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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

September 12, 2013

Blossom: At last I feel well enough to have a chat with you. It’s been very frustrating not being able to do so since you came through and spoke in Sydney … as I wanted to ask you a few things about that if I may? SO … first things first … are you available? I think you must be as I have suddenly come out in a sweat with your energy!

The Federation of Light: Yes we are with you. We are always available … yet that does not mean to say that all is in alignment in other departments. We are happy to commune with you this day and we too have been looking forward to it.

Blossom: Jolly Dee!  I guess I wanted to inquire about how you felt when coming through in Sydney … because it is obviously a very different process from the way we are chatting now?

The Federation of Light: There indeed is a completely different format regarding energies and telepathic communication. Much of the technicalities that take place you are unaware of … and it is not necessary for you to know. We prepare you whilst you sleep and also when you meditate. You were aware too, that when preparing just before your chat about us and our initial ‘appearance’ … we almost knocked you over with our energy integrating with yours?

Blossom: Yes …. Yet that was a good sign for me and made me feel confident that you were about and what’s more … were going to show up. So how did it feel for you?

The Federation of Light: It was rather a strange process. For unlike your dear White Cloud … we have never experienced living in the human physicality. Therefore to have to ‘speak words’ through you required quite an intricate process. As we are communicating with you now, does not need such energy … for although we are aware of ‘words’ we are merely sending them through as opposed to having to ‘voice them’. We are reminding you of the pain in your head you experienced also at that time. This is due to energy from us that is far Higher than that which you are accustomed to.

Blossom: Yet when I spoke of it … as I was worried we were not going to be able to continue … you said it was unavoidable … and then … Bingo … it disappeared.

The Federation of Light: It was a matter of utilizing both of our energies to blend them … which we realized we could do in an instant and the problem was resolved.

Blossom: Which also reminds me of the trouble with the microphone once you began speaking …

The Federation of Light: Again this is due to the energies that are much stronger than the average. We would mention that we had an array of technical teams on our side working full out in order to detect any discrepancies and rectify them in order to make it all as smooth sailing as possible.

Blossom: Ok. I would also like to ask about ‘my eyes’ … or should I say ‘your eyes’ ... for as much as I would like mine to look so ‘stunning’ in everyday life … clearly they do not! How does that work … I mean how ‘on earth’ do you get the pupils of my eyes to change colour?

The Federation of Light: It is not so much a matter of us doing it for any kind of effect. The fact of the matter is that at that time you are experiencing ‘our energy’ inside of your physicality. Therefore … much of our ‘physicality’ for want of a better word … is bound to present itself … and we must say that we found it an absolute delight to see through ‘your eyes’ on a human level. For as White Cloud explained when he spoke … when we are not integrated ‘through you’ … we do not see you in your physical form … we see you only as the colours you are.

Blossom: Yes … White Cloud has often spoken of this and how he enjoys ‘Being’ back in the flesh … even for just a short while.

The Federation of Light: We have to say as you speak of this … that although we were not actually moving around … we found it ‘extraordinary’ to be in the ‘heaviness’  of the flesh … yet such a delight to actually ‘see’ the eyes of those present. Indeed the expression ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ has much meaning!

Blossom: Quite a few people experienced seeing my skin literally turning into the deepest yellow gold. Is this what ‘colour’ you are?

The Federation of Light: We would say it is our Light … for we do not have physical skin as you do. So therefore we would say that it was our energy coming from inside of you and beaming out.

Blossom: Many experienced you as a feminine energy, yet I only know you as a consciousness … a collective perhaps?

The Federation of Light: We are beyond female/male gender … And yet … how would we put this without offending those of the male species? The feminine energy comes across more … due to its more ‘gentle/softer’ approach. It would not suit for us to come through in a voice of resounding thunder ... for our energy is not of that.

Blossom: Another spoke of seeing ‘you’ with the gold skin and a deep blue robe on … do you wear clothes then? Not that I see you going around ‘starkers’ … heaven forbid! … but I always thought of you as  ‘Light’ and not in need of clothing.

The Federation of Light: We would reply with one of your ‘human grins’ that when there are ‘incidents of regalia being required’ we see it ‘fit’ to adorn the Light in robes of ‘distinction’. It is rather as in your world one gets ‘dressed’ for certain occasions.

Blossom: I certainly felt the room to be full of ‘Beings’ … as did many. In fact, it was jam packed. Any comment?

The Federation of Light: Indeed it was a ‘Stately’ affair … For you do not quite understand the ‘enormity’ of what took place. We do not say this out of ‘pride or arrogance’ … we speak such because, dearest lady … and we feel you are hesitating …

Blossom: Yes … my humanity is getting in the way … I’ll let go of it …

The Federation of Light: We are glad of you to do so … for it … with all respect … has nothing to do with you in the way you are accepting it …

Blossom: I understand this now … where were we?

The Federation of Light: We wish to express that it is not of regularity for ‘us’ to come through in the way that we did and therefore it was considered a ‘Stately’ affair and that is why so many chose to be present to experience it also.

May we say also … We know you so well dear Blossom and was it not that you felt that we did not drop any bombshells as perhaps YOU THOUGHT many may have expected ?

Blossom: You hit the nail on the head! … and I guess you therefore know that I have been going through my own questioning ‘about you/with you’ whilst being sick of late and not able to communicate.

The Federation of Light: We would like to put our case forward. We would like to make our purpose clear. The reasoning behind our ‘visit in physical form’ was not to present you with any impending information of great news … for we KNOW Blossom you would have been hesitant and that would not have assisted the process … Our intention of  BEING PRESENT that day was to allow OUR ENERGIES to be absorbed by you. To allow one to FEEL a segment of the Higher vibration that WE ARE … and we KNOW that this was accomplished. Those present and those who ‘choose’ to see/view receive a ‘change’ within their own energies. An upgrade may we say. Know too ... that all those present of Earth and not of Earth … had the Highest of pleasure giving and receiving the purest energy of Love that was coming from the hearts of all.

Blossom: Thank you so much for this … I REALLY needed some clarification as to my ‘role’ if you know what I mean?

The Federation of Light: There is more we are aware that you wish to clarify.

Blossom: My My!  You HAVE been listening into my thoughts. OOPS!

The Federation of Light: We would say more that you have been asking questions to us and yet felt you were receiving no answers … is this not so?

Blossom: Yep … I have just been going through an odd time as to where we are going with all of this. I personally read very little channellings these days … Sometimes I feel rather ‘cynical’ with the thoughts I have. Many have turned away since Dec 21st last year as they felt disappointed. Is it not also the case that we should be ‘tuning in to ourselves’ rather than relying/depending on what is coming through from elsewhere? Especially as so much of it is conflicting and one is very unsure these days of where any one channel is actually coming from. So I have just been pondering … with all respect and LOVE for you … as I KNOW YOU KNOW … yet … what is the point of this?

The Federation of Light: We would … in LOVE and respect for you answer … There is none!

Blossom: Classic! Yet I shall allow you to continue … for I know there is more to it than that.

And we would reply … not so. Yet we would also suggest that there is much reason for one to carry on in this way should you so choose to do so Blossom.

Blossom: I do … But you have just said there is little point … so what would be the point?

The Federation of Light: In that … WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST.

Blossom: Well then ... isn’t that your point?

The Federation of Light: It is our purpose ... Not our point. There are many that have chosen in these passing days to ‘go their own way’. Some have completely changed their path … others have found their inner guidance and are following their path as their Light shows the way. Yet we shall never give up on our purpose Blossom for as long as you are willing to give of this service with us. For there will always be many who are just awakening and in need of the guidance that we offer freely.

Blossom: Whah! I am going to be really honest here … that word 'freely' really triggered something! You are indeed Highly intelligent … for as you obviously know I was considering asking for an energy exchange to those who read your words … and yet having ‘mulled it all over’ … it just did not feel right in my heart to do so … and I guess never will!  So that word FREELY coming from you out of the blue like that … just gave my heart a huge smile … for that is the nod I needed to KNOW I am on the right path. THANK YOU for that… whoa … a few tears flowing!

The Federation of Light: We were aware of your dilemma and that your decision would enjoy clarification from us.

We would continue to say too that many who have been awake for a long time shall persevere with our thought pattern for as we have stated before … we are not just stating the obvious … our ‘intelligence’ as you call it Blossom … goes far deeper than the spoken word we bring.

Blossom: What would you call it?

The Federation of Light: We would choose to say ‘Layers of Love’.  For there are those that KNOW that these layers go as deep as the position and status of Being that one finds themselves to BE.

Blossom: I cannot tell you how GOOD it feels to be back speaking with you. I am aware that during this ‘sickly spell’ … mmm! Interesting choice of words! … I once again have been upgraded and give thanks to myself for the process!  You know too that I had been thinking about the days before so many knew of you … and how my chats with you then were ‘easier’ as they carried no pressure … because I never thought anyone would really read them! HA! What a hoot! Who would have thought! Obviously you did! So as I had decided … today seemed so much more … just you and me … with no concern of ‘what I THINK may be required’.

The Federation of Light: We also are happy to be back in the flow with you Blossom. We do not boost your ego for this is not our way … yet between you and ourselves …

Blossom: Yeah … right …

The Federation of Light: We are so very grateful for you seeing through that which you volunteered so boldly to do upon your Earth plane this time. No easy feat at times … as you knew when you agreed.

Blossom: And as I always say … perhaps at the time I agreed … I had had one too many sherries with the vicar! TRULY … FROM MY HEART … I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH. Thank you for your patience and understanding with me … This human form can send one in a spin sometimes.

The Federation of Light: Our LOVE flows through to you and all that is Life on your planet and EVERYWHERE … ALWAYS.

Blossom: And I am working continually to become of that vibration also. In Love and Thanks.

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