchild

January 28, 2015

Case re-opened.

Good morning again. It is quite incredible for me, how this little episode is turning into ‘The Never Ending Story! What a week! I just have to pursue it … for no other reason than to FIND THE TRUTH. After sending out the last communication yesterday … my inbox was filled with heartfelt replies of thanks. Yet … and a BIG YET … there was a lovely email from a lady asking to ask you, how it was that the trees are in full bloom in this second video and yet , living in Massachusetts as she does … they are in the middle of winter and the trees are bare. (Best I don’t write my reaction to this!) You said … that the decision was made to send these orbs out AFTER the hoax video … which is this month of January. PLEASE give me a plausible reason to carry on … for this does not make sense and I NEED YOU to make sense!

I was aware then to record their direct voice coming through. And very happy to have White Cloud come through at the end also.

Click on the link below.

This audio was originally 32mins long. I cut out the 15mins of pauses!!

I really don’t know what to make of it … of their reasoning. I certainly wouldn’t have/couldn't have come up with this explanation.

I do realize, that for a lot of people, they may think ‘Ah well … whatever’. Yet, for me, to continue chatting with them, depends on how I feel about this.

What I FEEL about THEM is LOVE. What I FEEL about what they have to say about these orb videos is confusion and now, doubt.

I can offer no more than that. Perhaps the case is closed once again … yet, indeed not locked.

I send this out … because I think it right to do so. Yet, such vulnerability is on display in my quest for Truth.

Make of this recording what you will.

I will give myself a little while to think all this through … and see what happens from there.

In Love and thanks

Blossom Goodchild .

It has taken me yet again a few hours to get the audio working on this page ... and yet, I am already Lightening up about the whole thing!

I prefer not to put this audio on YouTube. If you have any problem with it ... please contact me


Greetings to all. We are aware this day of the reasoning we have been asked to communicate once again. There appears to be large fractions that do not make sense, to our dearest vessel and this is causing her great stress … which we do not wish upon her in any sense. Therefore, we choose to clear this matter up in detail.

We have spoken that the first video shown of five balls of Light … coming down from the original one … was that of ‘impaired Truth’. This is clear.

However, we then went on to state … that the second video that was given out … was indeed of Truth and Energy balls of Light from above.

The question has arisen, as to the fact … that if this second video was put out in capture on film … after the original hoax … which was in this month of your year … How then is it … that the trees in this vicinity are in full bloom … when they should not be at this time of year.

The vessel is already inquiring as to what answer we could possibly give to rectify this situation and she is trying her hardest to remove herself from her mind … which we say is not possible. She is asking this to be so in order for clarity from us to come through.

We speak to you of time … of which, to us, there is none.

This is where much confusion is held within. The time factor causes these dilemmas. Yes, we announced that these Light Orbs were sent out, after the decision was made … after the ‘Thrill video.’ Yet to us …

There is a transference of Energy taking place … as we come in more fully to this vessel and she is less of herself … in order for this message to come through.

We speak then from a Higher place. If we may remove time … if we put all that is … in the same space … in the knowing that everything is taking place all at once … it is then to do with synchronicity …  in the fact that this 2nd video was sent in when it was. Even though the sighting may have taken place in a different month.

This vessel is still with us and finding that hard to accept.

We are even deeper as we try to express our Truth. We do not come to play games … This is not our purpose. And yet … much that is misunderstood is interpreted as game playing … as teasing …as untruth.

The difference in realities … between your world and ours is inexplicable … let alone within the distance … Therefore, communications cannot always be explained in the way we desire.

It is not that we have this wrong. It is that there is misunderstandings of time … that is used and manipulated to make things work. The Orbs that were sent … these Energy balls that were sent by us to impress upon you of OUR TRUTH … may have well taken place whilst these trees were in bloom.  For us this can be after the occasion of the first hoax video. And yet … this is very difficult to be understood by you how that can work.

It is so difficult for this vessel not to think for herself as we speak these words. Therefore interrupting a little … the flow.

We are aware she is close to ‘throwing in the towel’ as she expresses.

This is due mainly to the desire to bring through Highest Truth … and not to be swayed by any other.

We are here she is sure of that at this time.

She is expressing that all she desires is an explanation regarding the trees in bloom … when they wouldn’t necessarily be so.

We again express … they were so… when the Orbs were sent … even though in the ‘no time’ the video of the hoax had not yet been created in the physical outcome.

This is not to say that it was not already created within the ethers ready to bring through.

Therefore, when these videos the 2nd time … of the real Light Energies were sent in and put up upon your internet … they coincided perfectly with our plan.

Therefore, the lack of pure communication that is involved is due to all these technicalities involved … removing the aspect of time … Therefore after or before … does not equate.

 You put things in linear time. We do not have this. So much is misconstrued because of this.

We come in/as/through/of/ Love. We do not desire to confuse. Yet, we would find it of great misfortune if this vessel was to cease her communion with us. For we are aware there is so much more to achieve through our relationship.

She has choice. All Beings have choice. For those listening to these words … we ask you to FEEL the energy of Truth … Your choice.  We do not wish to persuade in one direction or another. That is not our importance. We destine to assist in Love
Yes. It is me. It is White Cloud … who has chosen to add a little snippet at the end.

Dearest souls and to my dearest co - worker Blossom. These things that are presented to you are NOTHING in the grand scheme of things.

What is EVERYTHING in the grand scheme of things … is the way you choose to FEEL about EVERYTHING.

Those that are of Light that reside in other realms are fully aware of complications that can arise and cause in due course … the confusion that it can … and does … and will do.

They have spoken that when in future days … there is a reality of communication face to face … such dilemmas shall fade into the background with Laughter … at how simply these misunderstandings are misunderstood.

I therefore, come through this day to ask you to make up your own minds. To take always from all that is given … that which resonates with you … and that which does not … you can throw in your bin.

Raise your spirits … fill your hearts with joy and Laughter.

These pauses are due to this beautiful vessel struggling with the lump in her throat.

I am here … The FEDERATION OF LIGHT are here … Blossom is here … and between us … we desire only to help in ways of raising the vibration of yourselves and the planet ... The Divine Mother planet … into a more acceptable space for the soul to reside in.

To help you understand little by little why you came … What you came to do … and who you are in your reality … which is not that which you are residing in upon the Earth plane.

 Lighten up my friends … it is worth it to do so.

 Blossom is unsure as I am speaking … if this recording shall be offered out. That is her decision.

There is little more I can say at this time … so I leave for now … offering to all those who hear these words and FEEL this Energy ... my Love in its Highest form. Many thanks. Adieu my friends … Adieu.  

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  1. Dear Blossom Goodchild, The explanation given in the audio is spot on. I totally know what you're going through. I too have felt confused, embarrassed and even humiliated when promises made to me by 'light beings' beyond 3D didn't manifest. Bashar has a really cool way of explaining linear time. There's NO SUCH THING! You're on "TRUTH". PLEASE continue. Live Love Laugh Missy:)) Yep I recently sent you orb photos I took with my horses;)) They help convince my physical mind that I'm truly in contact with "Light Beings" from beyond 3D;))










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