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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

January 05, 2013

Blossom: Well, here we are again! So quickly the days fly by!  How would you care to start today?  I personally am unsure as to what we shall discuss now. We have spoken of LOVE and we shall keep on speaking of it I guess. It all FEELS a bit odd as to where we go from here and what our mission is!

The Federation of Light: We would enjoy stating quite clearly that our mission is to help you understand who you are! This has the rippling effect of lifting the planet Earth into a Higher resourceful level which will have you ALL KNOWING that LIFE … LIFE IN ALL ITS GLORY … gets a whole lot better than you currently think it can be.

We have watched energies deplete over the last weeks of your time. Some have felt the need to retreat into a corner. They have a need to put a blanket over their head and never again emerge … so strong was their disappointment of ‘nothing’ taking place on the date that they had focused ‘their life’ upon. Others have exceeded all expectation of themselves and are experiencing a NEW EARTH. It is THEY themselves that have CHANGED into the next phase of themselves and they are receiving so much joy and wonder from every moment of thought.

There are those too … we would say … much like yourself Blossom … who are in between the two.


Blossom: And yet it is very much a global overall ONE!

The Federation of Light: Indeed this is so. Yet it is through each individual ‘doing their bit’ that makes the whole turn around … turn around!

We desire only to uplift. We are aware that many consider US to be the cause of their anxiety … of their disappointed point of view. They put ALL their hope and TRUST into US. From our perspective nothing that we have said has changed direction. ALL that we have offered to you has come from our Greater Knowledge of what is to be/what can be/what will be.

Did we not say to you ‘Expect the unexpected’?  And now that which you did not expect has arrived … it is up to each one as to HOW THEY CHOOSE to accept WHAT IS!

It is deep within your BEINGS dearest ones that you can find the TRUTH of what took place. For we say to you … something HUGE DID transpire on the said date that so many of you relied upon.

When one tastes the most glorious of cakes … it is many ingredients that allow the taste to arrive. Yet … what is it that perhaps makes that cake different from most? An ingredient that others have not used before. One that has not been in ‘the mix’ before.  We say to you in our TRUTH … you have a new ingredient in your ‘mix’.  Some are simply unaware of it, for they did not see it being added into the bowl. Yes … the cake tastes nice … but then it always did. For some they simply at this time refuse to think that this added ingredient could be so subtle. They choose to think that it is not there at all.

Yet … there are those that KNOW!  They did not see the ingredient being added either … And yet they allow themselves to accept THE FACT that something NEW has been added. And it is this ‘something’ that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. SO VERY DIFFERENT from the way things tasted before. As this cake is eaten and digested … it is then that the real affect shall begin to shine.  Be patient with yourselves dearest ones. All in good time.

Blossom: Mmm! I don’t think that last statement will go down too well with many!

The Federation of Light: Yet we would suggest that one looks at it in its TRUTH.

Blossom: Being patient is something those of us down here FEEL we have done a lot of … and some have lost the will to carry on.

The Federation of Light: To carry on what?

Blossom: To carry on believing.

The Federation of Light: In what?

Blossom: In you.

The Federation of Light: Yet we are not here for a popularity contest dearest ones. Those whose patience has run dry and through the process have decided we are of no use to them are simply choosing to take another path at this time.

Blossom: Yes … I get that … but surely one is wanting more people to ‘get your messages’ as opposed to having those that were once so keen ... turn away

Blossom … it matters not to us how another chooses to walk their journey. All we desire is that they find the LOVE within themselves in order to create the world that everyone desires to live in. We cannot ‘Take hold’ of another’s ambitions and dreams and expect them to always ‘Do it our way’. That would certainly not be of our choosing.

We desire for a soul to find their own TRUTH through whatever way ‘Floats their boat’. 

Blossom: Yet … surely … it is desirable for more and more to be ‘tuned into you’?

The Federation of Light: Why?

Blossom: Because then we can manifest our union with greater ease … and more quickly.

The Federation of Light: Yet … what we are doing is … what we are doing.

 In the same way you choose to continue to communicate with us … we continue to communicate with you … because we FEEL it is beneficial to the whole … to the upliftment of mankind and indeed your planet. We cannot control the outcome of anything. Each individual is in control of their own outcome.  This NEW WAY shall become more and more apparent to each as they allow themselves to flow with the NEW ENERGIES.

Some may FEEL that this CHANGE … this form of Enlightenment only happened to a select few. This we would say is not how it was. We would say that each one … no matter what stage of your journey you are upon/within … received a GREATER LIGHT energy into their BEING.

Just because it did not come the way one ‘expected’ does not mean it did not happen. Yet until one is fully complete in their distinction between the old and the new … they will take a little time to discover their new reality. Yet … discover it they will.

Little by little one will notice the subtleties that are occurring. One will recognise that they no longer are concerned with trivialities that once consumed them. They are FEELING the bigger picture ... simply by complying with the FEELING  … the KNOWING … that a CHANGE has occurred … within them. Inside of themselves.

There is a combination of ‘seeing’ and ‘understanding’ that is moving one into a place of ‘Peace’.

For those who were so bitterly disappointed … indeed disillusioned … we continue to have our ‘scouts’ seek them out and offer them upliftment of their very soul. Their dismay is purely temporary … for those who KNOW LIGHT cannot turn away from it … not for long.

What we consider to be of most importance is not that you desire to ‘merge with us’ … although we say without hesitation this shall come about when all is in place.

What we desire is that you open your hearts to an even Greater Awareness ... of WHAT IS. For within that awareness you discover WHO YOU ARE. Once this is accomplished there shall be little need for anything we say to enhance your journey … for you shall have all knowledge at your fingertips.

Blossom: OK … speaking of journeys … A little matter I would like to bring up with you. Last year I mentioned that I was going to England to visit my mother for the first time in almost 9 years. You made the comment that by then, (this Feb) there may not be the need to even buy a ticket. It was received in the energy of a little ‘tongue in cheek’, yet … clearly ... it is blatantly obvious that we are nowhere near that form of advanced transportation. So … that leaves me confused as to why you would say that? … and in all honesty ... makes me question the ‘quality’ of my work with you. I’ll be interested to see how you answer this.

The Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom. How we respect your desire for TRUTH. At the time when this was discussed we considered it important for the expectation of NEW WAYS to remain in ones focus. May we say here … we did not say if we recall that this would definitely be the case. Did you believe that it was?

Blossom: No.

The Federation of Light: Then what you believed you have created. We are aware that you are not altogether convinced of our reply.

Blossom: Don’t get me wrong I am a number one fan of ‘thought creating reality’ … Yet for me … I could not see that happening within the time frame … assuming we are talking of teleportation .

The Federation of Light: We wonder then how many FELT the same as you. How many thought ‘well I doubt that … but let’s just wait and see’.

Blossom: Hmm! I am beginning to FEEL where this is going.

The Federation of Light: UPWARDS! Do you not see that it is NOT UP TO US to bring these things about? … IT IS UP TO YOU!

Blossom: You mean by creating the thought of ‘teleportation’ in our mind?

The Federation of Light: Exactly! Yet is it not that you are waiting for us to come and show you how it is done?

Blossom: Well yes …. I can’t even ride a bike that well!

The Federation of Light: Keep with us on this matter for it is of importance. YES … without a shadow of a doubt we have the means … the technology … the where with all … to be exactly where we desire to be in an instant … and for us … we also have the ability to ‘be there’ in whatever form we choose to ‘appear’. As much as this is an incredible phenomenon to you ... it is very much matter of fact to us. For like anything ... when one understands the workings of … the ‘how’ … then it no longer seems an impossibility.  Yet … for you personally Blossom … you do KNOW that this is possible. Is this not so?

Blossom: Sure. Yet no idea HOW it is accomplished.

The Federation of Light: How often do you visualise yourself teleporting to a particular destination?

Blossom: Hardly ever … eh … never! I made a joke about it when on my trip to The States due to the craziness of customs etc.

The Federation of Light: So you admit to not having it within your possible radar?

Blossom: Oh ... as I say ... I know it is possible , yet I don't give it much thought ... if any! So you are saying then … that all these things that we think YOU are to bring with you concerning ‘out there technology’  ...  has to be visualised in thought by us first and foremost.

The Federation of Light: Of course.  All these things that you are hoping for HAVE TO BECOME A REALITY IN YOUR MIND.


Blossom: Yet … thousands of us … if not millions … I have no idea about numbers … think of YOU coming to join us in our reality … and I have to say … I SEE NO SHIPS.

The Federation of Light: Yet many do! The more of you that create our reunion … the quicker it shall come about.

What we are about to say you may find rather odd.

Blossom: And that’s new and different because ... ?

The Federation of Light: We ask of you to let go of HOPE.

Yep. That is new and different.

The Federation of Light: HOPE is something that you really WANT to happen. It gives one the FEELING of a CHANGE for the better does it not?’

Blossom: Indeed … so what on Earth do you mean?

The Federation of Light: We mean that we wish you to let go … for instance ... of THE HOPE … that we are coming and shall reunite as a family. We ask you to CHANGE HOPE INTO KNOWING that we are coming to reunite as a family. THERE IS A VAST DIFFERENCE … A WORLD APART …. from HOPING AND KNOWING. Do you see?

Blossom: Yes I do. So after all we have been through … not to play at the heart strings and complain … it is not of that … but how do we CHANGE that HOPING into a KNOWING?

The Federation of Light: By visiting s deeper part of yourself. By letting go of all expectations of WHAT MAYBE … and simply allowing the WHAT WILL BE … TO BE … WHEN IT IS!

Blossom: I do understand what you are saying. I have had this conversation recently … that no matter how much we seem to ‘FEEL let down’ through our own choosing of course … there is still this DEEP KNOWING that THE EVENT  … the ‘You having a cup of tea with me’ … will ONE DAY BE a reality.

The Federation of Light: Yes … we accept this KNOWING … yet may we question as to how much of a HOPE is also involved?

Blossom: Well, for me … if we let go of hope …

The Federation of Light: And replace it with KNOWING …

Blossom: Yep! I got it. Truly I just got it. Thank you … I will definitely work towards that ... yet surely it is not a matter of convincing oneself.

The Federation of Light: Not at all. It is a matter of transferring what one hoped for into … getting it!

Blossom: How?

The Federation of Light: By going to the deepest place within where all information is stored and ‘pulling out the file’ of that which you choose to create.  When you revise this file you will recall its TRUTH and no longer ‘hope’ for ‘such and such’ to be a way of your world … once you KNOW it  … you can create it.

Blossom: And do we get that deep inside ourselves by meditating?

The Federation of Light: Of course … and by many other methods… Joy… Love … Laughter … Service … Giving … Receiving … shall we continue?

Blossom: Nope … I get the gist.

The Federation of Light: The happier you choose to be … the easier and the sooner you KNOW!

Blossom: Thanks chaps /chapesses!  I’ll certainly do my best. Like with all your wisdom offered, I FEEL it is to be received on a deeper level of ourselves … Not sure how to do that … other than just ‘ask it to be’.

The Federation of Light: We have so much more to say over time should you desire.

Blossom: Oh indeed I do … and I think I can speak for many. In Love and thanks to you.

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