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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

December 29, 2012

Blossom: Hello my friends. Well, a bit of a journey has been walked since last in communication … which I have written about on my BlogSpot. ( So I guess I would like to hand it straight over to you and see where we go from here?

The Federation of Light: Welcome to you and we are very much ready to speak with you once again. We are aware that one’s journeying … not just yours Blossom … but many, has had its ‘rocky road’ to travel over this last period of time. We are aware too that for many the Light entered their BEING and they were astounded by it. We understand that you personally were awaiting a ‘major show’ and that your heart resisted the joy that was available.

Blossom: Not on purpose … that’s just the way it went for me.

The Federation of Light: This we accept. And yet you are also correct in noticing that there were many that needed to transform negative energy through their body so that the ‘disappointment’ was not as HUGE as it could have been.

Yet would you not say that now that is done … you have a FEELING of expectation and hope?

Blossom: Indeed yes … but not for anything that is to happen … not anymore. Just a feeling inside me of hopefulness that the world is rapidly going to see changes for the good. I still feel there is to be an Event. I still feel  we will see Pillars of Light … speaking of which … would you care to comment on the Brazilian Light pillars that took place? ( )

The Federation of Light: We thank you for bringing that up and we would suggest that the form that the LIGHT took in these shots that were taken were a residue of film (?) that was cast from atmospherics much higher up. When we say ‘film’ we do not mean of the ‘movie’ we mean of the word … ‘layer’.

Blossom: So are you saying this was a ‘fraction’ of the pillars of Light that you have been talking about?

The Federation of Light: We are indeed. These pillars must be created as we are sure you appreciate. They do not just appear out of nowhere. Yet from your perspective this is how it shall seem. We have spoken to you of these pillars being filled with knowledge and energy. These therefore, must be accurately devised in order for the correct effect. And yet we say to you …. That although we would ‘suggest’ that this particular Light pillar is ‘of our doing’ … what we intend to ‘project’ out to you will be far more ‘intense’ than that which we are speaking of.

Blossom: So, just to clarify … This was from you?

We choose to say it was a combination of a gift from us … shared with a gift from Mother Earth. Together we work toward achieving all that has been promised you.

Blossom: Ok. And would you say that the ‘EVENT’ is still to come. The BIG EVENT that no one shall miss?

The Federation of Light: We speak assuredly of such a happening. Many of you still FEEL of this in your hearts space. It is NOT … we repeat ‘NOT’ of a wishful thinking aspect. It is because your hearts KNOW that this shall take place.

Dearest friends. We would care to add … THE LIGHT … THE LIGHT that you have become is now working towards a certain peak point. You have allowed yourselves to create this ‘level’ for yourselves. You have remained steadfast and your strength has seen you though once again. Does this not say to you … does this not PROVE to you … that you have ‘ASCENDED’?

Blossom: Whoa! Didn’t expect you to say that. Have we? Have we Ascended …?

The Federation of Light: Dearest ones. That which you expect does not always become the reality. Expectation is different to each. Each ones thoughts of what ASCENSION is … belongs to the self. Yet we say … although it was not as many of you imagined … or indeed ‘expected’ … there was an ‘occurrence’ that allowed a metamorphosis to take place. Some may still be shedding the old skin, but without doubt, one’s NEW self is emerging. Do you FEEL It Blossom?

Blossom: Sort of … yes. In good moments I could say ‘of course I do’. In other moments I could say ‘maybe’. What I would say is that my FEELING of LOVE and positivity definitely FEELS different. I can’t quite put into words how.

The Federation of Light: Then let us try for you. Inside of you, each one of you … is the DIVINE spark of LOVE … GOD … JOY … HAPPINESS … whatever you choose to name it. It is essentially YOU. Everything else that you think is YOU is merely decoration and a means to function. Let us say that we … for explanatory purposes … would liken this spark to that of a light on a gas cooker. One can have this flame low or one can turn it up to its highest capacity in order to ‘do what it does best’. Your flame has been turned up to a much Higher ‘notch’. It is not at full beam yet … but without doubt it has moved up to a degree that is most noticeable if one cares to ‘tune into it'.

How one chooses to conduct themselves from here on in … as of always … will depict exactly how one’s pathway shall unfold. Yet this journey now shall rapidly flow in the direction of your creation. This you shall notice almost immediately.

Allow despondency to cease. Within you is a wiser perspective of ‘how things are/to be’.

Blossom: Yes, I can say I can go along with that. Is this for just a few though or for all?

The Federation of Light: We would say that each one has ‘risen’. Each one … should they inquire within … shall be able to notice a difference within themselves and their ‘persona’.


Blossom: I am amazed how the date 21st that had so much focus throughout time … with people from all walks of understanding predicting ‘something’ , of such a diverse range of thought … came and went as it did . How would you comment on that?

The Federation of Light: We would say that there HAD to be the expectation of such a date in order for what took place to occur. We state here again that this was not ‘THE EVENT’… THE HAPPENING’ … Yet there was most definitely a VAST CHANGE in your BEING … all around you … in EVERYTHING. We have so often spoke to you of FEELING.

This NEW World which you have now entered through the gates of … is about FEELING … For this is how you discover what is TRUTH and what is not.

We add that when many, many have gathered inside of these gates … the EVENT will take place.

Ask yourselves … WHAT DO I FEEL? HOW DO I FEEL? Some of you may KNOW instantly and say you KNOW of a deeper FEELING of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. Others may FEEL that they have been let down enormously and perhaps FEEL that never again shall they ‘take on board’ any more messages from those unseen. Yet … whether this be the case or not … they too shall emerge when they are ready and recognize the change within them.

Take time to notice the depth of color around you.

Take time to FEEL the LOVE that surrounds you.

Take time to BE and appreciate that BEING. Concentrate only on that which you KNOW to be of a world that you desire … for yourself and all.


Blossom: Not sure I KNOW what you are talking about.

It is with ease that you can FEEL this KNOWING. You do not have all the answers to the most complex questions … not yet. Yet would you not say that you have a KNOWING that you are on track? A FEELING … A KNOWING. They are one and the same. For what you FEEL is telling you that you KNOW.

And YOU KNOW … that all that you have FELT over these last decades has led you to THE KNOWING that you KNOW NOW. You FEEL even more so that your TRUSTING in yourselves and that which you KNOW … SHALL COME ABOUT.

Your so called disappointment has made you even stronger and more powerful and more confident in that which you KNOW. You came through the other side KNOWING THIS.

Blossom: The other side? Mmm! That made me think of THE BRIDGE. Would you say we have crossed THE BRIDGE then?

The Federation of Light: Have we not said to you that for many it shall be that you cross back and forth?

Blossom: Yes, but it was said that we would be doing that to bring others back over to the other side with us. I see no brother on my back.

The Federation of Light: Again … your interpretation of our words differs greatly from perhaps that which we try to portray.

Blossom: An ongoing issue! Yet I too was speaking metaphorically! That’s it really isn’t it? That’s where I reckon YOU have been misunderstood. It is our interpretation of your words and that which we create in our minds for it to mean. Then we build on that and indeed focus on that and then blame you for getting it wrong. Yet you have to admit … it is easy for one to get carried away when YOU get all forthright and excited.

The Federation of Light: Yet this is our TRUTH. HOW anyone of you chooses to interpret our messages is how each one is recognizing that which is within themselves. When WE get overzealous … we are TRULY speaking our TRUTH … yet you tend to ... and have done so … put a time line on it.

Blossom: Okeydokey … can’t let this slip by unnoticed!  You say ‘we’ put a time line on it. For the 21st? Yes … I can say that you did not mention that date … yet in ‘times’ gone by … was it not you that said the Pillars of Light would appear before the end of 2011 and was it not you who said a ship would appear in the sky for three days on Oct 14th 2008. That last date I can let go of due to your explanation of why it did not happen. The pillars of Light? … Mmm! … something definitely went awry there on the time scale ... which you put there.

The Federation of Light: We would agree with you on that.

Blossom: Good lord!

The Federation of Light: So much … in fact … ALL … that we are working on with you … the plans … the future world … are not trivialities.

 Blossom: No  ‘s**t’ Sherlock!

The Federation of Light: We are all in this together.  There are times when we can certainly FEEL the disappointment that YOU FEEL WE have caused. We do understand this from YOUR perspective … yet from ours … we do not see it this way. We simply have tried … if something does not turn out quite as planned then so be it. We KNOW that particular method does not work. Yet we do not blame … we do no scorn. We learn that we must simply try another method. We will always accomplish much in the ‘trying of’.

You asked … where do we go from here?

Blossom: And your answer would be ‘onward ever onward’.

The Federation of Light: Let us not forget the ‘up’ … The upward!

Be of great abounding LOVE In your heart space. We are overjoyed at this outcome. We are continually in awe of your resilience when it ‘appears’ that things have not gone according to plan.

WE LOVE YOU. We are ever closer. Ever closer … to each other. This too you can FEEL/KNOW within side of yourselves.

As this remains your TRUTH and more steadfastly … then the nearer we become.  Oh! The unexpected wonders that are so unexpected … one should expect!

Blossom: Ok. There we are then. That was the ‘nod’ to end today’s session’.  Thanks guys. Catch you later.

The Federation of Light: Indeed. Shine on NOW brighter than ever in the KNOWING THAT YOU KNOW!

Blossom: We will. In Love and thanks.

PS. It struck me when finding the link for the pillars of Light to post here … that The Federation Of Light  … before oct 14th 2008 spoke of snow cones? Just a thought!

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