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English -- Blossom Goodchild: December 12th, 2015

Blossom Goodchild

December 12th,2015

Blossom: Good morning my friends. Happy to say I am feeling so much brighter now and ready to have a good old chat!

The Federation of Light: We too, are most pleased your Energy is replenished and your sadness has lifted. If it is convenient with you, we would … as you had thought and prepared for … very much like to ‘speak’.

Blossom: Sure! Headset going on!

(It is suggested that you listen to the audio to receive the High Vibration of sound Energy. It is also transcribed below.)


Welcome to Each One who has taken it upon themselves to listen with/from their heart space to these words which we choose to deliver this day.

What is it we wonder … that in Truth … you are expecting from us? There are those, we are aware … due to writing to the Lady Blossom … that indeed feel rather despondent.

You wish us to come up with revelations. Let us now speak from the High Energy of Purest Love … which is our desire to touch your very hearts upon.

We understand we are not residing upon your Earth plane. We have gathered that it is not easy for all those who choose the pathway towards the Light. And yet, Dearest Ones, when you allow yourselves to be only that which is of the Highest Purest Love … there can be no difficulty involved.

It is you that are in control of your thought’s pattern. It is you who make choices as to what you think … how you behave … your attitude towards one another … your attitude towards everything that is within your ‘game’ … if we may put that word there.

And the lady Blossom is saying to us to explain more once again if we would … of this ‘Game’ that we are all supposedly involved in … she says.

And we say ‘Are games not played in Light-Heartedness?’

And she says to us ‘It depends on what game and who is playing it!’

And we say ‘Again Dearest Souls ‘Choices’. Your choice to enjoy your game. Your choice to have fun. Your choice to keep your Life Light.’

And the lady Blossom says ‘Yet, life down here is not always that fun!’

She is not one to focus on lies and deceit from your governments and those in higher positions of a … we are looking for the word of … ‘deceited area’. That which you choose to focus your attention upon … is that which your game shall play out for you.

It is that simple.

‘Yet, is it not selfish’ she is saying ‘to not give thought to those in need?’

And we are saying ‘We did not say do not give thought. It is imperative that you send Love to all areas that are of a Vibration of a darker nature … would we say … of a lower frequency. Send all your Love in that direction. Yet, do not send sadness due to what is taking place. Do not send disgust. Do not send hate. Do not send despairing thoughts. Send only your Highest Purest Love that you KNOW inside of you … you are … to any situation … and the Power of that thought … the Power of that Love … changes its frequency to a better one … a soothing one’.

Dearest One’s try as you will … not to get involved in that which is not as it seems. For what you are shown on your sets … what you are told on your news reels is far from what is actually taking place behind the scenes. That which is offered and portrayed to you is very different from that which is actually taking place. Therefore, do not fall into the trap. Yet, simply rise above it and send Love. Then, your Vibration cannot be brought down by all that is taking place in your world. Then, are you able to keep your Vibration of its Highest level ... in its Highest form … assisting yourself … your world and indeed The Whole.

This is WHO YOU ARE. You are beyond all these games … within The Game that you are in … The Game that you are playing. It is for you to take back control. Take back and claim your Power that is within you … and has never left.

You are Mighty Beings.




Then … then shall you FEEL THE CHANGE within your world … within your Planet … within the Beings who reside upon it.

There is no war to be fought. There is only the Giving and Receiving of Love. That is all. That is all that needs to Be. Let go of thoughts that do not serve.

We continue forth speaking the same words over and over … and some of you say you have had enough of us speaking these same words and you want action. Well, may we say to you with the deepest respect for who you are … perhaps it is … that the action must come from you.

And some would say ‘Yet, we are trying! For years, upon years, upon years … we ARE giving forth … giving out that Love which we KNOW WE ARE and still nothing changes!’

Yet, we say ‘This action of Giving and Receiving Love would be far more effective if One Truly knew … that as an individual … that action was having the Deepest Greatest effect upon The Whole.’

It is time now Dearest souls to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and through that KNOWING … as we always say … there comes the allowing of the Power to shine through. The Power of the Love that you are.

Please do not half-heartedly believe that, that which you do as an individual maybe having a little ripple effect upon the pond. KNOW that every moment you are in LOVE … YOU are changing your world back into the Love that is TRUTH. Back into a place where smiling and laughter throughout your Planet … not just in little pockets to the fortunate here and there … but Smiling and Laughter and Giving and Receiving … is common place for all.

This you are doing … this you are bringing about. You say there are no visible changes and yet, we say … Again it is given to you to focus upon the negative. That is all you are fed. Yet, remove your thoughts from this negativity and visualize and imagine all the good deeds that are taking place minute upon minute, hour upon hour, day upon day … by those who ‘Get it’ Dearest Souls … by those who understand … like yourselves … that Love is what makes your heart smile. Love fills you with the Joy you are … and thousands upon thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands are wakening to this fact.

Do not allow yourself to be disheartened by that which you are fed. You KNOW better Dearest Souls. You KNOW better. Yet, allow yourselves to shine as Brightly as the Light allows you to BE … depending upon who you know yourself to Be.

Trust in yourselves. Trust in one another. Visualise holding hands which Each One upon your Planet … joined together as ONE MIGHTY FORCE OF LOVE.

There are terrorists … that are shown to be … … terrorists … which may or may not make sense. Yet, when you are fed information about such circumstances … do not send hate and sadness. Visualize and imagine holding their hands. Let they too, become joined AS ONE in the hand holding of all those upon your Planet.

Every single one of you joining hands in Love … and when you visualize such things … it assists the hearts of those who are lost.

When you see yourself simply offering your hand in your mind’s eye ... to anyone who seems to not be reacting in/as/through/of love … offer your hand and imagine them taking it … and then squeeze it … to let them know it is alright …You are no longer alone … For my other hand is connected to another soul … and their other hand is connected to another … and their other hand is connected to another … and so on and so on and so on … throughout this world of ours. Say this. Know this to yourselves.

For the strength that shall be gained by doing so … is the very key to that which your hearts are longing to FEEL. This is the kind of action to be taken.

We are aware that you long to see something in your skies as upliftment … as hope that things shall change. And we say to you … These things shall take place. This is our promise to you and yet, Dearest Souls … we also say that by visualising taking the hands of your brothers and sisters in Love … shall also, bring you the upliftment and the hope that you are asking for.

And you smile in your hearts as you listen to our words. For you KNOW … you KNOW this is Truth.

Therefore, Let us together … now in this moment … close your eyes … and Breathe deeply with us … as you visualise your hands holding another’s … and the chain of humanity linking together … and Love pulsating through the veins into the hands … passing from one to another around the entirety of your Planet .

… … And Breathe in Life … And Breathe out Love … And Breathe in Peace … and Breathe out Love to all … and once more … Breathe in all Love from one another … feel it in your Being … and send it out to one another.

We are ONE BEING in/as/though/of Love.

Light up your world with one single smile from your heart … in the KNOWING as you do so … that this is taking place.

We now retract our Energy from the Lady Blossom. Being with you all in the deepest place of your hearts in every Breath that you take … In every Breath that we share.

In Love … in Joy ... in Gratitude.

End of session.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild YouTube channel.


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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blossom Goodchild: A Letter to Love -- A Birthday Request: December 3rd, 2015

Blossom Goodchild

December 3rd,2015

Blossom: Due to the loss of someone very close to me this week and in response to many emails received lately, today's offering is not a channell, as my Energies are not in the right space. Yet, this comes from my heart.

Dear Love … in the Highest Purest form of itself.

I was wondering if we could have a word?

As you must be well aware, our Planet Earth has fallen into a state of huge disarray … due to some of the Human Beings living upon it … taking from it all they can, when there is absolutely no need at all!

These same Human Beings seem to be killing each other willy-nilly and I’d like to ask YOU … for what exactly?

There are a thousand other gripes I could name yet, being Who YOU Are … I am assuming YOU are already aware of them?

We have many channellers on this planet … who from the deepest place of their Being, TRUST they are doing so for the Greater Good of all. Not for fame and clearly, not for fortune … yet, to serve The Whole with the gift they have been given. Yet, over and over again, most channellers are made to look fraudulent or just plain stupid for putting out messages with information contained therein sometimes … that appears to assist people in losing faith and losing heart. The opposite of their purpose!

From my heart … I am not asking YOU to save us … I am asking for assistance!
Each one of us knows Who YOU Are ... for We are of YOU.

Some are aware of this, some not. Yet, even those who are aware … still struggle sometimes … in understanding the role we play down here and wondering when things are going to look a little brighter on the horizon?

Many channellers have informed their readers of GREAT changes that will take place before this year of 2015 is out. Now, like all other years … despondency and disappointment is settling in.

Therefore, I would like to know from YOU, the HIGHEST OF THE HIGH … the ULTIMATE DIVINE SOURCE  … what are we to do, to make this Divine Plan of yours start taking shape? Not from where you see it … but from down here. Down here on Earth where so many are really ‘over it’ and giving up all hope!

We hear ‘The bad guys are doing this’ … ‘The bad guys are doing that’ … ‘The darkness is coming to an end’ … And ‘Soon … very soon our world will move into the Golden Age’. I know people who have been told this for over 50 years. Down here on Planet Earth THIS IS NOT SOON. Yet, you know this, right?

We would so very much like … if you see fit … a MAJOR break … through!

We would so very much like to see a Light at the end of this very long and winding tunnel!

Yes, I know it is US that came here to Awaken the world and that we are doing it slowly but surely. I know this because I have been told by my ‘off planet’ friends known as The Federation Of Light who are asking us to TRUST that this is so. Yet, there really is not much evidence of such. In fact to the contrary.

Advanced souls, in their quest for Truth tell me to ‘Let go’ of all this ‘pleading’, as they would call it. I call it ‘concern’. For my heart and the hearts of many, can hurt so deeply with all that they must endure and I KNOW this is not how LIFE was intended to be.

Sometimes my heart gets so overwhelmed with the way it is down here … that I feel moved to say something … to YOU ... and NOW is one of those times.

There is the notion which I feel to be True … that this Planet of ours is an Illusion … because we believe we are separated from YOU … Love/God/Oneness. I can accept that. Do I understand it? Not yet! Though my soul will continue to work it out … because there has to be an answer.

We create our world from that which we think … and I REALLY DO give thanks for the beauty I behold when it is there to behold … and I REALLY DO try to keep positive and seek Goodness in all things.

I take full responsibility for Who I Am and my intentions to ‘discover Truth’. Yet, at the same time, I feel Human Beings on this Planet have become so lost … and wandered so far away from YOU … that a helping hand would go down a real treat this Christmas!

A little ‘Sparkle’ ... some 'Tinsel' ... some sort of 'Ding Dong from merrily on High' ... would make such a difference in these very challenging times.

So that, instead of the slippery slope that so many are sliding down ... Instead of the lies and the deceit that so many are accepting and falling for …  Instead of all that is not of YOU … it could be replaced by ...


For ...

WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS … Yet, there are not enough of us awake yet, to make a visible difference. This is evident. We FEEL … YOU could remove the veils of ignorance and numbness from so many … in the instant of a breath … should it be Thy Will.

Your Will surely, must be for each of your children to return Home … and being Who YOU Are … I KNOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

So, from one parent to another and from me, your child … I want to come home.
Once again, Dearest Blessed LOVE …



GOING NOWHERE ... yet, LIVING in the PUREST DIVINE LOVE that was originally planned here on Earth.

Thank you.

Much Love, Light, Laughter and Golden rays

Blossom Goodchild.

PS. May Every Soul that reads this … receive their own reply from YOU. In Love and Thanks.

Tues Dec 8th is my birthday and to celebrate in a positive way I have a request. The thought came to me upon awakening in the middle of the night and I always act on those!  On that day, at any time … would you do me the honour of tuning your heart into one of the following:

WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS. An Invocation from The Federation Of Light.

WISDOM ON LOVE. From The Federation of Light.

I am so grateful to those who choose to do so, as the ENERGY 'their' words carry serve the self, therefore, the whole and HOPEFULLY will make a difference to the way things are down here!

Many, many thanks.

Webpage: Blossom Goodchild 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild -- November 25th, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

November 25th, 2015

Blossom: Hello again! I am keen to get back chatting with you after an unexpected fortnight away looking after my grandson! How are you?

The Federation of Light: Of course, we can be nothing other than supremely well and more than elated to be of service to those who choose to take heed of that which we find necessary to relate, in these very exciting times.

Blossom: How lovely! I am very keen on talking more about ‘The Illusion’ … something I am trying to grasp more of, as I FEEL it is indeed THE KEY to open any door. However, I wonder if you could address a few matters for readers? Keeping in mind, I am completely unattached these days … for I FEEL the 'time frame’ issue with us has been … and always be … way up the Swanee River without said paddle! So … You have said, that before the year is out there will be massive changes that will be apparent to all and also, more and more Pillars of Light shall appear and some even presenting as rainbow coloured. The end of the year is very near and folk are questioning once again … where are these things you have spoken of?

The Federation of Light: We thank you for bringing these matters to hand ... for we do not FEEL in any way that we are responsible for that which does or does not ‘appear’ in your skies or anywhere else.

Dearest Friends … The only responsibility that any One Soul has … be they residing on Earth or otherwise … is to BECOME WHO THEY ARE … IN TRUTH. By BEING so … ALL that one is hoping for … expecting … desiring … needing … simply melts away. For when BEING in the fullness of their True Reality … none of these things matter … not one.

Blossom: Then with all respect … and I say this Light heartedly (as some readers, depending on where they are within themselves, choose to read my words from a different ‘mood’ ) … IF none of it matters … I.e. Pillars of Light … Light ships … The Event etc. … Why are you mentioning them? Was it not you that asked me to send out the Oct 14th2008 message which got you on the map in the first place?

The Federation of Light: Yes, indeed. And we shall clarify once again. The Oct 14th message is as True in intent today as it was then. Much took place on many levels and although we/you are still ‘knocked’ for it not taking place … this is done so by those who did not have their hearts open. The abortion of the fullness of that Event HAD to take place as we have explained … yet, so many experienced so much in the way of contact via varied means.

Our point here is not to ‘defend’ … for we have no need to do so Blossom. Yet, we are using this date in your past to show the progression that has been made in the hearts of many over the years. Through this Event … thousands have Awakened to the Love within and set them on the pathway to FREEDOM.

We CHOOSE to speak of LOVE over and over for this is OUR PURPOSE … to assist souls in Awakening from the dream … and as your time moves on … we expand our knowledge through our messages in order to continue the journey we are walking together.

When we speak of ‘Ships in the sky’ … when we speak of ‘Pillars of Light’ and ‘Wonders such as you have never seen or felt’ … we do not do this to keep you … or indeed, ourselves … amused!


Blossom: Yet apparently, your calendar and ours are on a completely different agenda! Hence, the confusion of folk giving up faith, as nothing seems to come about in fullness. Even though we ‘keep on keeping on’ and ‘hang on in there by a thread’ to witness such phenomena … not necessarily because we NEED it … yet, because YOU have said they are going to take place. This matter REALLY needs clarifying if you would be so kind?

The Federation of Light: We find it interesting that ratings soar when the factors come in to play regarding The Pillars, The Ships, The Wonders, The Event  … and yet, on a more regular basis when we speak over and over of LOVE … the general consensus is for the rating to drop … if we may put it that way?

Blossom: You may … You did!

The Federation of Light: Such phenomena WILL occur … and yet, as we have also expressed many times … the degree of wonders can only arise as the level of Vibration AS ONE increases … in order for such to take place. We cannot predict one’s choices … one’s decisions … that allow the overall Vibration to drop … remain the same … or indeed … rise.
In order for ANY creation of thought to manifest there has to be enough Energy ‘through’ it … in order for it to take place. We KNOW such things WILL take place … WHEN there is enough Energy to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Blossom: Yet … how then, could you have ‘announced’ the Oct 14th Event on that principle … which you said would take place and then was aborted?

The Federation of Light: We would say without question … that once the message was ‘out there’, there was more than enough Energy to make it happen. Yet, as explained … we had not fully realised to what extent those that did not wish this to take place would go to. Therefore, we made the decision to abort … and yet, we did the best we could for many, many ships to be seen  by individuals … which you are aware of.

Blossom: Yes. I am. So, basically, you are saying that you choose to continue giving us messages of Love and all that entails ( for I know it is not your ‘scene’ to speak of matters of conspiracy and such ) in order for us to understand ourselves … in order for us to KNOW that the more we do (understand ourselves) … the quicker such phenomena will present itself.

The Federation of Light: Sort of!

Blossom: Meaning?

The Federation of Light: It is a little more complex than that.

Blossom: We can take it … if you would care to go into it a little deeper?

The Federation of Light: The fact of TRUTH remains Blossom … that unless the residents of your planet ‘buckle down’ to some serious looking into themselves … the less likely these things are to occur within the time frames we have suggested.

Blossom: Best not to give time frames  ... I thought you had sussed that and yet, you did!

The Federation of Light: Indeed.

Blossom: I hear the thought transference of ‘hold onto your hats’ … which I think most are a little ‘over’ to be honest!

The Federation of Light: Yet, Dearest Souls … if ‘most’ were to simply … close their eyes in this very moment of NOW … breathe in a few breaths of LIFE - LOVE - LIGHT in order to touch their TRUTH … such sayings will become TRUTH for Each and Every One. For Each and Every One KNOWS that when IT IS TIME … not one hat will remain on a head … for the mind’s eye will have opened up into the glory of Heaven Light that is within ALL.

Blossom: Thank you. I suppose it’s all a bit back to front in a way. Because, surely … IF the pillars Of Light, be they White or Rainbow in colour ... were to show BIG TIME … or some Ships remain in the skies (without any attempts to blow them into oblivion) … or some Major Event WERE to present itself … wouldn’t that then CHANGE the minds of many … so that they COULD recognize their Truth and FEEL the Love that they are?

The Federation of Light: It is not designed that way … for it is far more complicated than that.

Blossom: In what way?

The Federation of Light: In ways that the Bigger Picture has planned. A very ‘simple’ plan you are suggesting Blossom, yet consequences are to be questioned …

May we TRY and put your mind and many at ease … by making this suggestion to your hearts?

When such ‘complications of mind’s misunderstandings’ arise and one FEELS baffled and confused by the world in which one resides …

When one finds it difficult to keep ones Vibration in the Highest possible …

When one FEELS disillusioned by the misbehaviours of others around them and undertakes feelings of great sadness within them … because of seeing/believing their world is such a mess …

We ask you to STOP!

STOP feeding your minds with that which does not serve …

STOP thinking one should FEEL this and that …

STOP falling into the hole which others have dug and want you to continue falling into …

And …

START … Breathing in and out Consciously … KNOWING that as you do so … you are Breathing in and out the BREATH OF LIFE … that is and can only be …


START recognising the Joy in your lives and make a concentrated effort to recognise ONLY Joy … and when you recognise something other than Joy …

and START thinking once again OF Joy and Blessings and Gratitude FOR these Blessings.

START deciding that YOU as ONE individual … being part of the ONE whole … ARE HERE UPON PLANET EARTH TO DO THIS VERY TASK!

Blossom: Mm! Such a chore to enjoy oneself!

And yet, Dearest Blossom … for many … for so very many ... in fact for most ... it has become so! Imagine that! So many have forgotten how to live in Joy and it is time to …


It is time to …


and STOP pretending to be anything other than WHO YOU ARE!

As this KNOWING reaches out to EACH ONE …

As EACH ONE nudges another to START remembering …

THEN … Dearest Most Loved Souls …


Will you be knocking on Heavens door … and it shall open unto you …

Blossom: Assuming you mean … still within the Human frame?

The Federation of Light: Assuming correctly. For Heaven lies within. It is within Each One … and all you need do is Breathe in the Love - Light that connects you to your Divinity … to find your way there. To find your way Home.

Blossom:Thank you. You are so right of course! How blessed to have you remind us.

The Federation of Light: How blessed to BE.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Many thanks.

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