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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

July 14, 2013

Blossom: Good morning my friends.  Ok … I have a little quandary here that I am hoping you may be able to sort out and therefore decide which way we need to go. I have many write in to say that I ask you all they would ask and they feel exactly the same as I do. I also … get a few from others who say they are bored with me asking the same questions … when will I ‘get it’ and can we PLEASE move on to something interesting . So … over to you … what would be your take on the way to go?

The Federation of Light: Firstly we greet you from the depth of our Being in Love. We would gratify the situation of which you speak by reiterating that indeed we have much knowledge to impart and yet there would be little point unless the majority of you DO GET IT.

Blossom: And I would say we do … yet that does not stop the yearning when looking up at the stars. This causes misunderstanding I FEEL.

The Federation of Light: We would agree with you. Your home is where the heart is as is said … this is indeed so … and yet … we have great understanding of that yearning you speak of … for although you tend to consider this as fact … you also have a TRUE HOME … one that is not encumbered by your Earthy bodies and the density of your planet . A HOME where there IS ONLY LOVE.

There are many distractions for you upon your Earth plane and much that ‘keeps you at bay’ … yet we KNOW you ALL have the strength to ‘pull through’ as you recognize more and more the Truth of who you are.

 Those who find you to be a little repetitive perhaps our still learning patience. Each one of you travels at their own pace … You cannot fast forward in these matters … It simply does not work that way.

Keep in mind also Blossom that there are some … not many … yet some who read these words and are FAR advanced in their awakening … yet they choose to read them in order to receive the energy that is ‘molded’ into that which we offer. We would say too that there are many levels to that which we provide … catering for most … if not all … so with due respect we would say that we are more than happy with the way we choose to chat with you and indeed exuberant at the uplifting of spirit that so many of you take from these words we present.

Blossom: Thank you. Where shall we go from here?  I had thought to go to my ‘questions folder’ and randomly pick an email and simply go ahead and ask it … no matter what it was … shall we do that?

The Federation of Light: We can try!

Blossom: Ok … this is what my mouse hit upon!! The question is : 'I often read the Soul is untouchable, it is clean innocent and pure! But WHY has the Soul got many different personalities as soon as IT enters a physical body?'

The Federation of Light: Let us firstly describe the soul self BEFORE EVER entering into the human form. Back to that of which we always speak.


The soul is not battered and bruised for it has not known of abuse and misconduct. It has only KNOWN ITSELF.


Yet the nutshell when once entered into the physical human body … shall we say ... is cracked open. You are here to experience this soul self in order to expand itself to greater understanding of itself.

It is not that you suddenly develop multiple personalities. This is not the case. What takes place within the human mind is far more complex an issue regarding ‘believing’ that your soul has many personalities. Because in a sense … it does! For YOU are everyone else. You are part of lives gone by … and lives you have already experienced in the future. You have a conglomeration of ’thoughts’ that may come from all different ‘lives’ of yourself … integrated at times with lives of others that may only have a ‘small aspect’ of yourself within.

Blossom: So ... when you have spoken of us having possibly another aspect of our Higher self down on Earth at the same time …. Do you mean then that some of those aspects are mixed with other aspects of another’s Higher self?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. You see Blossom … there are endless possibilities.
You have heard of White Cloud speak of a rose and that petals of that rose are part of your soul group in which you work together and connect with each other through lifetimes. Yet like a diamond … there are so many facets to this analogy.

We shall delve further. Yes … you may recognize a soul instantly as BEING of YOUR rose … then we would go more intensely into the fact that you may recognize some as BEING of the same petal as yourself. These ‘soul partners’ are so close to one another that one could easily familiarize a mannerism they have to be so similar to that of the soul from the same petal.

Blossom: So are those souls from the same petal … simply another aspect of myself or is there an integration … a merging …of say … myself … with someone else?

The Federation of Light: It TRULY can be both … yet in general we would say that it is a merging. We do not say that there is only one other on the same petal … Far from it.
When you consider that we are all one … then this makes sense. Many aspects of THE ONE may have … for want of a better word … separated from the whole. Once again we find words inadequate to express that which we choose to say … It could be likened to a cake mixture perhaps? All the ingredients in a bowl and blended together … the mixture is baked and put in the oven … when READY … the cake maybe sliced into many portions … So let us look at it as your soul group being a portion of a cake. You are still the same as the entire cake … it is still your original form … yet when portioned … you are left deeply connected with the ingredients that are OF YOUR PORTION.

We would care to add from a metaphorical point of view that some slices may have ice cream added … some custard … some cream ... which adds to the flavor ... and indeed changes the taste of that individual portion. As is said in your world ‘horses for courses’ is it not?

Blossom: Yes that’s what we say. So is it then … as the question posed … that we do not have many personalities for/of the self per se … we simply share thoughts of those within our slice of cake?

The Federation of Light: This is the best way we can explain it to you … yet it is far more an in depth issue than we have just spoken of. We have given you the basis/basics of it.  We can only give that which one is capable of understanding … coupled with the lack of wording to explain such complexity.

We would like to continue this further by saying that you are all capable of connecting up with each other . This is certainly not out of the realms of possibility and in these HIGHER VIBRATIONAL times ... many of you are finding that you are thinking of someone and in the next minute, hour, few days ... that soul has contacted you. As the veil thins between you … as the density leaves … it clears the way for communication. You will find initially that is those of your same petal that you are able to telepathically connect with … and then to those of your same rose …. And eventually to those of another rose … and another and another … for there in TRUTH is only ONE GIGANTIC ROSE BUSH … where the roots are the foundation for the ALL.

More and more shall you recognize the connections between each of you individually becoming stronger and more astute regarding your telepathic powers.  Many of you are already noticing of this. As your soul expands … your mind’s thoughts expand also. You cannot comprehend certain things because you have not yet understood the fundamental Truth … the basics of it.

You could not understand algebra … unless you began with your two plus two equals four.In the same way … you cannot progress to understanding the wonders that we can share further down the track unless you have grasped the concept of the basics … so to speak.

Blossom: I’ m not entirely sure how to word this question … You ask us to listen to our heart … for it is the soul's home in the human form … so we go by our feeling about something … I get that … yet … how does that connect to the mind … in other words … how is the mind related to our individual heart?

The Federation of Light: That is a good question.

Blossom: I know … I’ve quite surprised myself!!!

The Federation of Light: Your mind is the expansion for your soul’s expression. It is a gift given to an explorer ... yet some only walk up to the opening of the cave … some step inside and some find the worm holes!
Blossom: Not knowing much about this … would you consider our mind to be our thoughts … or our thoughts to be our minds?

The Federation of Light: We would say your thoughts are housed within your mind. Yet one has the DIVINE GIFT to do with this mind what they will. It’s up to each one as to how they look upon their own mind and how far they choose to expand.

Blossom: Yet one could also say … there are intelligent minds and those that are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

The Federation of Light: Yet … the ‘quality’ of mind is discussed with each individual before each return. Ones ‘situation’ … ones ‘state’ of mind is determined as to what degree it shall best serve from the souls learning perspective.

You may have a rocket scientist with a mind that is way advanced … you may have one who as you endearingly describe as ... missing a sandwich or two. Yet it does not mean to say that the impact of each is any different from the point of view of Lighting up the world. For it is of the TRUTH of the self and the purpose and intention through LOVE that creates the impact upon the soul. Not whether one can calculate the speed of Light or indeed make a daisy chain.

It is ONES INTENTION to improve the self and the whole that allows growth. Little point in discovering another planet out in space … from our point of view … if the soul who did so leads a life of selfishness and greed. Far more suitable for one to discover an anthill behind a rock and LOVE every minute of watching ‘LIFE play itself out.'

Blossom: I can FEEL it is time to go … yet one more thing whilst I have you in ‘thought shot’ (rather than earshot ) … I certainly felt like I had the nod from you to go ahead with bringing you through to speak through me in the up and coming Sydney event … as you did for the first time in Sedona last year. Is this the way forward for us? Or just an occasional thing?

The Federation of Light: Blossom … you felt our answer before finishing writing your question. Indeed this is the way forward. For we … like White Cloud … shall delight in sharing energy with everyone via your physical body rather than always just of these words upon a page.

We are greatly excited that you picked up on this proposal and delight also in ‘borrowing’ your eyes and mouth for such occasions.

Blossom: Ok Thanks … Just wanted to double check. I am very excited about it . I must say … I feel this will take ‘us’ … i.e. you me and all present to a whole new level. Time for you to go?

The Federation of Light: In your time frame yes. In ours … we simply leave your space until we enter it again.

WE HAVE HIGH KNOWING that each one of you is progressing smoothly … even though the road at times seems full of sticks, stones and even fallen trees …



Blossom: Thank you … TRULY thank you for coming through … and offering words of wisdom that cater for all. IN LOVE LIGHT and GRATITUDE.

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