Saturday, August 2, 2014


The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

August 2, 2014

Blossom: Hello! I am not sure if this will work, not sure if the Energies around me are conducive (big word Blossom) to connect with those on High. Yet, I sure am going to give it a try! I could do with some Enlightenment from you chaps, as it seems, could many others that are missing our conversations. So, from me here in England … are you there … wherever ‘there’ is?

The Federation of Light: We are indeed. We have long been awaiting the correct time for YOU, under your present existence to connect with you once more. It is also for you to understand, that although at this time you feel more disconnected than usual … this is not so. All change that occurs in one’s circumstances is simply part of an evolving system that leads … if one chooses … to a stronger disposition and allows therefore, the soul self to move more deeply into the Truth of itself.

Blossom: Yes, although conditions are very trying at the moment, I am well aware of the changes going on within me … or should I say … that I will be more aware of, when this particular time has passed. For me, it feels so out of order for so many elderly, to have to end their days in the way they do. Whether they have served their soul’s well or not so … to have nothing to look forward to, other than their impending passing (for some … they believe there is nothing after) … it is just so sad that one’s days are filled with such depression, amongst a huge void of nothingness. Can you talk about this a bit?

FoL: We would say that ‘life’ was not designed originally for those who have lived out many years upon the Earth plane, to finish their twilight years in such sorrow. It seems that development of many things are presumed to be ‘progress’ in so many areas. Yet, perhaps those who have developed ‘in years’ … are now … in your times … left to get on with it … or even considered a burden.

Yet, is this not just one of many, many scenarios upon your planet that is not fitting for the human condition? Everywhere you look, you can see circumstances and situations that you call wrong. We would not use of this word … we would perhaps say ‘veered of the pathway of that which serves’.

Dearest lady … THIS IS WHY WE COME …

To assist in putting your planet back on track. To offer our wisdom, from a place that does not reside in the Energies that many endure whilst on Earth.

Yet, as always we say … from the bigger picture … you would see things very differently.

Blossom: I am aware that we must focus on all that is of Light … if that is what we wish to attract to our lives, in order for it to make sense. Yet … with all that our world is going through … under siege from that which is of a lesser Light …  a world of which you speak to us about … i.e. The Golden Age  … does not seem likely in any near future. Yet we hang on … living in that KNOWING within our hearts, that it shall come.

FoL: Because you KNOW it is already present and correct. It is there in its place … this Golden Age … waiting to move into its rightful orientation when conditions allow. It is up to you … each one … to KNOW of this and ‘lower’ it into place.

Blossom: Lower it? I thought we are lifting up into it?

FoL: To use the word ‘compromise’ would not be fitting … yet we felt the need to pop that word in.

 Blossom: In what context?

FoL: In that … rather than it BE that ALL THAT IS OF EARTH must raise itself up to the Higher level of the New World … perhaps a compromise shall be given … in that Earth and its inhabitants shall be met half way. To shift things along a bit … To assist … To make it more foreseeable.

Blossom: When was this decided?

FoL: It has not been … yet, it has been discussed. We so often ‘pick up’ on those of profoundly LIGHT heart … finding themselves consumed by that which pains the soul. Always in attendance of these matters and our Loving consideration for you … do we consider possibilities.

Blossom: That sounds good. Really good. I always find myself saying the same about the Energies of Love that are flowing in at the moment … ‘We’ are lifting up … and ‘They’ are pouring down/into … and we merge together at some congenial ( Another big word Blossom ) point.

FoL: Yet, basically … we are not speaking of separate subjects. For ALL THAT IS … ALL THAT EVER WILL BE … IS ENERGY.

The ENERGY of the NEW WORLD that awaits you … is HIGHER than the one that you reside in now.

Let us make a suggestion for thought. When you yourself Blossom, are living in Australia and life is wonderful and you FEEL at ONE with ALL THAT IS … your Energy is residing on a completely different level from that which it is residing within now, whilst you are experiencing this time in England with those around who are struggling.

Therefore, no matter what you attune to in order to ‘lift your spirits’ … the level of thought …  therefore … YOUR level of vibration, is not anywhere near that which you are able to experience whilst in sunnier climates and life is swimming along nicely.

Blossom: I am aware of this. Very much so.  Yet, how does that relate to the New World? For, I thought the New World, when we are in it, will have no sadness, or war, or starvation etc. … so I am a little confused.

FoL: It is the KNOWING that the time shall come when ALL THINGS shall have moved into a brighter place, such as we speak of … that keeps your hearts in hope. Each soul … as they progress through the lower energy into the Higher … does so because of this KNOWING.


The pace at which each individual does so … is a personal choice.

Blossom: So, maybe we are going over old ground now … does that mean that each individual ‘arrives’ in the New World in their own time, rather than at a collective time?

FoL: It does indeed.

Blossom: Oh poop! My brain is now scrambled, because I thought ‘it would fall into place’ … for all of us. I mean, if the Energies are rising here and coming down to us from above … are we not all going to experience that together?  Ah, wait a minute  ... the penny has just dropped … I think! I’ll let you take over; you have a clearer way of putting things.

FoL: 'The penny dropping was this thought ... and we shall try ‘OUR’ best to transcribe that thought. Yes, that which you stated IS taking ‘hold’ and strongly. Vibrations are rising on Earth and stronger ones pouring down to meet it. Yet, there are ‘places’ upon your Earth that are held in different levels of vibration. For instance, one, on holiday in Hawaii, would not be residing in the same frequency as that, where much bloodshed and bombing are having to be endured.

Therefore, … it would be probable to say that Hawaii would be most likely to be on a Higher level of the general vibration of Earth and therefore, reach the ‘New Destination’ before that of a war-torn country. Yet, as each ‘thing’ reaches ‘Their Destination’ … they are automatically assisting that which is of a lower level … simply by having made it to the Higher one.

Your world is privileged to have free choice. Many still do not understand that no matter WHAT is going on for them … or WHERE they find themselves upon the planet … in WHATEVER situation …


Therefore … it is up to each one and their choices of WHO THEY CHOOSE TO BE that shall determine at which stage … for them … they move into this Higher place of Being.

Blossom: I think on some level, I get what you are saying. One day at a time and all that. Basically, as you have taught … the more that an individual lives each moment through/as/ in Love … the quicker they get there … if that makes sense?

FoL: It makes perfect sense. You are taking an individual journey AS ONE … yet what you are missing out on understanding … which leads you to confusion … is that ONE /EVERYTHING IS ENORMOUS. There is not a word in life’s vocabulary that gives TRUE meaning into the ENORMITY OF IT ALL.

We would like to say this. YOU, each one of you … are not responsible for the journey that another chooses to take. However, you ARE fully responsible for your thoughts and attitude towards another’s journey. For those thoughts are part of ‘your’ journey.

As each Divine soul understands its reasons for Being … then thoughts towards another’s journey … assist YOUR journey … as it is realized that another’s journey is really none of your business.

The importance of SELF is very undervalued!!

As White Cloud speaks of regularly … to FEEL great sadness for another and what they are experiencing … does not assist their situation. To send LOVE to that soul as they make choices along their pathway … is a million times more beneficial.

Blossom: Easier said than done. All very well, if those individuals are ‘unknown’ to you, far away … then yes … I can do that. Yet, when personally involved in another’s journey … it is certainly not so easy to be detached, for when those nearest and dearest to you are suffering … it hurts! Having said that … it hurts if I allow it. In the same way, I could or could not choose to feel about the whole world that seems to be on a sinking ship most of the time. I know I sound like Mrs Gloom and Doom … yet, I am also aware that there is so much good and so much joy on the other end of the scale. Unfortunately, our souls are starved of this kind of news for fear of us ‘finding out who we TRULY are’.

FoL: When …. WHEN … WHEN you find out WHO YOU TRULY ARE … the sorrow shall be removed. For WHO YOU TRULY are is LOVE … IN ALL ITS GLORY OF ITSELF.

Blossom: Yet, is not LOVE in EVERYTHING?  For there is nothing else? Therefore, sorrow is just a different vibration of WHO we really are.

FoL: If you CHOOSE sorrow.


Blossom: Hold on … let me go and pop some of my mother’s 90,000 pills for the day … maybe I’ll get on your wave length! I thought … that we perhaps choose sorrow (at times), because we don’t yet recognize WHO WE TRULY ARE. When we do … we will BE … ONLY … of the Highest Love.



THE LEVEL ON WHICH YOU CHOOSE TO ‘LIVE IN’ … FROM PART OF THAT HIGHEST LOVE … decides how much of that LOVE can be accessed.

Blossom: Yet, is it not so, that say … residing on the Earth plane as we have chosen to do … does not allow us to understand certain Knowing’s? And, that here is much of our TRUE self that we cannot access right now, due to the lower level of our vibration?

FoL: Exactly! Yet you have chosen to be here … and to what point of yourself you CHOOSE to attain upon the vibration … is up to you.

Correctly you state … that you cannot access your TRUE SELF … ON A PERMANENT BASIS … AT THIS TIME.

Let us be QUITE CLEAR ABOUT THIS … We feel we may have confused.

Blossom: No worries. ‘Confused’ seems to be my middle name at the moment.

FoL: Access to WHO YOU TRULY ARE is never out of reach. One only believes it is ... And what one believes … IS!

A condition of the experiment of Earth humans was that one must be able to access HOME … THE TRUTH … THE SOUL SELF in FULLNESS.

Meditational practice or ‘flash moments’ are offered to many. There is not one soul that does not have this right … TO GO HOME …within their BEING … at any point they desire … In order to recoup and recharge and sit in the Light and Love of the Highest Form.

Yet … during this period of ‘Enlightenment’ that you Earthlings are walking though … in your human form … on your Earthly level … you cannot seem to ‘get there’ …

IF you understood ALL in your present form … the change that is taking place for the benefit of all … could not happen … and it needs to happen.

Again, we state … You chose to be here … at this time … to CHANGE THINGS.

If you were to be here in your fullness … there would be no need of change.

Blossom: I think I’ve lost the plot! I can’t remember our point … is there one? I mean, how come we are asked to find out /feel WHO WE TRULY ARE … if we can only access it in meditation etc. … due to vibrational conditions down here?

FoL: Because … as YOU, each as individuals …. change your vibration to a Higher frequency … the more you ‘recognize’ WHO YOU TRULY ARE’ …

The more you recognize it … the more your vibration rises … and the more you are able to FEEL of YOUR TRUE SELF.

The vibration many reside in … is too low to hold down this access … yet, the Higher the level one vibrates with in … the easier access (For the closer you are to it ) and the acceptance … that as one continues ‘on up’ … the possibilities OF … BECOMING WHO YOU REALLY ARE .

Blossom: Though, wouldn’t you say that who I am choosing to be NOW in my human form … today … is obviously part of / an aspect of … my Higher self?


Every thought that ever was / is / shall be … is an aspect of LOVE … For …

Blossom: Yep … There is nothing other than Love.

Fol: Precisely … It simply depends on what level of that Love … what frequency of that Divinity … you choose to ‘home in on’.

We KNOW many of you are getting this … for although much around you seems bleak … in the class of ‘remembering’s’ … many distinctions are to be found.

Have heart Dearest Ones. KNOW that the FEELINGS that you experience are steps up the ladder towards brighter days for all.


For when you ‘get’ that you are ‘getting it’ … YOU’VE GOT IT!

Blossom: My queue to end the session … I had thought to ask if you could talk to us about Universal laws. That shall have to wait for another time … and not sure due to circumstances when that shall be. Yet, ‘Divine timing’ works its magic always. It’s been SO good to shut myself off and chat … Thank you so much … I feel replenished! Cheers chaps! In much gratitude … Me xxx

FoL: We acknowledge your gratitude and we receive it in the same vein.

Our gratitude to all who choose to read our words offered here … WE ARE ONE.

Note from Blossom -  These conversation with The Federation of Light, are simply that ... conversations ... in which I feel privileged to have. How each one transpires as we 'chat' ... simply IS. Many thanks for your understanding of this.

I have been using my time productively and pleased to say that this video I have created seems very fitting with today's channelling.

Audio here.

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